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  1. Would kissing his sister make it hard for Luke Skywalker?
  2. Throw in a teacher training day and it's almost a week.
  3. They might,but probably on a Monday or Friday
  4. Would you have needed a fisheye lens? Actually,no,don't answer that.
  5. True,the ones they have already are masters of fumbling.
  6. Cram them into the TT launch night at Ramsey,they'll be most welcome
  7. The size of a building,and the amount of money invested justifies a mans worth? Dave Lewis must be right up your street. Dorricott is still an obsessive bible basher who likes to "educate" children in the name of Christianity. The fact he's a member of the IOM chamber of commerce wouldn't have hurt the decision to host it in a part time church,sorry,studio of course.
  8. More likely to the bible basher that owns the place
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