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  1. It's a pity you didn't do a time-lapse of the two years it's taken for the start-to-end of the prom. renovation.
  2. There was a public meeting in Laxey Pavilion, sometime after the event. There was a clear dividing line drawn across the front of the room. On the far side of the line was a group of men wearing suits and with very smug expressions on their faces. On the other side of the line were the poor sods affected by the flood - and a few interested observers, like me. Allinson was there. Not only was he metaphorically with the men in suits, he was physically sitting with them. He had not the slightest intent at pointing his finger at anyone. He made a near-endless speech in which he said nothing m
  3. What authority does a minister have? The politicians make decisions about what should be done e.g. fix the prom. But what authority do they have to *make* things happen? Next time around, the electorate has the chance to fire a few MKHs. (Maybe the electorate should also get the opportunity to fire a few civil servants). But in the meantime, who has the absolute authority to make heads roll if the job is not completed on time?
  4. Because of the narrowness of the pavement, it would be better to place the poles up against the railings and curve the upper part of the pole out over the road.
  5. I do not think that this is ultimately a problem with the Mountain Road racers - although they are clearly the end result. In every country you will also find people who wish to act out their fantasies on the roads. Instead of the forum followers commenting on the antics of the racers, perhaps they might consider the inaction of the lawmakers. Instead of complaining about the numbers of accidents, they might wonder why the IoM gov. is the only one in the known universe that does not have a speed limit on two-way roads. In one of the comments above, someone queried if the need-for-spe
  6. It wasn't. It was the newish plastic course map that went missing. The old wooden one remained in place. It would not have been too difficult to make a new plastic route map that was identical to the missing plastic route map. Why on earth anyone would want to put a fairly recent plastic route map in a museum is beyond my comprehension.
  7. None of the trams have tyres. They also do negligible mileage compared to a mainline train. The on/off braking system on most of the trams means that it is very easy to flat-spot a wheel. Then, the crew and passengers enjoy an eyeball-wobbling experience until eventually an expensive set of wheels are replaced. I am also somewhat confused about the use of concrete sleepers. The Groudle Road section is concrete because of Longworth's desire to use the system as commuter transport - which will not happen for several reasons. But when historic Laxey Station was modernised to includ
  8. It's an art "installation". A Piet Modrian-style piece - done by someone who is colour blind. Or maybe the contractor had a few spare slabs of rare green granite that needed to be used up. After a few beers I think I would find that a bit vomit-inducing.
  9. I started to read the grand plan, got as far as this bit and gave up: "and compliments the Promenade Reconstruction Scheme that is currently being carried out"
  10. Property value will be irrelevant in a couple of years time when the rates changes from a tax-by-value to a tax-by-floor-area system. Maybe there will be some surprises there, with people in old-fashioned 3-storey terraced Victorian houses getting a big increase. The gov. document even lists "outbuildings" as a property classification so maybe they intend to tax garden sheds too.
  11. I appreciate the park being there, but there is a cost that is borne only by Ramsey rate-payers. Last year it was £280,000, which is a significant amount per household (actually, I could not find a figure for the number of properties). And the figure for administration alone is £906,000 - so what is that per household. I could not find any data at all for Lezayre - I wonder what their figure for administration is.
  12. One of the radar guns that helpfully show your speed once clocked me at about 63 mph, when I was travelling at a little under 30 mph. The only other vehicle around was one travelling in the opposite direction. I conclude that these devices are not infallible.
  13. Will the DoI have to dig up the prom. to put the fence-post holes back?
  14. The pro-cyclist people tend to refer to other countries such as Holland - and often show someone on and old-fashioned upright bicycle wearing ordinary clothes, just trundling along to do their shopping. This link shows the average distance travelled by Dutch cyclists, and it isn't very far: https://www.statista.com/statistics/620169/average-biking-distance-per-person-per-day-in-the-netherlands-by-gender/ This next video is of a Copenhagener complaining about a cycle bridge - at 2:50 he complains "the grade of this bridge is really steep". It looks dead flat to me. In contrast th
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