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  1. Well they obviously wouldn't ban you just for taking a break so they must have had a reason - surely they must have given some idea of what it was?
  2. Sultan, if it helps you come to terms with this, I truly believe that whoever it was that banned you should answer for it. No ifs, No buts.
  3. Woolley, so that there is no confusion here - I am not in anyway against that sort of scheme (whether here on the Island or elsewhere). I would fully support it. Where I have a problem is with the running of it as a 'service' which costs about £2m per year if we accept the Government numbers. I automatically think of the alternatives (sorry, cannot help myself). £2M per year loss over a decade is £20M. A brand new, top of the range CT or MRI scanner costs just under £1M and has a lifetime of about 10 years with a minimal resale value. Personally, I would put all the trams and trains in the terminus as static displays, build a heritage centre on the adjacent Summerland site, Fire up a few demonstration models once a day at 2pm, and run fully packed out trips several weekends a year for the enthusiasts. Small core staff plus volunteers plus charitable status fundraisers. I would spend the rest of the money on hospital equipment. I have no issues with those who disagree, it's just a debate.
  4. Absolutely agree with your statement, the majority of UK NHS folk would indeed not be suitable (which is exactly why they need turning around) but there are now some crack teams with a proven track record of NHS Trust turnarounds (as Sir Jonathan alludes to). They often present themselves as a 'Pack of Three' - CEO, Medical Director & Finance Director / Company Secretary. Excuse the language but that do not Feck about! Their way or the highway etc. Scotland (to answer DT) is a mess, a right mess, especially in terms of budget control, outcomes and (most of all) recruitment - Wales is if anything worse. It would seem to me to be the height of planning folly to invite an English NHS turnaround specialist (Sir Jonathan), pay him for a year to compare the Island system with the English system, produce a report to that effect, have it accepted in principle, and then to turn around and say that we are going Scottish not English??????? Bizarre.
  5. It's great shame - and actually does a lot of damage to the Island economically. I'm pretty much retired with investments or businesses under management these days so I don't get stressed about it - but our original ideas of cashing in across to invest over here have pretty much been shelved due to sheer frustration with the attitude - oh well. I used the example of us spending almost £10k a year to park a boat in Scotland when we would much rather it be based over here - but with the state of the way that the harbours are run......... C'est la Vie.
  6. Now I wouldn't necessarily disagree with that point of view - but the 'total offering' needs at least some profit centres! Trams trains and horses all lose money, as do (allegedly) many Victorian type hotels. I have my own suspicions about the TT too but that's another story. Shuffling coach loads of the masses between a raft of loss-making attractions may make the place look a bit busier - but is it actually doing as well as it might with a hell of a lot less public sector interference? I could (and would) consider a leisure-sector type business here were it not for the fact that the more I look, the more I see a very few vested interests (brewery, government) stitching things up to make sure that any income goes to them - so I keep my hands in my pockets until I see a change in attitude (but I'm not holding my breath). I came across to the Island taking the 'Where you can' statement at face value, but the more I look.....................
  7. It isn't 'simply wrong' if it takes in only 50% of what it takes to run - that one fact makes my statement simply correct not simply wrong. As I said, if people want to support this sort of stuff with taxpayers money for nostalgic or heritage reasons then I am not necessarily against that - but it is then for those proposing this spending out of taxation to make their claim for funds in the usual manner just as would be the case with any other proposed public spending. £2million a year loss on the trains, £10million every five years, £20M in a decade - these are not small numbers - by all means state your case and seek public support for your ideals - I have nothing against altruistic dreams but the burden of convincing lays with the claimant not with the taxpayer. Starting off your argument with "I'm sorry, but this is simply wrong. Coachloads of people every week come over to travel the railways." and then saying that "We just need more coach loads" simply does not stack up as a business case that you could put to a bank manager or investor. How about an approach more along the lines of; I know that the trains do not make financial sense but I believe that they should nevertheless be supported because................. It might just produce a better reception.
  8. Sales £411,000 C.O.S. £ 10,000 (To include St. John field rental, Bags of Oats, A bucket of Paint, and membership of Wheeltappers & Shunters Club). Gross Profit £401,000 Staff Costs £401,000 Profit £000,000 (actually £320,000 loss but shhhhh)
  9. That's pretty much what Blackpool, Southport, Rhyl, and the rest said - and look what happened to them! There are very few Tourist Boards these days who use the mantra 'More coaches please' - it's usually the exact opposite. Simple economics says that, if you are starting off with a high cost of travel up front, you are flogging a dead horse tram trying to compete in the bucket and spade market.
  10. Think about the word "Coachloads" Wooley. Do you not see a problem there?
  11. I'm sorry MM but I disagree, (in a nice way). Before moving to the Island we visited three times going back to 1970. Since moving here (6 years ago) we receive frequent visitors from the UK. We've got over 100 family members within 30 minutes of Liverpool airport or ferry terminal. Between ourselves and our visitors, not one single person has been to Castle Rushen, Peel Castle, Tramways or the Laxey Wheel, (or horse tram) not one. Two of us went on the Mountain Railway (once was enough). We have pretty much travelled the world, visiting countless attractions, but none of the Island 'attractions' actually attract us or anybody we know. Views and countryside yes, beaches and Glens yes, scenic drives yes, walking round the harbours yes - but none of the 'attractions' raise a flicker of interest, at best we see them as 'Quaint' and tolerate them because the locals seem keen to portray that image of 'quaintness' - we see them as being here to meet the needs of local tradition and heritage for the locals - they certainly do not provide an incentive to travel to the Island in anybody that we know. That's not having a go - I'm just telling it as it is for us and our visitors. I have never, ever heard a single person say 'Let's visit the IOM for trains/horses/ trams, never. If the locals determine that they wish to subsidise these 'attractions' for the sake of 'Manxness' or 'Heritage' then fine, nothing wrong with that whatever - but please do not for one moment think that there are hoards of people across itching to come over for these attractions - because there aint.
  12. To be honest, they'd be better off putting together a team from across with a previous track record of producing change of this scale in a health setting - I'm sure that Sir Jonathan could make enquiries. The sheer volume and scope of policies and procedures, protocols, not to mention actual Acts of Parliament is daunting to adopt on a week by week update basis - the idea of starting where Nobles currently is, and achieving all that in the given timescale is something that I cannot even imagine being achieved - and I've overseen it for my own healthcare businesses for the last 15 years. Pure 'business' businessmen may well be what is required in many financial respects - but unless they are already in healthcare then the terminology alone can take years to master, the NHS really is a one-off institution and as for CQC!!! It needs a team that could hit the ground running - a 'learning as you go along' approach would quickly get bogged down in detail (usually detail produced by those with an agenda against change in the first place) - it can be draining taking those sort of people on (not to mention the unions) - and they seem to have an inbuilt miraculous ability to produce a rule or regulation from some dark corner to say "you can't do that - it says so here". You need people who cannot be waffled because they have already been there and done it in terms of large-scale change in a health setting. It's tough.
  13. Might attract more participants if it had a few fences and water jumps.
  14. Whenever, I'm in, Dilli can be local Social Secretary.
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