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  1. Feel free to counter it with substantive proof or evidence to the contrary. As I said, I've worked in multiple financial companies in the Isle of Man and can guarantee that "anonymous payments" are an impossibility. Are you perhaps a Russian or rival jurisdiction troll looking to try to defame the Isle of Man for your own benefit?
  2. Going into a church and killing people didn't give it away, as any nut might do that. It was his social media output which has been indicated as pointing to a bigoted atheist who was very hostile towards Christians and Christianity. That in and of itself isn't enough to point towards violent intent, of course. Which suggests probable political rather than theological motivation. Ahem what?
  3. It has emerged from his social media activities that he is a bigoted proponent of atheism and very hostile towards Christians and the Christian religion. Probably was inspired to take action given that Antifa and other George Soros funded groups were pushing for a revolution this week in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.
  4. Yes, in a decent society we've got to pay for Trident. F--- pensioners, disabled people, and people on low incomes though. Got to push austerity and all that, as there's no magic money tree, except for the military industrial complex and international corporations.........
  5. That's progressive liberal atheists for you.
  6. Such as? Not via any FSA regulated financial company. Sure, you might be able to anonymise purchasing porn or something, but the bank will be able to look it up and see who the payment went to.
  7. Turns out the church gunman was a bigoted atheist, Richard.
  8. What "anonymous transactions" is this guy talking about? I've worked in multiple financial companies and never encountered an anonymous transaction. That would violate numerous laws and due diligence regulations relating to money-laundering and fraud, not just here but in Jersey and Guernsey. Assuming any jurisdiction allows such things to happen, it is surely inappropriate to bundle Crown Dependency offshore financial jurisdictions in with that sort of activity, given that it doesn't take place in any of them.
  9. Tibet


    I don't understand the question?
  10. Tibet


    Typical lazy socialist.
  11. I got my assessment back within three weeks. Do you have a complex income structure?
  12. Incorrect. There was pressure by the intelligence agencies to not release all the files, to further kick the release into the long grass (as had already been done by previous administrations) in the name of national security. Trump has proceeded with the release anyway. This release is thanks to Trump.
  13. I don't think anybody has actually criticised the Governor himself as an individual. It's the position and system which are under criticism.
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