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  1. I care. And of course we’ve still heard nothing from Teddy Smith. Can’t see him coming back and responding to the lies and bullshit he’s told on here either.
  2. Piss off yourself. It’s none of your business.
  3. If only that were true Damian Corkill. You'll have another load of mental accounts up on here by tea time. You know that you were told from the start by PP to stop posting lies via accounts on ManxForums. You then didn’t stop and said the same things via another two accounts. If you do post lies on here, or on Facebook, they will be dealt with for what they are I’m sure. Living in fantasy land on the internet is very different to living in real life especially where you apparently serially post lies online and think you will just get away with it.
  4. He can’t the Mods have now banned him. Odd when other posters are allowed to continue making totally false allegations and posting untrue evidence (crap) above which seems fine and can register as many accounts as they can get away with. But it’s confusing why they have now banned someone so that they can’t respond to yet more lies and bullshit claims being made by someone who is clearly mental. If I can get copies I’ll send them to you.
  5. Ok, so now he’s gone. Who thinks that Rob Callister is a bit of an embarrassing knob who needs to work on his social media activities? How much did we pay for him to go on that media course again?
  6. I agree. I think you and Faceman have picked up on all the rage and inadequacy buried deep in there. I had another read and it’s clear that the writer seriously needs to confront his inner demons.
  7. Don’t forget Richie, Rambo, and Konrad Adenauer and some of the others too.
  8. Yes as I’ve said he is a well know local nutter who has been causing chaos on here for years as Thomas Jefferson, Llap, Artistotle and various other idiotic and mental characters who have frequent meltdowns and bans. He really appears to have some serious issues which he needs to deal with. Telling lies (which is what he has categorically done several times) on the internet is going to get him in a lot of trouble I believe if his idiotic and baseless public meltdown continues. I believe there are several people stoking his paranoia for potential personal gain. These people seem to have fed his
  9. Yes an epic meltdown if would seem. I understand people have tried to be nice to him but his persistent posting of lies and fabrications online is probably going to end up getting him in trouble. I’m not surprised the Facebook posts were deleted as I would imagine if they are anything like what he’s posted on here in the last week he’d probably be on the receiving end of legal correspondence.
  10. No he is the known idiot known as Thomas Jefferson on here. I think just about everyone knows who the complete idiot is in real life and his numerous silly forum characters that he uses to create havoc on here. Most seem not to have posted for a good few days now. He probably needs to book himself in somewhere and have his issues dealt with before someone takes him to task for his lies and delusions. He seems to be having some sort of extreme mental episode and has been warned many times to stop posting lies on Facebook and on here.
  11. Sadly that person is a well known mental case who has also been a persistent nuisance on here for years. He seems to be having some sort of mental episode which is probably going to leave him with a vist from Mr Lawyer if he doesn’t keep his gob shut and stop posting lies and other metal bullshit all over the internet. It would seem other people are probably putting him up to it and helping fuel his fantasies. I believe he’s had several accounts deleted on here too which have also posted a load of fantasy bullshit which has also been deleted. He really needs to seek professional help.
  12. I doubt your clever enough to work anything out. You must be embarrassed really having to sit online all day posting utter rubbish that hardly anyone reads. It’s not that dignified is it really? Some sad old loser who spends the whole week posting rubbish on the internet that nobody, and I mean nobody at all, regards as having any consequence at all.
  13. You’re not that clever are you Neil? I know people make allowances for you with your special needs and that but it’s just embarrassing reading what you have to say to be honest. Asking people to grow up when you’re an out of date pensioner shouting at a blank screen in your box room like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. I hope you got a discount on your subscription. Being elderly and having special needs must entitle you to a double dip.
  14. Truth is he is constantly following Manx Forums whilst constantly denying he follows Manx Forums, and constantly denying that he posts on Manx Forums. Nice that he was too busy to talk to Manx Radio but someone posts on Manx Forums that he was too busy to talk to Manx Radio and 10 minutes later he magically has the time to post on Manx Forums to explain why has has no time to go on Manx Radio.
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