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  1. Martin Luther was explicit in his understanding of jews and despite all of the effort and monetary to debunk the item the protocols of the elders of Zion remains holding its place.
  2. Religions define good and evil. Differences between religions result in what is good in one religion becoming evil in others.
  3. I disagree with your statement and so do an increasing number of EU states.
  4. Our Christmas is not only on a different date than yours but is very different in a variety of ways. It's cold here at -5 right now and with moderate snow forecast tomorrow and increasingly as we encounter General Winter! So I'll wish anyone who accepts my offer Chastlivogo Rozhdestva, and thanks for an interesting and enlightening introduction to your land and way of life over the last few weeks. We believe that Jan 6 is Christ's birthday and not just the mass of His Saints Day that the Roman Catholic church decided should replace a pagan festival.
  5. I checked the map of Mann, entirely the wrong direction
  6. And for those who do not want a child what is wrong with that?
  7. In a land far far away and several time zones from Mann.
  8. Pictures of aborted remains are a very cheap shot. A video of a joint replacement or a transplant would nauseate many people. Abortion here is readily available and termination even immediately after birth can be had if you know the right people and have the money. In remote rural parts exposure or a swift slash with a knife solves many problems. If people don't want to abort an unwanted pregnancy then fine, don't abort but don't impede those who do.
  9. In fact it is true. There are attempts being made to infiltrate our society with their American nonsense but that is being fiercely opposed. The devotees of the cult are permitted to have private closed door events but that is all. Evangelising by such cults will get you taken off the streets either by the police or by the public reaction. In general we have the orthodox church or atheism or away from the southern states a reducing number of muslims. Evangelising is the domain of American cults which are very unwelcome.
  10. Based only on what I have read this living hope church would be banned in the country where I live, or at the very least limited to activities inside the closed door places of so called worship only. Even the roman catholic church is no more than reluctantly tolerated here. It is correctly seen as being blasphemous.
  11. Where I live we have learned that the actual terrorists are the tip of a huge iceberg and that the distribution of the creatures that are waging war against us is not homogeneous but interconnected clusters of filth.
  12. Another interesting source that shows how tax evasion takes place and the consequences. https://resourcematters.org/resource-stories/ Your economy is based on blood money and starving people in Third World Nations.
  13. The only names that should be taken are trump and the Americans who support this disgusting attempt to further secure the indefensible theft of land for the jew enclave in Palestine.
  14. What is taking place by making use of tax havens becomes tax evasion as a result of corporate synergy and practices such as Dutch Sandwiches and the like.
  15. What took place was whistle blowing but on a grand scale.
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