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  1. That is not correct. Snail mail is very rarely used. All radiology images are now digital and can be sent world-wide almost instantly. Data protection is a big issue but provided that both the sending and receiving hospitals are registered on the same system ( either IEP Image Exchange Portal or N3Link) then it is simple and can be addressed to say a specific Professor in a tertiary centre such as Walton, Aintree etc. Where the system sometimes falls down is that the information continues to reside in an encrypted packet at the tertiary centre because the intended recipient is (for whatever reason) was not expecting the information and therefore it is never opened because only that one individual has the correct 'key'. A simple chest X-ray would be transmitted in seconds whilst a complex CT scan might contain up to 9,000 images and therefore take 30-40 minutes due to file size / network loading etc. Many UK hospitals export urgent images via tele radiology to Australia / NZ for overnight reading (and vice-versa) - massive quantity of data sent routinely every day of the year. It is done directly from clinician to clinician with IT involvement but no admin involvement. HTH
  2. That's amazing, because I can feel the heat of your deep embarrassment from here.
  3. At least we now know that this must be down to the Unions rather than the individual teachers themselves. Here are a few quotes from one of the few on here not too embarrassed to own up to being teacher, seems rather happy with his pay packet.
  4. Not Thales alone, production was coordinated via the 'Aircraft Carrier Alliance' composed of BAE, Babcock, Thales, MOD and Rosyth dockyard.
  5. After 24 hours contemplating your question I managed to come up with the following.... 1. The Manx economy in general and the taxation system in particular is far superior to the IOW. 2. Mostly free parking and those wonderful parking discs are a big advantage. 3. IOM is a much shorter transit time to the sailing waters of the West coast of Scotland. I came up with those three within 5 mins of reading your post, but after that I struggled to add to the list. Help me out before I get lynched please.
  6. As a former resident of the Isle of Wight (10 years) including living just outside one of the proposed circuit villages (Shorewell Pr. 'Shorrell') I thought I might offer a few observations on claims made; Tourist infrastructure / population. Whilst it is true that the year round permanent population is indeed only circa. 125,000, this swells to around 300,000 over the whole summer due to 2nd home owners and tourists - there is more than enough accommodation, pubs, restaurants, and nightlife to support this influx. Whereas IOM has 2 return ferry sailings in winter and 4 in summer - IOW has 78 daily returns! (Max Pax 892 per vessel). Total TT visitors and their bikes could be comfortably shipped in one morning. Attitude to risk / objections / Event organisation. Home to Cowes Week (much bigger organisation than TT) Cowes Torquay Powerboat Race, Round the Island yacht race (2,000 boats), Fabio Buzzi (172 MPH record holder in a boat) Schneider Trophy airplane races, Fastnet race - Just off the circuit itself is the UK's (then secret) Rocket launch site (Black arrow etc.) Home to many ex-RAF WW2 fighter pilots and Racing car drivers. Rock festivals (600,000 reported). Sir Max Aitken ( Flying Ace, Powerboat and sailing ace), Cockerill (Hovercraft inventor) etc. etc They are 'Can do' people by nature. Mist / Mizzle. Summer crops arrive 3 weeks earlier on the IOW than even nearby south coast (Hampshire) - Much warmer and less misty than IOM, in two years as a full-time Yachtmaster Instructor there I did 'Blind Pilotage' training /testing only once in real fog - the rest of the time we had to blank the windows out. Sunburn is a bigger problem by far. If they choose to do it, then they have the capability to do it (easily). I wish them luck.
  7. Better than I was expecting from you I have to admit.
  8. Agreed, but the Oxford situation is a glimmer of hope at least. (I think Pongo just wants to get my statue taken down).
  9. Hint; Perhaps that's why I included a little smiley at the end of my post
  10. Indeed, after a suitable and entirely understandable delay, it has now been syndicated to those publications unable to afford their own in-house journalists.
  11. The latest news from Oxford University looks promising - could well develop into a game-changer. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/07/15/coronavirus-vaccine-breakthrough-oxford-scientists-discover/ (It's an exclusive for the Telegraph so we can leave the Guardianisters to fret awhile yet ).
  12. I've got loads of spare slabs and a 3 ton digger if you change your mind..........
  13. So you want them to employ a teapot and then make the tea themselves? Bit like having a dog and barking yourself.
  14. As a teapot, can you not be expected to produce your own?
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