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  1. Manximus Aururaneus

    Nobles hospital

    No Jungle Drums beating? Gosh.
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    That was my point
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    Make it private investment then - you invest £4.5M and take the profits.
  4. Manximus Aururaneus


    According to IOMG statistics, the average cost of housing stock sold on the Island (2017) was £248,250.0 - That makes a swimming pool refurb equivalent to the cost of 18.1 houses including land value. Hmmmm..........
  5. Manximus Aururaneus

    Blacksmith gets boot

    He's in for some heat and a bit of a hammering no doubt - will he bend to their will?
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    Manx Radio

    "Here comes a guy on a bike" "His name is ......." "There he goes" Repeat
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    Steam Packet to be sold

    With respect, my points are being misunderstood. Three identical boats does not involve any greater capital cost - in fact it means less capital expenditure. The point about three identical boats (or whatever the final number is best calculated to be) indeed does not make sense unless you also include my second point - i.e. That you take a long-term (say 100 year) view. Never have I said that you buy all three at the outset - but you do decide on the overall deign at the outset. Of course ship design evolves - I've been involved in that evolution since the 1970's - but Liverpool Heysham Douglas and the Irish Sea are not going to change their Lat & Long anytime soon! Decide on the need - then produce a vessel design to meet that need as best you can - then commission one vessel (not three) with a design lifetime involving a realistic possibility of a re-sale i.e. say 18 - 21 years instead of 30 years where you only have 'scrap' value. Year 1 = 1 new boat plus 2 existing (Ben & Arrow) Year 7 = 2nd New boat plus back up Year 14 = 3rd New boat - You are now at 'full class complement'. Each boat incorporates relatively minor improvements but stays to existing basic design. Year 14 = start of new class design brief (learning from experience) with a view to replacing Boat 1 in year 21 - and repeat by selling each boat at age 21 (whatever). To say that, because ship design evolves, you cannot have common class design is bollocks. Look across to Barrow to see how they have built submarines since 1953. Dreadnought — one boat, 1959–1960 Valiant class — 2 boats, 1962–1965 Churchill class — 3 boats, 1967–1970 Swiftsure class — 6 boats, 1969–1979 Trafalgar class — 7 boats, 1979–1991 Astute class — 7 boats planned (3 in service), 2001–present Look at how each class lasts longer and longer - because each class builds on the lessons learnt from previous classes and therefore gets closer and closer to 'Optimal'. Astute replacement already on drawing board - it may be different, but you can count on the fact that it WILL fit into Barrow and it WILL fit into Faslane, Devonport and Gibraltar - known, knowns. Quote. "Having spare props and engines sounds attractive, but it’s expensive and re boilering or engining a boat is a big job." I've changed literally hundreds of props and engines including taking a 16 cylinder MTU engine out of an in-refit passenger catamaran, removing gearbox from it (cannot be done with engine in boat) - remove engine from in-service boat, swap gearboxes over, put engine back into in-service craft. All done in 10 hours including slipping - boat back on the 6am first run Southampton to Cowes. 2 craft slippings, two engines out, swap boxes, one engine back in, relaunch - 10 hours, back on £10,000 fare income for the day (1990's). Above only possible because the ZF Gearbox on the refit boat was identical to the knackered ZF gearbox on the in-service boat - result = zero down time. I was MD of the refit yard at the time and supervised the whole operation from slipway preparation to re-launch. An example based on real-life experience not guessing. The new aircraft carriers (Queen Elizabeth and POW) ARE SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for fast replacement of engines - they are now located in 'Pods' (containers) under the flight deck control towers for just that reason. One Out - One In. As I originally said, IOMG has an almost unique investment scenario whereby it does have many 'known knowns' (not all, but many) - there is therefore an opportunity to cease navel gazing and look through the Heads-Up-Display thinking 50 - 100 years ahead. Look at what past thinking has produced - a combination of Ben, Manannan, and Arrow and tell me I'm wrong to ask for a pause with some rational forward thinking - I'm not holding my breath mind. "itd be better to wait until 2030 for boat 2 and 2040 for new boat three to keep steady turnover of tonnage, but neither SeaCat nor Ben will suit until 2030 so we are going for 2026/7 for boat 2." The very fact the that 'we are going for 2026/7 for boat 2" rather than being in the position of being able to take the better option of "better to wait until 2030 for boat 2" demonstrates my point perfectly - why are we in this position in the first place? - Answer; Because short-term tactical decisions are having to be deployed to cover-up for the lack of long term strategical policy. Time to switch on the HUD.
  8. Manximus Aururaneus

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I have always believed that IOMG could (and should) slow down any decision process regarding ferry service operation, these are some of my reasons for stating so; 1. There are too many pre-conceived ideas based on 'That's the way we have always done it so ...' 2. It is very rare in any major investment decision process to have some solid, long term, certainties on which to base your core assumptions (think financial services, offshore betting, technology investments etc. etc. etc. Here today - tomorrow?) - BUT, in this case - We know where Heysham is, Liverpool is, Douglas is, the depth of the Irish sea, the tides for the next 1,000 years, the silting rates, the harbour sizes, the (rough) population limits of the IOM etc. Good, solid, investment info - Gold dust! 3. Stop thinking about 'Travelling time' (speed) - think about 'Best time to arrive at destination' and 'Onboard experience'. Design the timetable around best arrival/departure times not 3 versus 4 hour journey times. 4. Brittany ferries deliberately slow down (and indeed 'hover') their Plymouth / Roscoff overnighters so that you can have a meal / drink, get a decent sleep, and start your car journey at 7am rested - who wants to start a six hour car journey knackered at 0445? 5. Engines do NOT propel ships! Propellers propel ships, engines turn propellers. Hull displacement and waterline length are critical factors in fuel consumption - but given the limitations in Douglas, Heysham and Liverpool, as well as Irish Sea average tides and weather conditions these factors are to a large extent pre-determined or at least pre-limited. 6. What will therefore most affect fuel consumption in this case is not ship size or sea conditions (because they are already pretty much determined) but hull and propeller efficiency. Get the prop configuration correct and you can retro-fit more efficient engines in future to drive the props that drive the ships. 7. You will not achieve best propeller efficiency with pods, CPP's, VPP's, or (especially) jets - you will achieve best propeller fuel efficiency by specifying the correct props for a stable constant speed (lower is better) and then fitting well designed props with low slip, minimal cavitation, decent blade area ratio characteristics. Propellers only ever work efficiently at one speed of rotation - if a ship leaves the Gulf carrying 500,000 tons of oil on a journey to Europe - does it really matter how long it takes to accelerate to cruise speed? That's why you see large-displacement ships propellers thrashing about like egg-whisks in harbour - they are not designed to get a ship moving - they are designed to keep the ship moving. Think 6th gear / overdrive and design the timetable accordingly. 8. Speed curves are not derived on sea trials, they are derived on initial specification, calculated during design, and confirmed to be within spec on sea trials - no surprises expected! 9. The Ben has one set of engines, props, gearboxes, generators, fire fighting systems, Manannan a completely different set, Arrow yet another. Countless different spares to be stored, three different crew training regimes, no common bits to be 'rabbited' off the spare boat to keep the in-service boat running whilst awaiting a spare part - COMPLETELY, UTTERLY, BONKERS. 10. Spend money on turn around time efficiency - take IOMSP staff down to Southampton to see how Red Funnel do it - it's like comparing an F1 pit stop to to a local garage tyre change. Three boats, identical spec, built to suit harbours that will be here in 1,000 years time, one set of common spares, spare engine in container on quay under crane with hull 'soft patches' or bolt down hatches to enable 6 hour engine changes (max) ONE IN - ONE OUT, BOAT BACK IN SERVICE - SEND KNACKERED ONE FOR REPAIR - NO MORE 'BEN OUT OF SERVICE FOR EONS AWAITING ENGINE REBUILD - BONKERS. One crew training manual, one set of dry-dock blocks and props. Life rafts, seats, galley equipment, all on 'trickle down' to stand-by boat. Same fuelling rigs, same fuel spec and loads, same newspaper layout on shop shelves, same emergency evacuation procedures, same weather go/no-go decisions................... Dont change travelling speed - Change number of BOATS IN SERVICE AND SCHEDULE TIMES to meet demand. STOP - THINK - You have all the info you need to make a 100 year decision not a ten year decision - that rarely happens - PAUSE - GET IT CORRECT! DESIGN THE TIMETABLE THAT BEST SUITS THE CUSTOMERS - THEN DESIGN THE SHIPS TO BEST PROVIDE THE TIMETABLE!
  9. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

  10. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Only two entities disagree with you. Me, and the EU The Lisbon Treaty is an INTERNAL AGREEMENT OF THE EU - Is the USA, China, et al bound by the Lisbon Treaty??? What date did they sign it??? I sincerely hope that you do not charge for your legal opinions! This is what the EU's own website says; "The European Union has legal personality and as such its own legal order which is separate from international law. Furthermore, EU law has direct or indirect effect on the laws of its Member States and becomes part of the legal system of each Member State. The European Union is in itself a source of law. The legal order is usually divided into primary legislation (the Treaties and general legal principles), secondary legislation (based on the Treaties) and supplementary law." One might as well say, "The Peel Swingers Club has legal personality and as such its own legal order which is separate from international law. Furthermore, Peel Swingers Club law has direct or indirect effect on the laws of its Member Swingers and becomes part of the legal system of each Member who Swings. The Peel Swingers Club is in itself a source of law. The legal order is usually divided into primary legislation (the Treaties and general legal principles), secondary legislation (based on the Treaties) and supplementary law." http://www.europarl.europa.eu/factsheets/en/sheet/6/sources-and-scope-of-european-union-law https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1081066/brexit-news-latest-brexit-divorce-bill-european-court-of-justice-ecj Clue is in; 'Member State' - If you ain't a 'Member State' Then you don't have to play by the Golf Club rules, Swinger Club rules or EU rules cause you ain't a Golf Club member, Member Swinger or EU Member! Upon exit, the EU has categorically stated that the UK will be treated as a 'Third Country' (it's words) - since when did the article 47 of the Lisbon Treaty apply to 'Third Countries'? Can you please provide a time, date, and text of that legislation? (Are you sure you're a lawyer?).
  11. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Tip, EU has never been part of the of the Good Friday Agreement, it is not a signatory to it, never has been, never will be. Why? Because the EU is not a 'State', it is a political enterprise nothing more. It has no legal basis in any International Court outwith it's own 'ECJ', it cannot sue (or be sue'd) - It cannot take International legal action against UK or any other 'State' because it simply does not have the legal status to do so. I cannot even protect it's own citizens from harm because, not being a 'State' it cannot legally 'Declare War' on an aggressor. It has no more legal stature than UKIP or the Monster Raving Looney Party.
  12. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Tip, Give in , you lost the referendum, it's already happened, wake up at the back.
  13. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/02/08/thousands-tory-party-members-defect-nigel-farages-brexit-party/ Inevitable I suppose given that the voice of 17.4 Million people is being ignored. With Germany now in recession, and the UK economy growing, they will have a decent head-start on project fear.
  14. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Don't baffle them with logic Doc, it will fry their brains.