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  1. Not sure where that leaves residents of the Isles of Scilly whose private cars are MOT exempt Rog?
  2. Back again.. England v S. Africa in the morning, RWC. If they win, I will not be sensible in my posting tomorrow (or Wednesday). If they lose I will not be sensible in my posting ever again. We'll start on the Spicey Bloody Mary's at 0830.. then see how it goes. If you take me seriously, it's your own stupid fault. Goodnight peeps. Kiss Kiss.
  3. Indeed, but he is a lawyer, and this is the Isle of Man.
  4. As an aside, can I just ask you, are they really taking me seriously? That's not possible, Surely,
  5. Indeed Manxman, might be very funny indeed if it turns out that I am the only true 100% qualified EU citizen on here! No caveats, no conditions, no work permits, no pseudo qualification by having been at university at the time. Wouldn't that be fun! More popcorn?
  6. Next thing, you'll be telling me that you are in the EU!
  7. We have met actually, John, Teapot, Tosspot, Manxman 1980 or whatever your name is..
  8. It's called real life, you wouldn't recognise it, don't worry.
  9. There is no 'tell us' John, it's just you and I. There is no 'everyone's amusement'. I have offered reconciliation - or ban me - what is your choice - you are the God here. I cannot ban you, you can ban me. My name is Steve. Steve to be banned (forever) - or Steve to be reconciled with. Am I talking to John, or a lawyer, or a Manx Forums moderator? I have offered to call it quits four times now - what is your decision? You do not need a back-up gang. I do not have one.
  10. Why don't you just ban me for disagreeing with you John? It's the only little thing that you have in your armoury. I'm not illiterate, I'm not brain addled, I'm not angry, I'm not a bad person either. Why? Why can you not even bring yourself to call me by my name? It's Steve btw, as you well know.
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