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  1. I apologise for using your post to drift off topic, but I have a pet hate too - IoM gov.'s view of safety. This is a photo of safety gloves used when operating 500v exposed knife switches, standing on bare concrete, possibly wet from the rain. The date on the gloves is 2002. The photo was taken in 2015. Absolutely frightening.
  2. I would like to pose a serious question. Just this once. What would happen if it was found that people had contracted covid whilst at a vaccination centre. Would it be considered irrelevant (as they had presumably had at least one injection)?. If it were necessary to deep clean the centre, would it be cheaper just to bin the entire wooden shambles?
  3. The vaccination centres will be in use for quite some time (given the glacial speed of the gov. here). Covid is known to survive on surfaces. Having an open area, with a minimum of surfaces, would surely enable cleaning to be done effectively and quickly. Maximising the surfaces, which seem to have been done here, means.... so which company is going to get the cleaning contract for these centres? OK, I'm being cynical. I've obviously spent too much time reading this forum.
  4. Yes, but as Lewis has commented above, this is not a matter of vaccinating the population - it is a matter of how much taxpayer's money can be diverted to certain local companies. The image of Salisbury Cathedral shows how simple the layout should be. When the plans for the Chester Street Shoprite vax. centre become public, I take a guess and say it will not be so simple and definitely not so cheap.
  5. The simple Salisbury layout has a table at each vax. station, someone with a laptop (presumably doing data logging) at one end of the table, and a nurse and a victim. The wide space down the centre allows the victims to easily get to each station and then exit the area. The IoM layout appears to complicate things to the extent that the available area is not fully utilised. I suppose that a FoI request to find which company got the contract to build this mess and how much they got paid, would be futile.
  6. Isle of Man vaccination centre - partially completed, vs Salisbury Cathedral vax centre - in service:
  7. Not even that really - she has a degree in music.
  8. Maybe he is, but he has a point. This document: https://www.transportforall.org.uk/news/new-regulations-on-scooters-on-buses lists 13 companies that allow Class 2 scooters, and this one: https://www.transportforall.org.uk/news/mobility-scooters-finally-permitted-on-london-buses shows that London Transport also does. But Bus Vannin does not. BV can hardly argue that the British companies have more modern, more user-friendly buses, can they?
  9. The Independent: "Boris Johnson has said the coronavirus vaccine programme will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week as soon as possible."
  10. How about Longworth's plan to have bendy buses with about 100 school kids standing, with some of them not tall enough to reach up to the hanging straps?
  11. It is not possible to forever build upwards, nor outwards. There is a limit to construction/population that this world (or island) can sustain.
  12. Note that the "white bits" are already a dark shade of grey, and within a few more months will be close to black. If these were normal pedestrian crossings a new coat of Dulux Extra Brilliant White (or retroreflecting material as in the regs.) would sort it out. But I don't see how these blocks can be cleaned up. But never-mind, these crossings are not legal zebra crossings so there is no requirement for traffic to stop. Flattening a pedestrian is not a good idea, but if/when there is an accident I assume it will be treated in the same way as if the pedestrian had wandered out into t
  13. Computer gaming used to mean playing video type games, sometimes featuring a heroine wearing a tight leather suit and equipped with a large pair of guns. Player poker on-line is gambling.
  14. The point of view that it is too expensive to fix is only valid if the replacement costs less. Once it accepted that the replacement will cost more, you are straight into the world of "Wouldn't It Be Nice If". That is something the Isle of Man excels at. For example, someone said "the prom. needs a new layer of tarmac." Someone else says "well, while we are at it, lets throw in some green granite". And then someone else then says "obviously what is needed here is an extension to the MER - it will only take of few concrete slabs to take the weight". And you end up with a £30M nightmare.
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