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  1. I'd wager someone has cut the top off that rope ladder
  2. Read it in depth and click the links you dimwit
  3. Even then he probably needs guidance
  4. https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/temporary-imports educate yourself
  5. Wrong. Only needed if it is to be registered as a UK vehicle
  6. Judging by the extremely poor grammar, phenomenally bad spelling and wayward syntax,I suspect you were nurtured and educated by knuckle dragging Brits
  7. Have you considered minding your own business?. Or perhaps being less of a popmpous cockhead?
  8. Hmm,a feeble attempt at Manx. Could you translate that into English? Or you could pull to the left and then cross when all is clear. Unless of course you want to risk your wife and kids out of sheer bloody mindedness then carry on blaming it on anyone but yourself.
  9. You only think you're aware,that doesn't mean you know the standards that are expected,which is legal minimum requirements,minimum being the operative word.
  10. Has your mum got the porn blocker on again?
  11. Can't you inform yourself that most people couldn't give a shit what you're waffling on about. Not even the Brits!
  12. Check out the Green Cross Code on youtube,you might learn the skills of a mentally developed adult.
  13. You're living in a dream world. Obviously never carried out an MOT to VOSA standards in your life
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