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  1. Someone posted about the shear plane strength of the rock. This rock is not just already sheared, it is sheared in the downhill direction. A bit of lubrication and it will be off. Also there is a landslip, and right at the bottom of the landslip is a mechanical digger. Just a coincidence.
  2. Once they are arm's length they will install a happy-not-happy button. You can press that, which will intermediately inform the managers (these days, known as leaders) of your specific complaint.
  3. In my photo the white corner of a house is the one in the earlier posted photos. I see from my photo that the dead vegetation in the centre of the photo, running up to the house, is different to that on the right (gorse) and that on the left (shrubs). It looks like that is the area were the landslip occurred. If you zoom in to the slightly overhanging bit of vegetation in the centre you can see that it is not solid rock but is just thin layers facing in a downward direction.
  4. Unaccustomed as I am to making posts I know nothing about.... this photo was taken on 05/03/2023 before the latest fencing was put up. On the right-hand side of the working area are parallel scrape marks of, I assume, a mechanical digger - they were more apparent to me than on the photo - as was the pile of rubble that I assume had been taken off the slope. The photo is a link so that the earth scientists can zoom in to molecule level. https://cclark.uk/laxey/laxeyprom1.jpg
  5. In England rail accidents, including heritage, are investigated by the RAIB which publishes the reports. In the IoM...? A while ago I made a FoI request for the report of an accident in which a crew member received a 500v shock, resulting in permanent damage to his central nervous system. The request was denied because the report named names. No shock there.
  6. So the question was "Who made the decision to appeal?". Their answer is that no individual did - "It was a collective decision, so no identifiable one of us is to blame" - i.e. nothing to do with me. Or you could say that they are all equally to blame. Collective responsibility should lead to collective blame.
  7. What was the reason - weather?
  8. Will he be willing to do his share of the shifts as a conductor, or will he demand to have the front-row seat every time (except when it is an open tram and it is pissing with rain)?
  9. How does this fit in with the arm's length proposal? According to Thomas: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/month-by-month-travellers-will-see-things-getting-better-at-the-airport-says-doi-minister/ .. an advantage is that there will be fewer groups of people involved in making decisions. Does he mean that Treasury gets taken out of the loop, and is merely told to sign the cheques? The other aspect in that radio clip he mentions is that staff will be longer be gov. employees, but they will be ordinary cheap labour. Zero-hour contract labour can give some problems. And at the time of the first great queue saga at Ronaldsway, which was created by the baggage checking staff being given instructions to do checks I have not seen done at any other airport, they were employed by a private security company. [The title of the document is: "Isle of Man Airport:Function, Future and Form". How many executive meetings and how many chocolate Bourbons were consumed in coming up with that bit of alliteration. I'll bet they are all probably pretty proud of that.]
  10. This is a succinct says-it-all statement that you will not hear from any MHK.
  11. Package it. Market it. Sell it as part of the Laxey U-LEZ area - nah, that's an acronym that is open to misinterpretation.
  12. That's a phrase I have not heard before. Props for that, dude. All I need now is a reason to use it.
  13. Old dodderer 1 to old dodderer 2: How can someone as old as you be so stupid? Old dodderer 2 to old dodderer 1: How can someone as stupid as you get to be so old?
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