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  1. BC1683

    Bc 1683

    Let me no yor address... PRICK
  2. BC1683

    Bc 1683

    Feeds Hamas, Hisballah, Isis, Taliban...an many more
  3. BC1683

    Bc 1683

    A drug dealer has no human rites....he is a threat to society...REMOVE IT>>>
  4. BC1683

    Bc 1683

    We should be... Personal experience.... remove the DEALER..
  5. BC1683

    Bc 1683

    Not a joking matter...
  6. BC1683

    Bc 1683

    Deter the dealer.. with capital offence..if caught.. Against the wall... I worked in Thailand and saw what they did to dealers..behind the wall
  7. BC1683

    Bc 1683

    Wake up...its all over the IoM.. and has to be stopped..You are a fool if you think this issue is not important..
  8. BC1683

    Bc 1683

    What to do with drug dealers...We must protect our children...We must change the law... so that these dealers are dealt with..No prison...Put them against the wall...Problem solved..each one convicted...Protect our future..DEAL WITH IT...
  9. 559,000 plus signatures as of 1830 today. Lets hope it changes things.
  10. Wake up its stealth Jihad..Our demise it we don't stop it..
  11. Wahida Mohamed al Jumaily...she deals with ISIS
  12. Richard Sorry my late reply. The Petition is in the hands of the Crown Petitions Committee. They have the power to press for action with the UK Govnt/parliament on this matter. I can only hope more will sign... Regards BC
  13. Not that fast...suggest you look again...its a steady rise...
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