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  1. I was actually wondering if any undertakers had something, I don't think that I'd trust an insurance company to pay out tbh.
  2. Can you actually buy a funeral plan on the Island?
  3. Salt is the only thing that I know of to 'cleanse' negative energy. if you plan on keeping your stone with you then always have it in the opposite pocket / side to your writing hand, as so to take on your energy. You can use salt each time you feel that negative energy build up. Hope this helps.
  4. Hopefully, and I mean this in the best way! He'll get away from the easy access to alcohol, which may bring him back to being him. I've always known him as a functioning alcoholic and a good man. And just to note hboy, alcoholism is an illness that takes over your life, be it a beloved pooch or bambino once that addiction takes over, absolutely nothing matters except the next drink. It has nothing to do with what cream he used on his pooch, it's the fact that he wasn't mentally able to make that decision.
  5. Because how do you manage to get the 'speedy boarding' charge in place - cause chaos for a while then offer a paid for solution! It's simply a ploy by the government for yet another stealth money spinner!
  6. I know the individual personally and he has a illness being alcohol dependant. He really did love his pooch, unfortunately the dreaded addiction led to this. I think that some time inside might, just might be a benefit to wean him away from the addiction or they'll give him some help?! I spoke to him whilst the case was going on, and unfortunately I believe that this is actually the best thing for him. (a wake up call) I just wish that the sentence tripled to parents who do the same to their children!
  7. Can anyone please tell me if Court Welfare Officials are the same people ?
  8. The telling off was announced over the grandstand tannoy, much to everyone's surprise! A marshal said to me this morning that some of the front runners didn't even slow down when the yellow flags were displayed.
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