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  1. As far as I can find out, the Isle of Man is the only country on the planet that has no speed limit on 2-way roads. Other countries have speed limits because of the value they place on human life. The IoM gov. does not have those values. For people who live in, for example France, being able to drive on a motorway at 90 mph rather than 40 mph makes a difference for the time it takes to drive from the north coast to the south coast. People who drive at high speed over the mountain road here are just doing it for the thrill.
  2. The Internet shows the IoM GDP per capita as double that of the UK - it as at about the same level as Switzerland. But it's all just numbers.
  3. This image is from the MyProm webpage. The black and light grey road surface will become black 'n' crap in a very short time. Then the TT arrives and the bikers will be adding donuts to the design. The grey strip in the foreground is the horse tram tracks, so as the image shows, children will be walking in between two sets of traffic. The skirts on the horse trams are nowhere near as comprehensive as on a modern tram. If a child does go under a tram, the flanged steel wheels running on steel rails will take off a hand or foot. Maybe it will look better when the double yellow lines, multiple Give Way signs and piles of horse manure are included.
  4. Deaths of visitors to the TT is not unusual. Very high speeds on open roads is commonplace. That may be something the locals will have to accept as normal - or a much higher policing of roads would be required.
  5. The car parking allocation could be fun. The gov. will insist some are allocated to the apartments, some will be allocated to the hotel, and the developer will do his best to ensure that the rest are let out for contract parking. Then where are all those customers for the 7-screen cinema going to park? And the people who want to go shopping or have lunch on the quayside can just get the bus.
  6. The planning ref. is 18/00846/B on the gov. website. The side elevations show that the cinema section is about 2 storeys higher than the rest. I doubt that a 7-screen cinema in a town the size of Douglas is viable. If that proves to be the case, what purpose could an 8-storey high building be used for?
  7. This outline for the development https://www.gov.im/news/2018/feb/15/25m-hotel-and-cinema-complex-planned-for-north-quay/ lists a 7-screen cinema. Seven screens, seven nights a week, 52 weeks of the year? How many towns in England the size of Douglas have a 7-screen cinema? I doubt this was a serious proposal - no doubt there are other aspects of the proposal that are also not serious.
  8. Kane Ltd's plans for the site show they will provide 200 car park spaces. They want to provide the car parking - but just not bother with the other stuff.
  9. That's a damn stupid reply. My question was obviously querying whether you were at home, or whether you are conducting personal and business activities while being paid by the taxpayer to do a job. If you are at home, it would have been sensible simply to say that. I got more sensible replies from my children when they were ten years old. I don't regard anyone who communicates in that childish way to be suitable to do any kind of management job.
  10. Are you working at the hospital right at this moment?
  11. Are you no longer working at the hospital?
  12. Equipment like this: https://www.wi-ltd.com/product/automatic-tray-return-baggage-system/ Very useful at airports that have a continuous and high number of passengers throughout the day. Ronaldsway does not have that problem. There is only the occasional peak load during the day. During the quieter periods the security staff could simply pick up a pile of used boxes and carry them a few yards to the incoming area. Maybe I should make that suggestion to the SAVE committee.
  13. They are spending £300,000, of which £160,000 is for the installation of automatic plastic box movers. Does that mean that a shortage of plastic boxes was 50% of the cause of the peak-time queues? If so, I would have thought that buying a few extra boxes would have been a cheaper option.
  14. Motor cars have two independent systems - hydraulic main brakes and cable operated hand brake (also engine braking). What you are suggesting isn't a secondary system, nor is it really a fail-safe. If the fell brake is defective, neither automatic nor manual braking will stop the tram. The only circumstance in which your suggestion would be useful is if both crew members dropped dead simultaneously. And if you want to take such possibilities into account, take a look at the MER - but I wouldn't suggest you do that if you are faint of heart. In the last couple of years there have been several accidents on both Snaefell and MER. Health and Safety have refused to publish a report in all those cases. But if you look at the website of a body such as the Air Accident Investigation Branch, you will find full details of all investigations. By doing so they pretty much ensure similar accidents won't happen again. Compare that with IoM H&S where they refuse to divulge data - and the accidents just keep on happening. If H&S were to publish the reports, I believe it would be clear there is a common factor in all of them. And sending people on holiday to Switzerland is doing nothing to prevent similar accidents in future, nor does it do anything to expose the latent accidents that exist in the system.
  15. I would expect there to be written standards and procedures to follow. I have never had my bags being given such an extreme going-over as happened that day at Ronaldsway. It cannot have been the security person doing what she felt like - there were two supervisor-type people there. Neither was doing any work - just watching. And the people they were watching were the staff; they were not looking for suspicious activity amongst the passengers. In spite of my luggage clearly being thought a bit suspicious in some way, no-one showed the slightest interest in me. I suppose that's modern airport security, though.
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