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  1. A while ago someone posted the comment that 5% of glass in the recycling bins is recycled, and the rest goes to landfill. Do you have any factual data?
  2. Maybe someone could find a phone number.
  3. Proper disk jockeys have names like Wolfman Jack and Emperor Rosko. They didn't do giggling.
  4. The latest episode of my quest to get a duplicate driving licence: On the 11th Nov. my neighbour took my printed/scanned/printed form DL1 to Ramsey Post Office. Yesterday (28th) she phoned the licence people to ask where it was. They found it in a pile, somewhere, and will post the licence to me in due course. Presumably after scanning and OCR-ing etc. On the 18th she posted to me my duplicate credit card, and sent it express. Investigations have revealed that the post did not go that evening because the aircraft was broken, the next two days were a weekend, and the following day the letter arrived in England and encountered strikes and chaos. On the 27th the letter was located in a post office in Jamaica, and is now in transit to Tenerife where it will probably arrive after I have left. The post person also told my neighbour that post-covid, express post does not exist. That is surprising.
  5. On the twitter thing someone queried the use of the word "exciting". Thomas responded "I find reliable and functional exciting". I think that reliable and functional should be the standard, completely normal, state of affairs. I wonder what would happen to his mental state if he did come across something in gov. that was truly novel and exciting.
  6. "The tribunal has asked all parties to keep three days in November (8-10) available to consider additional evidence to help inform its decision on the damages Dr Ranson will receive." I didn't see that anything happened on those dates. Expol started on the job in July, so they surely must have produced report by now.
  7. The website shows that glass is "crushed into sand and used in road building". Previously a Manx Forumer stated that 5% of glass was recycled and the rest went to landfill.
  8. I forced myself into a second reading of The Message: "One tiny imperfect action led to a Mega opportunity to partner with one of the main getaways (sic) to the island." "They are ALL valid challenges I relay (sic) to, and I know that even the best performers (ed. have to) deal with them. " "I help professionals get clear on how they want to be seen and constantly show them the result (sic) we are getting" "Seeing those little wins and feeling confident in measuring progress is one of my retainer system's advantages." - what is a retainer system? "Services include- Content Branding, Corporate Headshots, Event Photography & Videography, the Manufacturing Process of a Product, Short Product Demos, Bio Videos, Behind Scenes, Real Estate Photography and Videography, and, (sic) Design." I was wrong about her being a web site developer - she places more emphasis on helping the client make video presentations - e.g. "Feeling nervous when recording a video or posing : And the scariest one, I hate how I look or sound on camera" are things she can fix. I suppose Cobb is anticipating more interviews with Moulton - or maybe even the BBC. The previous deputy director did some tv stuff if I recall correctly. So is there a plan for "Airport - Part Deux"? And not an emoticon to be seen anywhere.
  9. She is a content creator. She designs web pages. That is such a small job for the airport that it cannot be full-time employment. The current web page design is dire, but her style of writing and the way she uses a shotgun to blast emotigrams into her text, things will only get worse. That style and use of emotigrams really is kid's level stuff. Cobb seems to think she is significant by placing his seal of approval on LinkedIn. Cobb is another one who spends his day messaging on LinkedIn to mates telling them how wonderful they are in the desperate hope they will do the same for him. Cynically, I would say that her "content creation" skills will be used in creating the timetables and consequent OTP statistics (that's On Time Performance, if Cobb is reading this and doesn't know what it means).
  10. campus -> the grounds of a university university -> a place where a large number of people walk around with their head in the clouds But it seems that the North American definition of campus is "the grounds of a school, hospital, or other institution". So the airport is being run by people who think it smart to use Americanisms, because they think it sound cool. Dude.
  11. A part of the discussion here involves franchises, including themed franchises. Is this a particularly American and British thing? Do Italians discuss amongst themselves whether or not to go to a PizzaHut or do they just go down the road to the nearest family-run pizza place? Do they fervently discuss the merits of Starbucks versus Costa, or do they just go to the nearest bar?
  12. "We provide bespoke training to enable your organisation to navigate all the last (sic) safety and compliance regulations" They could do with some bespoke training on proof-reading.
  13. I assume they are not zero-hour contract staff, and the work they have experience of is emptying bins, so what are they ding?
  14. You are perhaps not taking into account that "every pound spent with a local business equates to £1.83 for the local economy,"
  15. Well, not quite, because for the £12.50 they will credit the card with £3.13, and for the expenditure of £3.13 they will credit £0.78 etc. So it is actually about £66.50 for a cost of £40. No doubt I am wrong. I usually am.
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