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  1. Juan Watterson would be conflicted in the role. It has to be someone who is detached from the establishment and definitely not somebody who has held a ministerial post in the past, upon whose wastes of money and false economies the auditor general will be casting aspersions.
  2. The internet has wrecked the business model of the media. Now they're reduced to pay per click advertising and low-grade filler to give the illusion of relevance. While the current crew fall below the UK standard for spelling and grammar, it's not their laziness that sets them apart so much as their contempt for their readership. A perfect illustration was supplied by one of the pages on their website advertising that particular week's Examiner. No doubt wise to the fact that readers were zooming in to the photo and reading the news "for free", they decided to replace the story with
  3. Viddy well


    The type was dense - adjective. It was densely typed- adverb.
  4. Hi Julie, have a look at Johari's window when you get a chance. There are some things that people know about you that you don't.
  5. Seriously? Are you saying the death of a vulnerable person in custody is some sort of triumph for humanity? Are you prepared to take the time to explain that to me? No worries if you were just trolling I can get that.
  6. meme vs dead person. Hmm - let me think which wins. Well done for being yet another disembodied, like-craving gob on the internet.
  7. Appropriate period of mourning you stroker. Add something to the community rather than being a predictable drag you wanker.
  8. Ker-bump. And Neil - just jog on you shill, I've already tried the prison's death-in-custody hotline.
  9. His epitaph: "A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots".
  10. Not many adverts on the IOM Today website. None in fact. Must be focusing minds in Pulitzer House.
  11. Just beyond the moon, there is an alien mother-ship harvesting social media postings and deciding whether humanity is worth saving.
  12. Viddy well


    And have you reported these people to the authorities?
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