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  1. Just don't pay.And don't watch anything live and it's done.If you sign the declaration you are signing away any defence you may have if you have 'inadvertently' watched an isolated program.You DO NOT have to sign anything. The threats from the Licensing Authority are without any legal foundation. The BBC are desperate for their jobs and will stoop to any level of scaremongering to make us pay. In reality, the ongoing war between IOMG and the BBC means that the IOMG is often letting us know when the inspector vans come, and appear ready to arrest and eject them for the smallest infringement. It's the only time the Manx Courts actually work FOR the people rather than ON the people. A lot of people these days appear to have the TV on for background ambience.Easy,stick on Netflix,youtube,DVD or a film from any other streaming service.Netflix can be had for £6 a month,live TV is double that. Everyone has a choice.
  2. So as Manx Gas have been highly criticised for the standing charge,MUA are now following in the same method. Let's see if they do a report for them too.I mean,electricity is only 30 percent higher than the Uk average now,so is very reasonable,isn't it ?
  3. Couch said something extraordinary in Tynwald not long ago "we don't like to admit our mistakes".So,yes,as a CEO of a Dept,he represents a high ranking view of Gov policy. I can vaguely remember the Police a year back revealed under FOI that did not keep any records of internal staff complaints or whistle-blowing.Character assassination is how they deal with whistle-blowers as it disuades everyone else from doing it,and so the politicans maintain authority and total control.And you probably remember from Quayles Panorama hoedown it extends to the top.And for those that help hose-down whistle-blowers,come big rewards.
  4. Reform? Yu gotta be joking! Remember Lisvane recommendations,to bring down huge Gov largesse and give more accountability to us,the poeple that pay over £8k per year for petrol to each and every one of them regardless if they even have a car! Lisvane suffered the slow meadering patheitc mumblings of Thomas and buried itself.No more Lisvane,no more reform.Thomas has been nothing more than a nodding dog for Cannan.He seems like a nice guy,but his actions say different,he's in the wrong job,he should grow a beard and wear a red suit.There's a massive job to do now,and he hasn't even turned up for his first day.
  5. Next time your mamas house burns down due to a fire whilst you are tucked up with your teddy bear,your granny dies whilst doing your ironing and no-one knows why (electrical fires are the most commionost), or a rotten pole kills you in your car-more common than you think, will you still say the same?
  6. This link to https://www.judgments.im/content/ET%2018-27%20Alfred%20Jones%20v%20MUA%20(phr%202).pdf is the Jan19 report of whistle-blowing case against the MUA by a worker who resigned over the dire safety standards,and cover ups, under which the MUA operates.For instance,they knew about and ignored the existence of rotten poles carrying live wires which blew down onto cars.Paragraph 39 demonstrates these coverups and the lack of any documentary evidence maintained over safety and even asbestos issues, shows that management were failing to record any safety breaches in accordance with H&S law,and did nothing to remedy those failings when identified by the claimant.How can we trust the MUA with our safety when they exhibit no regard for any whatsoever.How can they promote electrical safety when they have the worst attitude towards it. The problem with this case is that,yet again, as always,it involves Douglas Stewart 'acting' as judge.Every whistle-blowing case against the Government has this guy as Head of the panel,despite the panel being randomly selected,in theory.Tell-tale signs that this will not go well for the claimant is spread around the pdf.Firstly,the narrowing down of the disclosures to far fewer to reduce the seriousness of the case.Secondly,and most importantly,Stewart casts a blackened characterisation of the claimant using the words 'control freak' amongst others.This,a tactic he has used before to malign the claimants and his claims in the eyes of the public.An attempt to discredit the claimant,but uses no such characterisations against anyone else especially as some appear to have lied repeatedly. The claimants character has little to do with making disclosures that have protected the public and MUA workers.Having read this,I would no longer feels safe having anyone from MUA fixing a light bulb TBH. Douglas Stewart has once again allowed this to be a two part case,ostensibly delaying it to increase the pressure on the claimant.This is a regular tactic.Make it last as long as possible.No doubt he will also allow the MUA to introduce a shed load of new and complex evidence on the eveining before the next part begins in Court. Whistle-Blowers rarely win,and even if they do,they often do not recover careers,jobs,or lives.It's TIME WE STARTED TO SUPPORT PEOPLE WHOSE SELFLESS WORDS AND DEEDS KEEP US SAFE AND EXPOSE NEGLIGENCE, DECEIT, THEFT, FRAUD,EMBEZZLEMENT WHILST THEY PUT THEMSELVES ON THE LINE IN THE MOST MAJOR WAY POSSIBLE.THEY DO IT FOR US.IT'S TIME WE SUPPORTED THEM! Google:Philipa Whitford:“Not being listened to is almost the least that can happen to a whistleblower, in that often they suffer detriment or reprisals and even lose their jobs.” Google:Minh Alexande: “It’s rare for any whistleblowers who are involved in prolonged battles of this sort not to develop some form of anxiety or depressive disorder eventually. You can only hold out for so long.What employers do is they deflect from the public interest issues and turn the whole thing into an employment issue which pathologises the whistleblower.It becomes a witch hunt about trying to claim that the whistleblower is a difficult person, that they are a troublemaker, they are the problem.” WOULD YOU BE PREPARED TO PUT YOUR JOB, CAREER, REPUTATION, HEALTH AND SANITY ON THE LINE FOR THE SAKE OF OTHERS ? Show your support for change,comment below -
  7. Courier P2 Jan 18 2019 prints a side article with a deeply disturbing undercurrent,states that "High Bailiff slates police in drugs case'.Apparantly a man was being prosecuted for iilegal drugs.He was brought to court and was given a discharge because 'the police had not provided test results confirming [drugs]..it was not the first time this had happened" in the words of Jayne Hughes. To me,this demonstrates the highly central protectionist approach of the Court and the scapegoating of the Police.The Prosecutions service,part of the Attourney General's Office as are the Courts, is responsible for the prosecution,the Police are not.Yet not even a whisper of mention about her collegues incompetence.For the Attourney General to issue a prosecution there must already be evidence likely to result in a succesful prosecution.And yet there wasn't.On what basis then and with what evidence was this prosecution advanced to Court at all.Personal whim? Authoritarian abuse of power,or Government Policy? Prosecuting without evidence happens normally in the relms of third world dictatorships, not advanced modern democracies. In places intent on persecuting the public for the demonstration of absolute Power instead of prosecuting for the intent of justice,there is wholesale breakdown in society,and mass population emigration.Sounding familiar? And what of the testing services that failed in this case.Failed again.Maybe because it wasn't drugs,or maybe there was a whole heap of incompetence with the testing center.Again.This does not inpire any confidence in our testing services,which has been admonished over many years looking at back reports.That our Judicial processes are deeply biased and parade a deeply rooted system of blame and scapegpoatism to protect the friends in high places is testament to how the whole of our Governmental system works. Jason Moorhouse,under FOI,found our 'guilty' rate extraodinarily high,confirming the average Joe has poor access to justice via good advocates,or the Court judgements are following an extreme plan of prosecution and persecution.Do you think we have an open,transparant,honest trustworthy system of justice, or does this case confirm other findings of a dire sytem intent of persecuting the least well off and most vulnerable?
  8. Yes, but this is not Scott (of the Antarctic),another,though their are many at that level across Gov that could wear the name name vocering the behaviour.Time are achanging,and we arent taking them furry turds no more!
  9. There are many 'whilstle-blowers' who do so technically, rather than through the whistle-blowing policy itself. For registering concerns their lives are made a misery until they pack up and leave the Island alogether.Seen it plenty of times.Them at the top of the chain enlist other managers across Manxland,and threaten others to ensure the person is totally isolated to ensure the success of the unwritten policy and the subversion of the written one. Meanwhile,the meganuts unsafe practices,and corruption continues unabated. This behavious ensure that other right-minded employees see how bad things are and leave in their own time,before they have to start registering their concerns.Dickheads get a clear run at incompetence, encouraged by the the way whislte-blowers are treated.So you get a big group of incompetant tits doing favours for eachother and rising to the top like shit normally does.I know of plenty of instances of that. At the same time we have dillgaf on here,who I strongly suspect works as a senior manager for the DHSC defending and deflecting the misdemeaners of the Government whilst shitting on everyone else.A name was given to me by an alleged associsate of his, but of course it could be wrong.
  10. Staff were being dropped since the VAT problem in 2008 was known by Management. Older,more expensive and more experienced staff were 'persuaded' to retire early,or leave. A few of those that wouldnt go,were set-up so there was no choice.There was a recruitment freeze at that point too.It was admitted publicly a couple of years later. The big rush-for-the-door started in 2015,with Mrs Scott being moved after her disastrous 'invisible letter' performance in Court defending against Mr Boughdaddy.Read it online,it's very enlightening indeed.Despite the case being very one-sided,the Hospital actually won it unbeleivably. A travesty.Scott should have been sacked,deserved it immensely in my view,but was movd on to be estates director.Really,can anyone see her lift a spade,empty a bin,patch a hole in the road, she cant even bend down to put her wellies on.Not a damn clue.And no-one has heard from her since.The A&E Consultant, Mr Thorpe, appeared to have left the very week of the court case.This was likely after he realised Management had well and truly screwed him over for their own malicious ends. He was mentioned in court,and that was the last anyone heard from him.A nice guy too. Undoubtedly though, some are leaving because of the inability to do their jobs to the full extent they have been trained and so have lost the skills they need to remain competent.That is management's fault for being totally,extremely risk averse, so send everyone to the UK unnecesarily.Risk averse? Yes,the Hospital has no insurance,due to insane premiums being demanded I understand.Maybe there was lots of payouts,maybe due to it's lack of regulation,and standards. The Treasury now provides both the insuance and the money to run the hospital, an extremely conflicted position.They are never going to admit mistakes now,because they will have to fork out every penny from existing budgets rather than from an 'investment' like insuance.When staff had seen how their colleagues were treated in that court case,and others afterwards,and in a plethora of trumped-up internal disciplinaries,you can understand why they have jumped off the rock.Just look what they did to Dr Khan.He won against them in court, in that they illegally suspended him with a total exclusion from the Hospital.The slow pace of the investigation into his doings means he is losing competence,and patience and the hope of it being properly sorted.That is what they do, just let people sweat it out until they leave.Then they don't have to pay a penny,and don't have to go to any court and defend themselves.Another case was the St Ninian's teacher who sadly died. His GP had referred him to the Hospital,and they put him on the urgent list.Then dropped him off it.It was in the papers.Nobles admitted liability on their part,and no part of the case against them was then heard,despite it being the main problem.Instead they went after the GP Dr Evans,as did the employment tribunal,hardly impartial to have blamed the whole case on him,and not even mention the Hospital's culpability.Not an impartial court,decision,or write-up.When people can see that,they realise how extremely vulnerable they are to kicks from our brilliant Government.There is no protection for them from the judicial process or from the defamatory unbalanced hyperbolic remarks made against them by the same judical process.They leave.Are you surprised?
  11. It's time we route out backhanders that seem to pass un-noticed.The days of cash in envelopes were well known,and many of us saw what went on.Whilst we are signing up to all these new financial regs,the rulers of us all go un-investigated and un-noticed, getting richer by the minute on money that doesn't show up on their payslips.Time to change,time for THEIR bank accounts to be opened up to scrutiny, the same way they are in the UK and elsewhere.Time for a dose of accountability, and prosecution.If they want us to trust them,have confidence in them,then they must prove they are 'MHKs,they work for you' as they like to be tagged.Not just the failed,greedy,lazy money grabbers that most of them appear to be.
  12. Most peeple apply for a new job before they quit the last one. Concillors don't get paid. They get paid expenses for time and out of pocket spends. Since he wasn't there, no doubt he could not claim for any of those. Do you evidence of any payments he claimed but should not have ?
  13. You only buy the optics once, last for years. This is about money pure and simple. But, if we drink less alcohol, less will be sold, and the VAT problem will be so much worse than it already is. Is this a personal favour for a friend ? Got to ask the question. You can buy 30 ml optics on Ebay. Don't seem to be in short supply. This proposal was contained in a report from 2012. It also says pint measures will be reduced to 2/3 pint and 1/3 of a pint. The pubs will be full of old ladies getting their Guiness, doing their knitting and praying for the pub to stay open long enough for them to down it.
  14. I am in the real world. Change is needed, and it won't happen all by it's lonesome. This Island is well shot, and the system has not changed as promised. It's more of the same shite, more of the same big cash buy offs to cronies in corners for favours. Until the people can trust that our system is not corrupted by the lashings of money the big guns award themselves whilst we, the worker's, are on the breadline paying for their cushy lifestyle, nothing will change. We need an off Island regulator, beyond the relms of bribes and corruption who can ensure our reps are also representing us, not their own greedy clutches, at our expense. But, it's all academic now. They have to save £73M a year, this year. And that is never going to happen, and Alf knows it. A vile poster, dilgaf, or just one who accepts a big reality that scares the crap outta you ?
  15. Where are all the promises Thomas made about reform. The promises that got him his big cash job. Nowhere. Big Fat Nothings. He has fooled a stupid electorate. Falk was the one with brains and character to change things. Not this pansy pushover.
  16. Falk is right though, isn't he ! We are well fucked. Who voted for the dipshits now in charge ? Any of you ?
  17. Can't wait to see the candidates for the next election. Lots of knowalls here who should stand. So who is up for it, chickenshits ?
  18. Howard is putting on his "Your Nation Needs You Hat" and is trying to persuade some butt lickers that the IOM is the best place to come to work, have a great lifestyle, and get loads of cash without strings. As long as Quayle has your unwavering support the cash just keeps coming. Otherwise, you are on the Robershaw Bench. They will do everything to get rid of a truth talker up to giving you, on expenses, concrete wellies for Xmas. Guys get real eh! We have NO INFLUENCE in Westminster, no friends. We are just a fly around their lightbulb, that's why they took all the VAT money knowing the consequences.
  19. Manx Gas are using the standing charge to make up for the shortfall in gas sales that make them the profit they are allowed.Can charge whatever they like for the standing charge, and they are. But, they are pricing themselves to bankruptcy. Lots of people are turning gas to 0. It already costs 4-5 times the annual price of UK bills. Shortly they will not be a going concern, they will be gone. The MEA is a big consumer of gas, so price increases are filtered down in Electricity bills too. Except of course the MEA is spared the standing charge? We get shafted. I can't pay, and am in big debt to pay the bills.
  20. Chris Thomas is a spineless wonder, he's been bought off. Condemns Quayle then takes his buy-off of a job. Hasn't said a peep since. A cock stroker for sure.
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