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  1. That’s probably because most of you are part of it. Amazing you don’t like the tactics you lot have used against others for years being used against your mates. Toys out of pram big style.
  2. But then they’d have to ban their mates and their controllers who use this site to pump out the message that they want and they can’t do that. Here they get to get rid of anyone who isn’t on message in delivering the message that they want. People clearly have very big egos indeed if they can’t take a bit of flack. Others have been taking flack on here (and many have been dishing it out from behind anonymous accounts on here) for decades. Clearly they don’t like their own tactics being used against them.
  3. Clearly it is. This forum has been ripping into people for years. But it would seem that ripping into people with massive egos results in the forum being clamped down for the first time ever. What an establishment mouthpiece. Happy to relentlessly abuse other people for years but not, now, to allow any abuse of themselves or their mates / controllers.
  4. The Isle of Man really is getting shit. So MF has now gone totally establishment as it’s having trouble manipulating opinion in favour of people like Rob Callister and others in Manx Politics who clearly don’t like the fact that people are able to point out how unpopular they are on Manx Forums http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/trolls-force-forum-site-to-close-to-new-members/ We thought the Bell administration was bad enough but here we have even MF folding as it can no longer control doing other people’s dirty work for them online. How sad.
  5. You don’t like anyone telling the truth about your embarrassingly shit radio station. Something that shit could only exist in the IOM. Propped up by the taxpayer so that no matter how completely shit it is it can still cover the bills.
  6. Degrees in public administration? The only well paid secure opportunities are with Isle of Man Government.
  7. .... it’s shit and everyone knows it’s shit. Except for people over 80 years old, and the mediocre people paid to pump out shit who live in some sort of alternative reality bubble that ignores the fact that Manx Radio is totally shit in all respects.
  8. He reminds me of the Count from Sesame Street. I bet he stands up and counts loudly at every opportunity in Tynwald giving a chilling laugh at the end of each number. He’s shit.
  9. Wow that’s shit. Same as Brian May who has been banned from Instagram. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/entertainment-arts-41981304 Typical Isle of Man its a conspiracy of some kind.
  10. I dont get any of this finance stuff as it’s all shit. But I did read this on the BBC before http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/the_island_that_swapped_donkey_rides_for_offshore_cash The only thing that struck me reading that is that Phil Craine is a total cunt
  11. Darts is even more shit because it’s played by even fatter shitter council house tenants than those that play snooker. More drinking and fighting pretending to be sport. No wonder most pubs are so shit in the IOM as they’re full of darts and snooker playing idiots.
  12. That’s a bit shit. Snooker is a funny game as it’s so shit really and usually played by fat blokes from council houses who get a bit drunk and leery by the end of the night and then end up fighting with each other. It’s a bit of a shit sport for largely shit people. Typical of the Isle of Man to latch on to a sport which glorifies drinking and fighting in pubs. No wonder a night out here is now so shit.
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