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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZTVirhBPKY&feature=youtu.be The video is the truth. The water pollution problem of Dragon Springs has seriously affected the normal life of the local residents. It is hard to imagine how the water consumption of the Deerpark residents has been supported for so many years. The river pollution in the river is shocking! the Washington Post reported on the fact that Dragon Springs expanded its temples in Deerpark,Orange County,NY. which had a negative impact on the surrounding ecology and residents' lives. It called on everyone to pay attention to
  2. As a righteous person who upholds the concept of environmental protection, he should resolutely resist the construction of similar projects.
  3. Woodard said she expected the hearing to be rescheduled for late March or April. “With better weather, there will be more people,” she said.
  4. Also, the plan includes a music hall that would seat 992 people and a new parking garage with 1,098 spaces for cars and 42 for buses.
  5. The plan for the 393-acre campus on Galley Hill Road has aroused concerns, particularly because it includes a new 100,000-gallon-per-day sewage treatment system that would empty into a tributary of the Basher Kill, which flows through a wildlife preserve and into the Neversink River.
  6. Experts and attorneys came from Long Island, New Paltz and elsewhere to speak, said Grace Woodard, founder of Deerpark Rural Preservation Alliance, the local group opposing the plans, citing road safety and environmental concerns.
  7. The rescheduled meeting date will likely be announced at the next town board meeting on Feb. 27, Santini said. Port Jervis High School is a location being considered.
  8. “People were standing three deep along three walls,” she said.
  9. However, several minutes before the 7 p.m. meeting start time, the room was overfull, according to Deerpark Town Clerk Flo Santini.
  10. Anticipating a larger-than-usual crowd, the meeting was scheduled for the Deerpark Senior Center.
  11. DEERPARK — The crowd that showed up for a Deerpark Planning Board hearing on Dragon Springs’ campus expansion plans on Wednesday night was so large that Deerpark officials had to postpone the meeting until they could arrange for a larger venue.
  12. the fact is the 18,400 gallons per day septic system Dragon Springs now uses is to “get them through” until the 100,000 gpd septic system they planned has permits. But their DEC application for the larger system is incomplete, according to a DEC spokesperson. The equipment now awaiting approval would increase treatment of waste at current capacity, but not add capacity, according to the DEC.
  13. Dharma is certainly worthy of respect, but I think this organization is using Buddhism, and the real purpose is to control the believers.
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