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  1. Part of the secret lies in here - https://www.gov.im/news/2018/oct/03/douglas-promenade-refurbishment-contractor-is-auldyn-construction-limited/ The process behind this is an issue.
  2. The tram crash is what you get to see. Behind the scenes, there is a department completely out of control in respect to how they treat people, the public and spend OUR money. None of the transport 'strategy' was ever debated in parliament. This is the most bonkers approach to running a transport system. Idiots taking the piss.
  3. Iceberg - of - tip Broken organisation and hence unable to hang on to new recruits + decent staff.
  4. £65k isn't a huge salary and combined with the hassle from 1000's of political experts out there, you have to wonder why any sane person would bother?
  5. Numerous examples of Government malpractice over the years and no visible intervention/action documented? The way to go is here - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-54174794 Election pledges for September 2021 please. Retire the role with that of the Lord Bishop and other unnecessary pomp.
  6. Corruption right through this. Should be an enquiry.
  7. Wake Up Call


    It's no reflection on the individual. It speaks volumes about that unaccountable Department.
  8. Anybody asking how this happened? How far up the tree does this go?
  9. A broken organisation. Lack of staff retention. Officers on bail for criminal offences. Unaccountable. The worst is yet to come.
  10. Big story arriving soon about this outfit. Are they acting lawfully? £7m+ loss per year?
  11. Does the glorious Biosphere status include all the derelict hotel sites and areas owned by the Government? (Summerland, Marine Bio Centre etc)
  12. It's like a scene from David Brent at The Office. No, that's much more clever. Could be the beginning of the end.
  13. Keyboard warriors! Watcha gonna do about it all? March on Tynwald? Form a political party based on Truth? More FOI requests? Nah.... Just keep on wasting hours tapping away....
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