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  1. I actually have some information on this, here is a paragraph from one of the letters from hl following my complaint Whilst we have always been regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we have recently reviewed these regulations and determined that we can no longer accept business from the Isle of Man. It is our understanding that our previous interpretation of these regulations was incorrect and that we should have treated residents of these islands as non-EEA.
  2. Hi, can anyone recommend an online fund and share dealing account that is available to Isle of Man residents using Isle of Man bank accounts? I already have holdings with Hargreaves lansdown, up until now no problems. However, since recently trying to open a junior account for my son, I seem to have 'alerted them to the fact I am an Isle of Man resident' to quote and that they can no longer allow me to add or withdraw further money, although I can still trade with what's already in the account. This basically renders the account useless to me as I need to keep adding money if it's going to amount to anything worthwhile, and to some extent be able to withdraw when necessary, so I will need to swich provider. They say this is because I am an Isle of Man resident, and the iom is not considered part of the European economic area, and the FCA who regulate them don't allow this. After a lots of searching it seems every fund and share dealing account provider is regulated by the FCA. I have managed to open an account with IG who don't seem to have a problem with this, but they don't offer funds, which I would prefer to be an option if possible. I would be grateful for any advice on this matter, Thanks, Paul
  3. Northern scrap metals/birchalls on Andreas airfield always pay best for me
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