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  1. Some so pissed they couldn't remember, one with weed... one with previous cautions. Haven't people who done relatively less got worse or even deportation here?
  2. Because they would be damned if they don't should one emotionally engaged individual on the matter decides to do something very untoward to a person based on rumour.... and damned more so if said accused person passed about the rumour mill was innocent... and further damned said accused is a minor.
  3. Give an inch and they will be gradually taking the mile. The stereotypes of our workforce doesn't help either. I know of 8 friends who have left the island who are in IT, employers here didn't want to train them after college and instead have achieved some respectability and success in London, Manchester and one up Edinburgh. There are also a number of whom who are not IT and if they did not have family/kids would have done the same. Pay isn't so much the issue, its in one part the cost of living with respect to pay and the current societal conditions we have. I think for those that have gone, they just wanted to get away from it all as it just gets too depressing. The second part is the attitude of employers, or in principle recruiters and their expectations/demands of the work pool. Going back to the employers, easier permits to introduce more people will damage the island as an employers' market post recession will again say without xyz years experience and a degree you can't get a junior role (And in some cases still does!)... so more will go to other shores where the market and living conditions are better suited. A reliance on agencies to do the work of finding people has also alienated both sides of the argument. There is also the consideration whether we really have the infrastructure in health and services to accommodate them. ^^^ See this so often its unbelievable. My bias is I guess that I think employers really really resent us as they are trying to prevent a competitive job market both between employers but with employees also. Infact, i dont think my bias is with employers.... its actually the middle managers under them that tell them these stories when they create such situations as dilligafs comment as part of their cost cutting bonus targeted tendancies. Employers are too busy to know what really goes on.
  4. Don't understand the bravado that this all a load of nothing. Fell trees and the like on the roads due to this is a potential fatality.
  5. Catering/Restaurants/Pubs or anything to do with food can be a very hard business. I wonder for him, with the graft of it all it just became so destructive to him to do what has been done and this was just an inevitably of it all. Sorry scenario. I don't pity the man given what I know but I would never suggest/endorse a career in this trade and the college should make young people aware the level of work against the level of pay that it must be a career you are truly passionate about... or it will slowly eat you up in ways that are very hard to get out of.
  6. I don't see how 14 weeks prison will rehabilitate someone for being a poverished idiot at tax payers expense. Mortified at the sentence if the reporter got it wrong and it were sudacrem.
  7. Probably a bit like an opinion poll.... what I'd want to ask is: What do reckon would be the MINIMUM salary to live with relative ease on the Island for the entirety of your life? Inc. Retirement (So pensions considered). This would include covering rent, bills, food, fuel etcl for all the days till you die. Your circumstances could cover any factors i.e single, married, 1 2 kids. I think the varied circmstances to answering the question will help alot of people. The greatest worry I have is at retirement, I hear some nursing homes are like a grand a week and heard some horror stories which I wouldn't like to spend my last days in. Im trying to gauge myself whether my situation is bad but your answers may help others from your contributions / experience. As said I think I'm doing rather poorly but some things like rates/bills are out of my control... yes I could live in a tent but again as I said the answers you give may help us young uns get a better perspective where we fit in society. There is a boat in the morning for me yes, but born etc. my ties hear are from the heart and as times get bad and good I want to see it through. To prevent people mocking each others paypacket and how well they sit on the class ladder I dont advise you stating what you have, just what you think is right. My thanks.
  8. Theres really 200 casual contracts at the Villa under their belt?... well until October...
  9. Massive opportunity for any other authority South, North and East of the Island to take on Bushy Tent!
  10. Isolation room for swearing? I'd tell them were to go!
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