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  1. I was at Bestival in Dorset last weekend and on the Sunday they cancelled it for a couple of hours until the wind died down enough. They cleared the arena of everyone, regular updates on Twitter and one stage remained closed whilst they secured all the stage dressings a bit better. They dealt with it brilliantly.
  2. It's just so we get an overall picture. As I've mentioned above, there has been a lot of people nationally asked the same question. We are just hoping to get an overall idea of what goes on. To see how many promoters are getting away with it basically.
  3. No. This isn't a witch hunt. However I was at the Hope & Glory Festival in Liverpool which has started all this off. We have had to contact TESS ourselves to include statements and photos for the inquiry. So Tinycow is included, but this is not solely about them. There has been a lot of people nationally asked exactly the same as I have asked you guys. Though I do know you've had history with Tinycow, my understanding of it is that it wasn't a dangerous or unsafe event like Hope & Glory, but a non profitable event. That isn't what we are looking at. Though if people did
  4. Oh dear....there is always one. Never mind.
  5. I had heard of it yes I wasn't so much meaning of that type of event, more the single site concert type of events.
  6. Hi All, We are a newly formed group who are wanting to see safer events and festivals within the entire UK. If anybody has any stories of events or festivals you have been to where you felt unsafe, or that the event was in some way dangerous. Would you please message me so we can build a picture of just how many take place in the UK without correctly being signed off. If you have any questions regarding this either message me or please visit Advocates For Event Safety - AFES on Facebook. Thank you
  7. Hi All, As a group member of the Facebook page Hope & Glory Saturday Chaos and an admin member of the newly formed Advocates For Event Safety - AFES, we are looking to compile as much information as possible regarding the antics of Tinycow IOM and the organiser Lee O' Hanlon. The aim is not to start a witch hunt, but more to ensure that he is never allowed to hold the position of event organiser. As a group we have organised the statements and photos for the inquiry into the disastrous Hope & Glory Festival, and we would also like to gather as much as we can into his IO
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