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  1. Interesting and predicable responses so far. As for not having the time the apparent omnipresence of some people on social media strongly suggests otherwise and that a good act is being projected. Who suggested Machiavellian either? The Berlin Wall of perpetual abuse associated with the way any criticism in those areas is dealt with on here isn't clever or strategic in the manner of Machiavelli at all. It's a clumsy blunt tool deployed by a handful of people who don't appear to be that clever and who make their activities obvious.
  2. People are watching all the time .........
  3. But you don't appear to be playing with a full deck to be honest. I would say it's panning out nicely for some with the wall of total abuse you and others have created on MF to quell any sensible debate around any issues on here. Especially in threads like this on events linked to certain politicians future aspirations.
  4. Good point. Funny how most of the threads that get wrecked concern an area of government (cycling, motorsport etc) where one particularly egotistical local politician seems to now be responsible for. Or indeed any threads that question that politician in any way at all. If people weren't so trusting they might swear that one person in particular seems to have MF totally stitched up in an attempt to quell any criticism of anything that the person says or is responsible for. I think there are a few politicians who think that it's going rather well on MF currently as it's flushing people out
  5. Indeed. Very interesting to see him make a monumental cock womble out of himself on his blog / IOM News and Politics tonight. He definitely needs to get a refund on his media training. A proper ego explosion followed by a widespread deleting and blocking exercise to save his own embarrassment. True future CM behavioural traits (not)
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