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  1. Give him a sports car and a pension,he'll be on here before you can say pompous has been
  2. Much like Barker and a several others at the hospital,but more of a gobby drama queen
  3. Usual reason appears to be over inflated self importance.much like most of the opinions and posts on an insignificant forum that holds no real value
  4. That's a challenge. Though all things considered,achievable
  5. I should hope not,you could be banned for that.
  6. Were you forced to wear shorts until the age of 19?
  7. Slip her a packet of Spangles,a can of McEwans export and the latest release from Engelbert Humperdinck and she might
  8. "Beavers We love our beavers," Not surprisingly,I got the impression that she would
  9. It says no more about me than you being easily offended says about you. Unless of course your bloomers are becoming a bit knotty
  10. Not offensive at all. Quite frankly,it'd have been no concern to me if it had finished him off
  11. Is she the "other one" that you knew of who had Covid apart from Howard?
  12. I should imagine Fido and Tiddles agree
  13. As good for you today as it's always been
  14. Some now known as Yesterday Corpse.
  15. Just under the stereogram in 1975
  16. Though some clots haven't done any work for years
  17. "CM suffers stroke!" Never to be followed by the words "of genius"
  18. That's handy. We could have a war on battery prices and what to charge
  19. Nah,Ross Barker is a splendid chap who just gets on with the job without bleating
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