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  1. Been there,done that. Briefly hair raising but went smoothly eventually
  2. Intentional comic irony,or pure chance?
  3. The woman sat at the table next to me said you were
  4. Were,you-brushing~up+on grammar, any,by, chance during, the solitude,,?
  5. Kidnapped pink and inked cabbage patch dolls not your thing then?
  6. One is less self important,intolerant and with a lower level of megalomania I find.
  7. Did you know him when he was the artist formerly known as some?
  8. Isn't ground skeeper willie an aphrodisiac in some countries?
  9. https://www.ffs.co.uk/ I wasn't aware they did rooms.
  10. Oh,it seems my arm has typing whiplash. That's what I told her anyway
  11. Can't you find a lawyer who'd suggest you can't sleep at night and may suffer from minor,women's whiplash?
  12. None of these ramblers would like it if people were trampling through their back gardens. Or was that a video I saw online?
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