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  1. Hi, a little birdie just told me that there was a puppet party in here tonight. Where's the bar and the birds.?
  2. It's been the worst summer for many years and even if we,d had a liner Berth on the back of the head 90% of the time they would not have been able to use it. Let it go ! Correct and I'd take your word over any of these "in it for ££££" people every time. I reckon you and "cheeyboy" should be listened to more often
  3. Sorry manxb&b, but he said he intended going back to Ramsey and went down in the direction of the course, so doing the best part of a lap was what he would have done had he not been stopped or crashed. ’Mr Boyne tells me he arrived at the Creg ny Baa at 8am. Unfortunately the racing was cancelled. For reasons known only to him perhaps, he left the pub with the intent to come back to Ramsey. He could have, and should have, arranged for alternative transport.
  4. You mean like the Conservative Party ?
  5. In reply, so you made that up to for your own mischief making. You don't know because it never happened. Reallly yes I have never met them, and it helped to confirm that you are trolling. Whatever gets you through the night. Think what you like and I'll do the same. PS, do a search eh ? I CBA
  6. Had it been robbed?...............Sorry, no offense meant.
  7. Who made that allegation, can you cite the post for us? I have never met the Irving people, are you just trolling for the attention? In order,............Don't know,....No,.......Really?..........No. Hope that helps.
  8. Tony Wilde also got a 5 year ban. His community service order probably caused more damage to him personally than the few weeks in prison the drunk biker got.# There were other circumstances too surrounding TW's offense which were very different to the biker just sitting in the pub, getting pissed, then getting back on his bike to do almost a full lap to get back to Ramsey ( if I read the case right) Very different cases in my view. ( which won't be popular )
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