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  1. display name

    Keith Flint

    Steady now.
  2. display name

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    No relation necessary,the fact is 2
  3. display name

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    Incorrect. Go in to the 24th month and a vehicle needs a test,not 3 years.
  4. display name

    Dangermouse VED avoidance

    8 week ban. Travelling marshal I gather.
  5. display name

    Manx Sport is Golden

    Is there anyone playing in the Cyborg Basketball?
  6. display name

    Keith Flint

    That all makes sense,but perhaps the situation you were in wasn't desperate enough. I'd say it's neither selfish nor stupid to the person carrying out the act of suicide,it only appears as such to the people left behind who can't imagine what the thought process and despair was at the very last moment.
  7. display name

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    10 to 12 year old Suzuki GSXR by the look of it. Poor maintenance indeed.
  8. display name

    Keith Flint

    So was I,hence the obvious. Anyway,moving on..
  9. display name

    More death and destruction

    I think you took my statement far too seriously. As a matter of fact,my first bike was an S65 when I was 10 years old.
  10. display name

    More death and destruction

    The C15. Couldn't be any sadder after that.
  11. display name

    IOM Examiner Subscribe to on-line

    No,it only seems to hold value or interest to whose who have no value or aren't interesting
  12. display name

    Keith Flint

    Agreed. She seems at odds with who wrote what exactly but,hey ho and what not.
  13. display name

    UK Petition: Ban all ISIS members returning to UK

    Left to rot hopefully
  14. display name

    Keith Flint

    Not at all,I'm quite fine with it thank you.
  15. display name

    Keith Flint