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  1. There's been a chunky pink thing droning and spluttering recently
  2. More effective than the local police?
  3. Is he!,whilst maintaining frequent posts here? Top man. :-)
  4. You need to get off your high horse and read his post,it clearly states his ex wife not wanting him at home for 14 days. You have no idea how to read facts,your comment is misguided. :-)
  5. No wonder your ex wants rid of you
  6. It seems Galen has arrived on Earth recently and carries substantial matter within an insubstantial volume.
  7. That's going to be a hell of a gig!.
  8. Oh that was YOU! It got between the shoe laces the second time.
  9. No problem,you can join in by hiring a car or buying a new bicycle.
  10. A mile down the road it was blissfully quiet
  11. Activity substituting for achievement
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