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  1. It is perhaps not even that good. The Shore Hotel was flooded not by water over-topping the river bank, but by flood water running down Minorca Hill and straight over the bridge. They have installed a new flood drain, maybe a couple of feet in diameter, under Minorca Hill road.... but it exits into the river upstream of the constriction (the bridge) and at the same level as the bridge. So in the case of a flood, maybe the force of the river water will be fighting against the pressure of the water coming down the storm drain trying to get into the river. So long as the pub stays open, all will be well.
  2. The DoI has decided that granite of out of fashion, and that plate glass is this season' s new thing. The low-quality image does not show the white dots all over the plate glass - presumably there to stop people walking into it. I presume Lower Laxey is not a conservation area. You can see that flood water (if it gets that high) will back up behind the bridge, so they seem to have built an embankment to prevent the flood water making an encircling manoeuvre. It could be the Maginot Line all over again.
  3. So either/or : 1. The rails get rusty all the time and therefore this work needs to be carried out frequently 2. The rails were in a poor condition when purchased and it would have been cheaper and easier to descale them before installing them 3. ?
  4. Would they use a non-performance enhancing modification as an excuse not to pay out in the event of someone being injured or killed?
  5. You could try www.isleofmandoctors.com. If you can get an appointment there, there is not an island-wide shortage.
  6. Are there any jokes about recycled alcohol?
  7. What does Executive Government do that requires such a large budget? That is not a rhetorical question - I have no understanding of government operations. DoI and DHSS I can understand. Can someone give simple examples of what costs £50 million a year?
  8. etc. etc. "from hospital charitable organisations".... At the Ramsey endoscopy public meeting a few years ago, I was astounded at the amount of charitable money that had been raised for the Ramsey Hospital. I was also astounded by Couch's "I don't give a vermin's arse" attitude. Both Allinson and Hooper were in the audience and I do not recall either saying anything of significance, if anything at all.
  9. Slightly off-topic, but someone by the name of Doreen Triumph left an article of clothing up at the Bungalow a couple of years ago. Maybe it was a just a tight fit so she discarded it:
  10. Paging Gladys! Any colour you like, so long as it's pink.
  11. Two-lane

    New Casino

    Altostratus Limited does not seem to be anything more than a name on a piece of paper.
  12. Do you think there is money to be made with a Manx Forums Ladies calendar? Tastefully photographed, of course. Due to the small numbers involved, perhaps each one would have to encompass several months.
  13. This thread is supposed to be about Alf Cannan's "I have a dream", not about Alf Cannan's "I have a cream"
  14. What would they do if tomorrow he fell under a bus?
  15. Here's the previous five financial reports. Thanks. I did not expect them to be so forthcoming. So it is £300,000 to £350,000 per year, except for 2020-21 which was reduced to £176,000.
  16. Does anyone have the expertise to know where to look for the data?
  17. I therefore believe that is where the *real* problem lies. You can ask for an inquiry, but the ultimate problem lies in the lack of competence (or morality) of the MHKs.
  18. I do not follow the local press, so I am a bit uninformed about things. How many MHKs have criticised this project? How many MHKs are asking for an inquiry?
  19. What about the planned showers at Laxey beach? What section would that come under?
  20. I saw a test run quite a while ago. The trailer got part-way round the curve and the horse gave up. The men in orange had to get off the trailer and push.
  21. In the case of water, the raw material is free - it falls from the sky - frequently.
  22. Two-lane

    Next AG?

    My recollection is that he was found guilty of whatever at an advocates disciplinary tribunal. Something in that process resulted in him being a defendant in a jury trial. The jury was required to reach a unanimous verdict but failed to do so. That means that one or more jury members were absolutely convinced he was guilty. Equally so, one or more were convinced he was innocent, but nevertheless some thought he was guilty. The CPS decided to give it a go with another jury, but the result was the same. One or more jury members were convinced he was guilty. Note that jury members are just average people like you and me. In two trials there were jury members who were convinced he was guilty. His position as an AG was untenable.
  23. I think that is a rather cynical comment. But a 25% increase in population will require a 50% increase in the Civil Service - that isn't a cynical comment, it is IoM reality.
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