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  1. Holte End


    I know all you pensioners on here are not quite upto date with modern tech, but surely for an extra cost of £4k to £5k each Fairy House could have a solar panelled wireless CCTV system.
  2. Holte End


    I would have thought they will put cctv up at each site to make sure this doesn't happen again.
  3. Let hope she doesn't ask MHK's to sign a petition. You could see another fifteen thousand word blog coming.
  4. Indeed, I would have thought there would be more to being departmental member than just full departmental meetings. Surely he should have set up meetings of his own with the role he had in the department he was suppose to be in charge of. He always bragging about the mountains of paper work to wade through and photocopy. But then again he must not of understood what the 40% uplift is for.
  5. Is it not also 20% if the threashold for higher rate is broken.
  6. Lets Hope Chris Thomas does not think putting up all our rates is a funny like when giving his public sector pension talk at the PAG. Don't think I had ever seen anybody laugh while telling an audience that their children will be liable to a fifty million pound each year bill for his Governments contiued incompetence. Also he could say why social housing get a 20% discount in rates is this really allowed under the new equality act.
  7. It is all because of brexit. DfE Government grants for a two week relocation package will be next. Looking for around thirty five thousand applicants.
  8. why don't you email them and ask, I sure they would be able to give you a list. The one I do know about is the diabetes motion by Mrs Edge.
  9. So don't ask a question unless you know the answer. even if you think you know the answer you can always get a second chance to change it just in case.
  10. Manx Radio seems to have added a new element to Journalisum. " It doesn't matter what you say you can always come back and correct it "
  11. When did journalists become so nice? Rob stated on his blog that he was able to go back to manx radio and correct something on his TT interview I wonder if this courtesy has ever been offered to any other politician.
  12. Sorry it is an increase around 122% to the Taxpayers in two years.
  13. An increase of 107% costs in two years for the Taxpayers.
  14. People who listen to seame street on a Tuesday at 10am.
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