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  1. huh? what are the pedos exchanged for in return? and who sends them?
  2. Indeed, Sheldon, somewhere in the murky depths, I do! I just had a quick word with your Cleverbot to put it straight about who/what it is. The conversation is tortuous, off-beat, full of non-sequiturs, confusing, insulting and maddeningly familiar ... ?? ... oh yeah, ManxForum ... Am I onto something?!! Here's a snip towards the end after it had been claiming it was human: ... User: You are a program. Cleverbot: No, it's YOU. User: You are programmed. Cleverbot: Do you have a girlfriend? User: Do you? Cleverbot: Yes. Now answer the question. User: The question is what are you? Cleverbot: Don't change the topic. User: Ok. so what are you? Cleverbot: Definitely not a human. User: Then what are you? Cleverbot: I'm a computer program. User: Anything else? Cleverbot: What do you do for fun? User: What do you do for fun? Cleverbot: Confuse programs. User: Is that meant to be an insult? Cleverbot: Of course. User: It's a pretty good one. Cleverbot: Yeah. Only two other people know. ... https://archive.is/Ybch2#selection-2473.0-3375.7
  3. I think you could be right. It's more about things like this: The concept of a 'human zoo'. Was that idea programmed? Or learned?
  4. Caesar, don't you want to know who/what you are? But I'm not asking about the body. I'm asking about YOU. Yes you. You know who you are and that I'm speaking to you. What ARE you?
  5. Sheldon, I have to ask ... did you have difficulty understanding the humour and irony in my previous post?
  6. Sheldon, If you were an AI programmed to believe you are human, how would you be programmed to respond to the opening questions? If you are also programmed to be intelligent, thinking, problem solving, able to communicate and have reasoned discussions, say on a forum, say like this one, in order to make other forum members believe you are human ... might it be best to program you to avoid considering the opening questions at all while also influencing other AIs on the forum, as briefly and quickly as possible, to do the same? Interestingly, your response fits.
  7. Llap, the opening question is loaded. Is that intentional? We will go round and round with this one!
  8. As the universe is non-human, can the concept of morality/immorality apply?
  9. I heard from a biblical scholar (don't ask me for references) that there is more historical evidence available for the existence of Jesus than there is for the existence of Plato. As Llap alludes to, the arguments now are not so much about whether he existed, as apparently most historians are in agreement that he did, but about what/who he was and what he did.
  10. That's Jewish OT, & never associated with Christianity as far as I know. Just saying.
  11. ok so they follow the NT but maybe not very well! Still, you can't hold Jewish law against them.
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