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  1. Manximus Aururaneus

    Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year From Your Caring Politicians.

    If a guy that I have never met, never spoken to, never responded to in post, opens the dialogue between us by being abusive (which he did) then he is going to get it back in equal measure - and I don't give a toss how many previous posts he has - that is no qualification for thinking that he can be (midnight hour) abusive to me without getting it back. Sorry if that disappoints you Dilli.
  2. Manximus Aururaneus

    Car advice

    Whether you choose the gym or the car to hold out for a month will probably make a fair difference to how you feel then
  3. Manximus Aururaneus

    Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year From Your Caring Politicians.

    Do you mean me gettafa?
  4. Manximus Aururaneus

    Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year From Your Caring Politicians.

    I have to admit that every festive season, at about midnight, I expect to see bollocks posted by the barrowful. You did not disappoint, and the fact that you posted exactly on time, in the absolute quantity expected, and with even an avatar to emphasise the fact deserves praise from me - credit where credit is due. I am only concerned that you may have overtaxed your mental abilities composing such a post - I hope that you are not due back to work until the 8th at least, that should provide sufficient time to get over your hangover, recover from your mental exertions, and have the bollocks barrow serviced so that you may resume the regular delivery of bollocks that we all expect of you.
  5. Manximus Aururaneus

    Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year From Your Caring Politicians.

    So, to be factual, the claim that "People have largely answered really clearly where they would start cutting" is really a bit premature as nobody has (as yet) stated, in even the vaguest of terms, who, what posts, or what pay grades they would (could) cut without affecting service delivery.
  6. Manximus Aururaneus

    Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year From Your Caring Politicians.

    In principle, I agree with you. But I do not believe that either 'People' or more specifically you "have largely answered really clearly where they would start cutting". I would however love to hear 'really clearly' what your answer is, what is more, I would in all probability support you. You want a 'thorough review of pay grades and structure' - but prior to any such thorough review, you have seemingly determined that a) There is indeed 'deadwood' and b) It wouldn't have any immediate impact on service delivery'. Well if that is the case (and I am not arguing that it is not the case) - then if you personally are able, prior to any such 'thorough review', to determine that it can be done, then by definition you must already know who, what post, and what pay grade. So, to save money on a costly review, what individuals, what posts, what pay grades do you propose? Perhaps you could 'largely answer really clearly'.
  7. Manximus Aururaneus

    New Year Healthy Lifestyle

    'What Butter and Whiskey cannot cure there is no cure for'. Dr Klaus Martens circa 1947.
  8. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    I simply do not see how you, I, or anyone else can say what those who voted for Brexit do or do not support. It is impossible to know that. The explanations given for the so-called 'views of Brexiteers' are as numerous as the number of different religions on earth (2,000?) - and just like religion, each 'expert' view on Brexit will insist that his/hers is the only possible correct interpretation. Well, 2,000 differing views cannot all be correct. I did not actually support Clinton, Bush, or Blair but I could live with them if I had to - the political pendulum was reasonably near the centre with all three. Obama I could not stand, I found his attitude to the UK offensive, always considered him to be a bad liar, and thought that his intervention in the Brexit referendum was appalling (I am convinced that it resulted in pro Brexit votes). I like leaders who lead, Margaret Thatcher would be be top of my list. Which brings us to 'the new populism'. I think that the key (and revealing) word here is 'new'. Sure, some form of populism has always existed, but the 'new' emphasis given to the term, seems to me to be nothing more than a fashion thing being put about by the European so-called 'elites' of the Junker / Verhofstadt / Merkel and the Nick Clegg types to cast anyone that disagrees with their view of the world as somehow 'out of order'. It ties in with their use of similar derogatory terms 'uneducated' 'old' 'naive' 'nationalist' 'isolationist' to describe Brexiteers or anyone that objects to over 1 million so-called refugees in one hit. Sure, somewhere within the 17.4 million people that voted leave you will find all of the above - but you will find a much higher % percentage amongst AfD and Austrian parties though, and unless these so-called elites wake up out of their stupor to see the unrest that their massive back-door political experiment is causing then things really will get ugly - god forbid. I prefer Thatcher, but I can live with Bush, Clinton, Blair - and even Brown. I have travelled to all the continents and a large percentage of the countries on earth. I tolerate people of any colour or religion provided the do not kill and maim for it. I worked in Hong Kong for a while and saw first-hand what problems mass refugees (5 million in that case) can bring. But, according to some remainers, I am intolerant, naive, uneducated, nationalistic, and isolationist (probably 'populist' too). The country will divide unless this nonsense (from both sides) stops.
  9. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    And why would leaving the EU suddenly make people any more optimistic or outward looking? That doesn’t make sense. It’s a wish not a plan. It makes me more optimistic and outward looking - and I have been developing our business plans to accommodate Brexit since before the referendum - I see it as an obvious responsibility under my legal fiduciary duty to the Company. Others see it differently, that's their choice. But we have no idea what that actually means. It can mean anything. The role of a director is to provide direction - either you can allow things to drift along of their own accord - or you can take steps to see the possible benefits in any given situation and make positive plans accordingly - I prefer positive steps over meaningless moaning about the result. Again, others will act differently.
  10. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Actually, it's not about either trade agreements or technicals - it's about the future of our Country. It's about the example we want to set our youngsters - do we want them to be enthusiastic, hopeful, willing to learn, pround of their country and subsequently proud of what they have achieved for themselves and each other. Do we want them to be outward looking, adventurous, willing to calculate, minimise, but then accept risk - but then benefit from the rewards? Or do we want them to think that the earth consists only of a flat European plain, ruled by unelected, un-sackable bureaucrats, and if you dare to venture beyond Poland or Greece you will fall outside of their jurisdiction and hence fall off the end of the earth. There are 195 countries in the world - there are even 50 countries in Europe alone. You give far more weight to the EU than it can possibly warrant - 27 countries (over half of whom are barely financially viable) is not the power block that you make it out to be - you have been duped by unelected bureaucrats. If you personally are unable to see beyond the tactical, then leave the strategic to others - but either way stop moaning and scare-mongering and either come up with some positives or at least have the good grace to step aside and let others get on with it. Along with Blair, Mandelson, Clegg and the Kinnocks you have made your point - you don't like the result and wish it had been different - but it wasn't, and you add nothing to the debate about our future by harking back to the bureaucratic past.
  11. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    That is so exciting! Thousands of deals to be negotiated internationally - yum, yum. Years and years of gainful employment for young people who want to learn to be entrepreneurial again. International travel, languages to be learned, business terminology to be mastered, commercial law to be digested, deals to be struck, hands to be shook, profits to be made. Eyes lifted to new horizons along China's new silk road rather than Junkers Junk shop. Universities teaching commercial Mandarin as an alternative to Ancient Greek. Gradually moving our economy into expanding Asia instead of contracting Europe. A new 'Sonya' (RIP) to take over the Bull & Bear pub now that it has re-located from Central Hong Kong to Wan Chai. 2% on every roll of silk that exits China in return for turning a blind eye to the Opium. Expansion not contraction, Optimism not Pessimism. Oh, how refreshing!
  12. Manximus Aururaneus

    £31 million conomy boost

    You are all in danger of getting yourselves 'Knicker twisted'. The best way forward for the Island is not 'TT ...Or' - The best way is 'TT........And'. Newfoundland is more remote, costs more to get to, and has little if anything better to offer tourists, but it makes a far better job of tourism than does the Island. Just sayin.
  13. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Thank you for that Paswt, it means a lot. Yes , I have done reasonably well, but, as one of six kids born to a Father who was a pipe-fitter in a sulphuric acid plant, and a mother who held down three jobs (including a night shift) to make ends meet, and born in a terraced council house just outside Liverpool, I'm not taking any lectures on money, class, or anything else from these moaning Coconuts. They think that they will somehow 'brow-beat' me, sorry but they are going to (continue) to be disappointed losers (as evidenced by their posts). I don't have (and never have had) 'Class' - but I do have (and will use to the best of my ability), intelligence, hard work, honesty, loyalty, and a sense of duty - those attributes are (after 40+ years of scrimping) starting to pay off. Sorry if they sound old fashioned. Am I going to feel guilty about that and bow down to these Coconuts? Don't hold your breath. Thanks again.
  14. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Unless you happen to be an investment manager that is I suspect that your investments have not faired well, which is why you console yourself with the vain illusion that failing investments equate to 'Class'. Personally, I don't give a shit about Class.
  15. Manximus Aururaneus

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Say it as loud as you like Pongo. I have two coconuts (PK and Fragglyrock) explaining it to me 'As simply as they can' - And a third coconut (you) saying that I dare not answer them back with facts. Three disappointed Coconuts I fear.