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  1. You must be proud to have the 'Grin like an idiot' emoji invented just for you.
  2. I never read the Daily Mail, you assume that I do, is that a lack of introspection on my behalf of a massive incorrect assumption on yours?
  3. A lot of people seem to 'figure' things about me that I don't recognise myself. Modern world eh. I read 7 newspapers a day (including BBC and Guardian) - I don't read the Mail. Hey ho, pigeon holes rule.
  4. Having read the Daily Mail article that you provided, I have formed an initial view. I will keep it to myself. Is this now how we now try people? Is this how you would wish to be tried? Is this how you would like your family to be tried? Parallel Daily Mail, GMC, and Manx Forums anonymous? Really?
  5. I haven't read anything, anywhere about the case other than on here TP. I cannot and do not defend the doctor in question because I know nothing about the case. But I know right from wrong, and this is wrong. It stinks. I thought that the days of witches ducking stools were over.
  6. I'm sorry, but this simply does not work. You cannot have one medical professional (PC) calling out another medical professional (DR X) when PC wants to remain an anonymous poster whilst at the same time naming 'X' , subjecting him to formal GMC investigation, but then running a parallel kangaroo court on here at the same time. It is not an 'anonymous forum' for the doctor who has been named is it? PC has to choose, formal (GMC) and then leave them to it, or not. PC cannot hide in anonymity whilst at the same time exposing 'X' to both professional scrutiny and kangaroo court. I am staggered that JW and others have not seen the forum liability in this?????? It is grossly unprofessional, grossly unfair, and I would suggest (as a layman) highly litigious?
  7. Agreed, but do you also accept that the concept of us 'not doing business with the EU anymore' is just as naive?
  8. Try GMC rules Domain 4, Section 59, leading to paragraph 25c But again, you will be the expert of course.
  9. Local news, there was a baby born in Laxey today................
  10. That sort of conversation is only relevant to the dinosaurs in the i.c.e. car industry et al (like Germany). More progressive nations (like the UK) have left all that shit behind and have moved on to bicycles, walking and other global cooling initiatives. Get with the program brov.
  11. I think that you are a very nice and sensible person Mojo.
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