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  1. Don't worry,.no one on here holds any validity on any subject. It's all just online bollocks as it should be.
  2. Rather like Desmond Glazebrook,without the friends.
  3. Not forgetting the classic... "What do we want?, an end to Tourette's syndrome" "When do we want it? Cnut!"
  4. You have to wonder what makes these people tic.
  5. Quite stubborn apparently and don't like to be moved. I'd recommend they wear tin foil hats,avoid using Tetra incase it induces cancer,and should certainly use shooting sticks in case the ground isn't flat enough.
  6. You pay to be here?. Now that's amusing.
  7. Feel free,though you won't be unique.
  8. Self awareness not your strong point obviously
  9. PHEW!! That'd be irony at it's finest
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