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  1. But who appoints the CEOs? For example, when Malcolm Couch was appointed Chief Exec. of Health he had 26 years experience in finance and tax. He had never set a budget for a health service, nor negotiated a contract with a consultant, nor .... anything relevant (apart from filling in their annual tax return). So why did he get the job. A couple of years ago at the endoscopy public meeting in Ramsey, after the meeting was over I attempted to engage Couch in polite conversation. For a few minutes he just stared at me with a blank face, until eventually, without saying a single word, he turned his back on me and walked away. In have never come across such a pig-ignorant person. I was astounded that someone like that could have been given such a job - because he did not get like that overnight, and I doubt that behaviour was reserved for just me. So where does the problem lie. Couch's appointment was just a symptom of the problem. The promenade chaos is also just a symptom of the problem.
  2. Two-lane

    TT 2021 ??

    If it only costs £30 to get here, what does it cost to get back to England? If it is just as cheap you are probably straight into the legal problems of buying a return ticket from England, throwing away the getting-here bit, and just using the return segment. (I once walked up a Swiss mountain with a companion. At the top, she made it clear there was not the slightest chance in hell of walking back down again. I think the price of a single journey on the cable car from the top was rather more expensive than a return from the valley)
  3. The DoI is so large, I doubt anyone can make a significant change in only a few weeks. But anyway what can a minister do if he cannot fire an incompetent civil servant. In any case, the DoI, if not all of the gov., is an idiocracy, not a meritocracy. An idiocracy is where the person at the top is just about smart enough to realise he isn't that good, so makes sure the next one down is worse than him - and so on down the hierarchy. Sometimes it just comes from a non-meeting of minds during an interview e.g. Interviewer: We are going to spend £30 million resurfacing 1.5 miles of road. What do you think of that? Interviewee: By Christ, you can't be serious! Interviewer: I'm afraid you do have the intellectual qualities necessary to work for the DoI I suspect there isn't anyone, in any DoI design meeting, who is capable of showing any common sense.
  4. I lived for a few years in Germany. In some of the villages around the city, at the outskirts of the village was a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights. The lights were normally green, but there was also a radar gun that switched the lights to red if a car was approaching too fast. I did not care to find out what the penalty was for going through a red light on a pedestrian crossing.
  5. Before construction started, the southbound promenade carriageway at the Broadway junction was two lanes wide at the traffic lights. The new scheme has a single lane onto a roundabout. I do not travel into Douglas at rush hour, so I have no idea of traffic density. However, during the morning rush hour if there is a heavy flow of traffic from Broadway turning south onto the prom., with very little north bound traffic, the southbound traffic on the prom. will get a significant amount of blocking.
  6. Rather than compare the construction to an autobahn, what would the time and cost have been if the design had simply been to widen the carriageway by a few feet, stick the tram rails back down the middle, and lay tarmac on the road and dull, boring, grey block paving on the pedestrian areas. Instead we have the insanity of the MER extension, black tarmac, pink concrete, black/dark grey/light grey/white/green granite with a bit of beige thrown in here and there. Cultural areas, curved pedestrian crossings, white granite on road surfaces and a carved granite structure which symbolises the utter tastelessness of it. It is the road design equivalent of people who go to the pub wearing a white tracksuit slashed to the waist, a chest wig and fake gold medallions. If there is a name for this kind of design it is probably neoclassical post-modern chav. Some people like it. The same approach was taken at Laxey bridge, which seems to have been designed by an artist rather than an engineer. Various shades of granite, stainless steel, up-ended cobble stones which are trip hazards. In a written description of the bridge the artist says that the overhanging bit is where you are supposed to sit and think you are floating down the river. The pepper-pots are "objects which playfully reference existing elements of the harbour". But the main element, the concrete beams which are the bridge, were supposed to be covered in natural stone - which would be ok. But no-one got around to doing that bit so they just have sheets of black plastic bolted onto them. I suppose you can say the sheets of black plastic playfully reference the inability of the DoI to finish a job, and the inability of the MHKs to exercise any control. Take a look at Pooley Bridge on the Internet. An old stone bridge that was washed away. The replacement design is a stainless steel structure that, in my opinion, is simple and elegant. A damn sight better than black plastic sheets or strawberry flavoured concrete.
  7. I had to look that up. What I mean is that global warming is not THE problem, but that it is merely a symptom of the problem. The real problem is that there are far too many people on this planet. I was suggesting that the IoM gov. should lead the way in addressing this problem by reducing the population - starting with themselves. But that was a cynical comment - the IoM gov. is not capable of understanding the cause of any problem.
  8. The biggest cause of the world's carbon emissions problem is the never ending growth of the population. That aspect has not been addressed by this gov. If the IoM gov. wants to be at the forefront of the leading edge of providing solutions, maybe they could set a good example by proving that this island can still be governed efficiently with fewer people as MHKs and civil servants.
  9. The politicians are rushing headlong into making everything electric, in spite of (according to the last data I saw) the IoM having the most expensive electricity in Europe, bar Guernsey. While he was chairman of the MUA, Allinson's contribution to reducing the cost of electricity was to stick another £20 million on the debt, so that everyone could get a brand new electricity meter. Maybe the intention is to make car usage too expensive for the less well-off, so they have to use the gold-plated buses - or the modern trams running on the prom.
  10. Well, I am old and obviously a bit slow on the uptake, but can someone explain to me how an electric car that is running on electricity that is generated by burning natural gas can be considered to be carbon-free? ( Not to mention any conversion losses along the way, battery manufacturing, battery disposal, and other stuff...)
  11. For the charging points, the planning application is 2000952B, and is the Pod Point Twin from pod-point.com. But a hand-written note on the planning application states that they want white columns, not black.
  12. This is a significant point of view, and should be considered at a national level also. The UK law changed either this year or last to opt-out. So why should Manx residents be entitled to a transplant from a UK donor if the reverse is not also possible?
  13. Quote: "The Department of Infrastructure later confirmed: ’From the inception of the scheme, it was always the department’s intention to future-proof the rail installation by ensuring it could facilitate both the MER rail and modern trams. There were no additional costs associated to this" Those elegantly slim columns will not support the weight of the overhead wires for the MER. It will take some bloody thick columns to take the weight, across the full width of the prom. It may be what Longworth fantasises about in his dreams, but the view will not be so attractive when all the wires and support columns are up. And where are these 3-foot gauge modern trams coming from? But there are no additional costs...
  14. This clip is from the minutes of the first "Strategic" Board Meeting. The NB is Nick Black and he is obviously a "no compromise" man.
  15. The car hire companies Avis and Budget are the same company. Avis rents out the latest models, but at a high rental price. When the cars have a taken a bit of a battering, they are rented out by Budget. But just because the Budget rental charges are lower than Avis, does not necessarily mean that part of the organisation makes less money. It just means that Budget customers do not expect such a high standard as Avis customers. But BV cannot use that strategy, because they cannot charge higher fares on the new buses. Brand new or old and battered, the fare is the same. (My comment about Avis and Budget comes from my experience renting from them, not working for them)
  16. 7yachting.com - a website that contains nothing of any substance other than two mobile phone numbers.
  17. Is this the same Martin Aram who runs 7yachting.com?
  18. You mean the Ann Reynolds who went into a Tynwald meeting and said she had no idea what the cause of the queues was, but she thought it a good idea to spend £330,000 of someone else's money solving the unknown problem. Including buying and maintaining 4 or 5 bar code scanners when there is at most two baggage scanners.
  19. I voted for Allinson on the basis that as a GP not only would he have a reasonable IQ, but that he would have a great deal of common sense and some social responsibility. His attitude with regard to the Ramsey Marina proposal showed that he has zero common sense, and his proposal to legalise euthanasia isn't something I am too keen on, given my age.
  20. @Non-Believer That event was in August 2017. This photo was taken in Laxey on 10 September 2018.
  21. Maybe things have changed in recent times. This is an approximation of a telephone conversation I had with a young lady when I tried to book the service when it was first announced: Me: I have just read about this ConnectPort service. Can I make a booking to get me to the airport around 14:00 or so on Wednesday? Her: No, you can only book for 08:00 from Ramsey Me: If it is only running at that time, why do you not put that in the leaflet? Her: Because it is not a scheduled service, you can book whenever you want. Me: Can I book for 14:00 on Wednesday? Her: No, you can only book for 08:00 etc, etc several times over. I think I hung up in the end. She probably complained to her boss about some grumpy old git who didn't understand English. But if the system has changed that is very good news.
  22. The airport transfer service Ramsey-airport is only once a day in each direction - early morning Ramsey to airport, and evening airport to Ramsey i.e. it is for the patient transfer to England.
  23. The MyProm site also shows the minutes of the Strategic Board Meetings. I could not face the mental anguish of reading them all, but a quick scan left me a bit surprised. The interval between meetings is a bit hit-and-miss; and the last one was in June. There are an awful lot of people at these meetings. The meetings are quite short - maybe one or two hours. In spite of the magnificent "Strategic" title, the meetings discuss some trivial details e.g. if the bus shelters should be painted black. In my experience of progress meetings in the electronics industry, the meetings were once a month on the dot. Fewer people were there, and they all were there to contribute. The meetings took most of the day. And the later the project got, the more intense the grilling we got. In one instance I turned up for work one day and the head of the software department and one of the systems managers were no longer around. That's what happens when the penalty clauses start being invoked. But you all already know this stuff. But what can one do. I voted for Allinson and Hooper in the hope that they would change things, but Allinson in particular has just become part of the problem.
  24. Take the URL of the White Paper, knock off the pdf name, and you can go back up the WordPress folders and see the contents. That seems a bit unprofessional to me.
  25. No-one has complete freedom to do what they want. A person's freedom is always limited by the rules of society and the laws of the country. There are some similarities between the laws in all civilised countries - murder is illegal of course, but also all countries use speed limits as part of its road safety measures. But the IoM singularly stands apart from the rest of the world in respect of no speed limits on 2-way roads. With regard to safety in general, a country should look at what is done in other countries and adopt best practice. Clearly the IoM gov. does not do that in this respect. There are individuals in other countries who do not want speed limits, and clearly there are people posting on this forum that have that view. For individuals to have such views is acceptable (although I disagree with them), but it is not acceptable to me that a government should take this view. So why does the gov. not impose speed limits? Well, one possibility is that they believe that there would be a reduced number of visitors during the TT and MGP - i.e. the possible financial loss to the hotel trade and brewery outweighs the value of human life. If some MHKs do hold that view it says rather a lot about their morality. Apart from that, what possible justification is there?
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