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  1. Firstly, thank you for allowing me an opinion on the Governance structure of my own country Monkey - a pity that some others here have a problem with that - hey ho. No - I do not think that no deal is a good thing. I do not even think that leaving the Common Market is a good thing either. But that's the whole point - we joined a Common Market that turned into 'ever closer union' - it was a massive deception, it has now been admitted as such, even the EU itself uses 'Federation' as its best descriptor. And when it comes to the Governance of my country, I choose democracy over deception. So, having been massively deceived - the people of the UK have expressed their democratic wish to leave. I will respect that just as I respected the original 1972 referendum decision the other way and would have respected a 'remain' decision in 2016 had that occurred. The 2016 decision has been enacted - the UK has left the EU federation of states. 'Ever closer union' now excludes both the UK and the IOM. Personally I would have chosen WTO back in 2016 (there is no such thing as 'no deal' for the simple reason that WTO is interwoven into EU law and would be all but impossible to remove). WTO with the opportunity to then negotiate a closer deal would have been my choice - but we are where we are. I am no longer an EU member, and no longer a proxy member for those IOM residents who want to dictate that I should remain a member for their benefit, pay the dues and taxes that they themselves have avoided for 47 years, and then be criticised when I've had enough of doing so. If Manxman1980 wishes to become an EU member then I have absolutely no problem with him doing so - it would be his absolute democratic choice to take that step. I have exercised my democratic choice to step in a different direction.
  2. It's a great thing for me. I cannot say whether or not it is a good thing for you or any other Manxman because you have not tried it and therefore have no database to call on. Perhaps if the IOM was to sign up to 47 years of EU membership, pay the fees, taxes, and other costs of membership whilst allowing the UK to have a free ride on the back of that I might have a different opinion. Give it a go, I'll let you know in 47 years time. My experience is 47 years membership - what is your experience of it? That is why I am calling on Manxman 1980 to form a party, advocate EU membership for IOM, pay all such taxes and costs are as entailed, let the UK have a free ride on the back of it, and then see how we feel having had that benefit - you must be up for that in all fairness surely?
  3. Rees-Mogg, Francois, and I have now decided to retire safe in the knowledge that Manxman, Pongo and Teapot have (somewhat unexpectedly) volunteered the IOM to pay our EU contributions for us. They get what they want, We get what we want, everybody happy bunnies. I love happy endings.
  4. I don't need a work permit. You don't understand the red wall mentality and never will. I was born in 'Red wall' territory, you were not.
  5. Excellent stuff. I look forward to you Party name, your manifesto, and your reasons for persuading IOM residents to abide by EU rules. I don't hate the IOM, I love it, it means that I soon will not be paying any EU taxes even if you do, crack on dear boy, crack on paying my EU taxes for me.
  6. Perhaps you might have had more success trying to persuade the taxpayers of your own country to pay for your desired EU membership rather than trying to get the taxpayers of the UK to do your dirty work for you. Introducing corporation tax and dropping work permits would be a little step in the required direction. Interesting to see how you get on.
  7. I think that the plan is for staff to travel to one of the 53 'hub' hospitals but then to have teams travelling out to Care homes to vaccinate the residents - I would't be keen on sending residents into hospital buildings at present.
  8. Can anybody recommend some bird identification books as being particularly suited to the Island please?
  9. It is most certainly happening though obviously it has yet to be tested on the ground. I received an email yesterday inviting all of our care staff for vaccination from 0800 tomorrow at a local hospital. 10 minute slots, available 08:00 - 20:00 daily, 15 minute follow up observation period. The hospital already advised as to who has been invited (we did not tell them, this has happened automatically) and will refuse tests to those not on the invitation list.
  10. As usual, you want it both ways. First its "They are all concentration camps" no exceptions .. Then you want to give exceptions! Who in your world gets to decide what is legitimate 'Due process' and what is merely 'Capricious'? Could it be you by any chance?
  11. " You can call them detention centres, internment camps or concentration camps. The origin of the concept is identical. They are all concentration camps." Your words. Does 'Due Process' stop them fitting your definition of concentration camps? It was 'Due Process' for the Nazi's to measure the width of people's noses to determine entry criteria for their camps - did that make it legit? Does it have to be due process of which you approve or will any old due process applicable in any particular jurisdiction at any point in time suffice? Does Nazi due process satisfy the criteria? (I am fully aware of the occasions when I have listened to the Articles read out loud by the Master-at Arms thank you. Absolutely, in no doubt whatever, crystal clear).
  12. By your own arguments, what sends people there is irrelevant, if the process 'concentrates' people then it's a concentration camp according to you. (I guess you have never had the articles of war read to you). "And yes, capricious detention in school can be an abuse of process and actionable." So that makes the school a concentration camp does it? One minute you are saying that they are all concentration camps no exceptions - then you want claim exceptions!
  13. Constitutional democracy is not what happens once the Articles of War have been read out. By your bizarre definitions, all prisons, youth detention centres, even detention after school are 'concentration camps', as are football grounds that segregate supporters into different sections of the stadium. In wartime (and indeed in peace) - all warship, submarine, and jungle patrols would involve " removal to a different jurisdiction, no right of judicial review, deprivation of Liberty, expropriation of property, removing your means of livelihood, and splitting families" to greater or lesser degrees - all they all concentration camps? Are those involved in the placement of individuals into Mental Health detention centres sending people to 'Concentration camps'?
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