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  1. At least it gives the elderly something to whine about
  2. display name


    You sank my battleship
  3. Cheer up,you could be living on Manxy's
  4. I have several cataclysmic confabulators you're moist welcome to. Pay me many monies and you can halve the lotto. Call me on 0800-money-drugs-boobfest for a inventionary of velocuptious spittzen poppen bangen tuba stock.
  5. There's a few of those around here
  6. Rileys if it's a plant or vegetable
  7. Windbag vs windbag.
  8. You've remade One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest?
  9. Exactly. Giving him a Spaniel to dope up would be much funnier
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