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  1. In this new age of enlightenment, just because it looks like a duck, talks like a duck and walks like a duck does not mean that JW cannot refer to it as a Wombat if that is how it wishes to identify.
  2. Agreed, people with agenda are looking for trouble where none existed.
  3. So could black people 'Just get on' if they so chose? Is it not up to individuals who cannot choose their colour, weight, sexuality, cussedness, etc. to nevertheless choose whether to let that be an excuse to blame others or whether to just get on with it?
  4. Well let's see shall we. You seem to be saying that anyone with the ability to succeed can do so anyway?
  5. Do you think that you would be legally practicing on the IOM, Chair of the Metal Health decision panel, writing wills, a Financial services ombudsman, an ADR mediator, an owner of homes in three different countries, without 'male white priviledge'?
  6. You've not seen the size of my wife. (She said that ).
  7. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. At this rate I can see a Carthage Owners Club (IOM Chapter). Oh dear.
  8. Similar here, 6 weeks Norway then Morocco for winter.
  9. I'm not sure that you should be using Rudy's name to reinforce your point. I certainly wouldn't.
  10. Were key workers from across, who may themselves have families, informed and protected when Covid19 infected people were moved from Care Homes into Nobles? Or were they left at risk on a packet of crisps? That's a serious question.
  11. Are Nobles hospital staff tested each and every time they go to the pub or for something to eat?
  12. No key worker recruitment problems in the future then. ' Come to the IOM, expose yourself to whatever bugs we may or may not have in our hospital or hotels (not just covid), have a packet of crisps per 48 hours (at your own cost), sort out our health service, mix with our hospital patients and staff who will have been to the pub, watched the footy, and had a meal. Also mix with the rest of the UK key worker doctors, nurses, delivery drivers, contract workers, Jersey guests, and ferry staff who travel to the UK daily. Then go back to the UK (who will let you in) with whatever you may have risked catching over here and pass it on to your UK family who count for sweet fa as far as we are concerned. Oh, and by the way, tell the missus you now have a criminal record and your wages are £1,000 light". They'll be queuing at the door to help out IOM when this message goes round (and boy, is it going around) just you watch. A packet of crips FFS!
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