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  1. At least 'Bambi' actually knows what Bulk Cargo is - you are incapable of differentiating between bulk cargo and a hospital bed. You do not have a clue, sorry.
  2. Of the 275 TT deaths to date,118 were English, a further 64 were 'British non-specific, and 18 were Manx. I belong to 4 British bike clubs - should I post there that the English bikers and their TT support are not welcome on the IOM? Yes or No? I can do it tonight if you wish.
  3. Succinct. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/politics/priti-patel-vs-sir-philip-fight-know-money/
  4. In hindsight, instructing the Marshalls to shout 'Stand and Deliver' probably didn't help either.
  5. Constructive dismissal is not as easy to prove as some people assume. In addition, Putnam's resignation letter states that he declined a financial offer from the Cabinet office in favour of speaking via the media to publicise the issue. I can see no evidence that he engaged in the Grievance procedure prior to resignation (that does not mean that he did not). His employers have a duty of care towards him - he also has a duty to them. In any case, I'm not actually certain that the Home Secretary is his employer??
  6. Yes I read that yesterday P.K. - How much is the Guardian losing these days?
  7. Could've done a George Formby and joined in......
  8. But the Barclay brothers also published that story so it has to be fake news doesn't it? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2020/03/02/priti-patel-allegations-will-investigated-cabinet-office-government/
  9. If we had a cruise terminal we could park an isolation ship on it, self sufficient in food, water-making and galleys, and keep them under yellow flag until Free Pratique was declared
  10. Oh you of all people most definitely could! And do!
  11. You keep driving and have a cocoa while you think about it, I've already left the motorway.
  12. Really Max? Let's say that you are driving down a UK motorway. In the distance is a big, black cloud, perhaps with some orange flashes. Could be a motorway pile-up on fire, Bunce oil storage depot on fire, a plane crash on or next to the motorway - whatever. The policeman, fireman or whatever, is pointing to the incident and waving a red flag in a figure of 8 - is he asking (directing) you to drive towards the incident in the direction that his hand is pointing or pointing out something to avoid? You sure??? No ambiguity???
  13. No, I'serious Rog, I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that a large chunk of this rock has African origins. Here you go..... Geology At Niarbyl beach you can stand with each foot on different rocks derived from two separate continents. The rocks north of Niarbyl 480 million years old and originate from Gondwana of which southern England and Africa are parts. The rocks north of Niarbyl are sandstones belonging to the Dalby Group which come from a northern continent known as Laurentia of which Scotland and North America are parts. The contact between these two groups of rock is a major geological fault representing the only remnant of the Iapetus Ocean which once separated these continents.
  14. Didn't the southern half of the Island originally come from West Africa?
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