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  1. Really? So you don't think the British public will be interested in all you offshore millionaires shagging goats every full moon?
  2. I like Richard Murphy. I've been reading his blog regularly for years. I don't agree with him on many things, but he's well-meaning and I think he has the Isle of Man sussed.
  3. You don't even live in the Isle of Man and you're not Manx. Your opinion is irrelevant. It seems likely you are a Russian or Polish agent looking to defame the UK, the Isle of Man and other Crown Dependencies. I bet you're on the Guardian, Daily Mail, and other sites pushing Kremlin propaganda there as well.
  4. Who cares? I'd bang her, Jewish or not. A lot of people of Spanish ancestry have Jewish ancestry, anyway, what with Spain having had a thriving Jewish community up until 1492 when they were subjected to mass expulsion by the Spanish Monarchy and the Catholic Inquisition, with the only other choice being to convert to Christianity. Many took the latter option and secretly continued to practice the Jewish faith while pretending to be Catholic. Actually, many thousands of the Jews who were expelled from Spain migrated back to the land of Israel. But don't let historical facts get in the way of yo
  5. What is it about anti-Semites and their inability or reluctance to use the word "Jewish"?
  6. It’s not supposed to run at a profit. It’s a public service.
  7. The public both here and in the UK are easily manipulated and have a memory of only about one week as far as the news cycle is concerned. This will die down and be forgotten by December.
  8. To be fair, this topic is entirely being driven by ParishPump. He’s obsessed with Rob.
  9. ParishPump said he’d F me over, and that he’d F ing have [me]. Seems quite hostile and violent to me. I haven’t reported him though as I eat Green berets for breakfast.
  10. I didn’t post here in a month. And I may just give up posting entirely as I’m sick of receiving violent threats via PM from ParishPump. That is just beyond the pale, even for this forum.
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