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  1. Holte End

    Rob Callister’s Monthly Meetings

    Lets Hope Chris Thomas does not think putting up all our rates is a funny like when giving his public sector pension talk at the PAG. Don't think I had ever seen anybody laugh while telling an audience that their children will be liable to a fifty million pound each year bill for his Governments contiued incompetence. Also he could say why social housing get a 20% discount in rates is this really allowed under the new equality act.
  2. Holte End

    Manx Radio

    It is all because of brexit. DfE Government grants for a two week relocation package will be next. Looking for around thirty five thousand applicants.
  3. Holte End

    CoMin Cosset Civil Service

    why don't you email them and ask, I sure they would be able to give you a list. The one I do know about is the diabetes motion by Mrs Edge.
  4. Holte End

    CoMin Cosset Civil Service

    Which two?
  5. Holte End

    CoMin Cosset Civil Service

    So don't ask a question unless you know the answer. even if you think you know the answer you can always get a second chance to change it just in case.
  6. Holte End

    Manx Radio

    Manx Radio seems to have added a new element to Journalisum. " It doesn't matter what you say you can always come back and correct it "
  7. Holte End

    Manx Radio

    When did journalists become so nice? Rob stated on his blog that he was able to go back to manx radio and correct something on his TT interview I wonder if this courtesy has ever been offered to any other politician.
  8. Holte End

    Manx Radio

    Sorry it is an increase around 122% to the Taxpayers in two years.
  9. Holte End

    Manx Radio

    An increase of 107% costs in two years for the Taxpayers.
  10. Holte End

    Manx Radio

    People who listen to seame street on a Tuesday at 10am.
  11. Holte End

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Was that in the survey too or are you just surmising. I would have a bit of faith in the knowledge that people would perfer to pay for a better service.
  12. Holte End

    Manx Radio

    So DFE strike again. They have been working on the TT contract since 2017 trying to put a tender package together, but have failed. Can't say anything else but failed. They have fcuked everything else up, everything and nobody seems to give a shit.( tinycow,vision9, tourisum, sparks impact) But the input their members do attacking every other department is outstanding. If anyone can name one thing this Department has achieved without fcuking it up big sytle or costing the taxpayers a fortune please post. Sorry yes only thing they did was to have agencies to do their jobs for them. When they changed the name, they should have just got rid of this Department.
  13. Holte End

    I am very perverted, apparently!

    I wonder if he got an email.
  14. Holte End

    I am very perverted, apparently!

    I emailed back saying if they really want a professional HD copy to send to my so called freinds and uncaring family please find attached.
  15. Holte End

    Rob Callister

    Back in the day On the Move was more for adult education, were as Seame Street would have been the chosen viewing for children with learning difficulties.