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  1. It would be easier to just go on Facebook if this is just some ploy to get people to pay a subscription to use MF. People wouldn’t bother and would just migrate to Facebook. The choice to subscribe is always there but really it doesn’t get you anywhere as I used to subscribe many years ago and the only extra it gives you is access to a subscriber forum that nobody ever posts in anyway.
  2. You’re all pretty rubbish conspiracy theorists if you ask me who clearly attach far too much importance to the rubbish you post on here. Looks like a few people have managed to post even more angry rubbish than is already posted on here by the regulars. But it’s still just more of the same silly anonymous rubbish really. IOM News and Politics got Bustered for a very long time with similar meltdowns and end results (bans and account blocks). All it takes is a few nutters posting rubbish who are even madder than the regular nutters posting rubbish to tip the balance. Stop taking yourselves and w
  3. Is it surprising he’s an idiot but the alternative was Gawne who was a dangerous idiot. He’d have been CM by now if he’d got back in and what a mess that would have been having the Paradise Papers break and that spuds and herring fire starter fronting it. At least Moorhouse is a useless idiot who doesn’t want to turn us into a bunch of jumper wearing crofting Manx speaking hippies living off the land.
  4. Classic MF thread Is she still popular in Japan now she’s over 18?
  5. Didn’t Flinty have dodgy hips? I hope he’s not pushing trolleys around.
  6. I have to say I’m a bit confused too. I mean what if something RC does annoys me in the next few weeks? Would I be allowed to start a thread about it to say it’s annoyed me? Or would it be shut down instantly as the mods think that we’ve had too much about RC on these forums? It’s a dilemma I suppose. How long is long enough? Given his ability to say silly things how long is a dignified silence before we can point out how silly some of the things he says are?
  7. They shouldn’t be a member of Chamber in my book. They aren’t a commercial operation for a start they get a massive grant from the taxpayer to stay afloat.
  8. You mean TJ got it closed in the end as many had already predicted by posting thread after thread of slanderous and mental rubbish until the Mods got fed up?
  9. More like Goofy. This weeks masterpiece really has the air of someone teetering on the edge of delusional breakdown about it. It’s almost an alternative reality that is being created.
  10. James Corrin and Buster are just what happens when you allow care in the community. Years ago they would have spent their twilight years in some sort of institution where they'd end their days painting pictures with their feet and hand making charity Christmas cards with no internet access at all. Now they can inflict themselves and their mental views on the public 24/7 via WiFi.
  11. Says everything about just how dreadfully shit Manx Radio is
  12. I do quite like this Twitter site. All explained here https://mobile.twitter.com/IncompetenceIom/status/931141629276311552
  13. The Commissioner is quite right though. Some of the civil servants are so crooked that it will inevitably be abused. They need to get penalties in place first. We all know what the Island is like. Some of those nosy crooked bastards will be all over friends and families data or using it to dig dirt on their girlfriends ex or whatever. They won’t be able to help themselves.
  14. I wouldn’t give any of those idiots the steam off my piss never mind my personal data.
  15. Does Ireland really need that? It will be interesting to see when trading off daddies reputation runs out in Ireland. My guess would be 6 months.
  16. Christ, I find listening to Brindley bad enough. Now I can see him as well. That’s too much I think.
  17. Yes, there was a thread about it at the time
  18. Just wait for the VAT re-cut to be announced in the UK Budget. Hopefully half our public sector management will be sent to work in Northern Ireland after that.
  19. “You don't need an appointment so feel free to drop in.” Clearly not as he’s probably sat on his own for the first 2 hours waiting for anyone to turn up.
  20. You are awful, but he likes you!
  21. You seem to be repeating exactly what Neil said. That is exactly the whole point of posting anything on Facebook. You’re trying to get as many people as possible to read it. You can’t then claim you’re being treated unfairly if loads of people read it and think it’s crap.
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