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  1. But they don't. No that letter and meetings isn't what Kates going on about I think. I just don't understand why now with Kate and not before in the last administration. What was the catalyst that started this all off.
  2. Is this the mysterious letter sent by the UK to EU in answer to a question in the EU Parliament answering for the Isle of Man. The Co -operation Public Hearings meetings every other Crown Dependency attend apart from the Isle of Man Government.( even Jean-Claude Juncker attended.)
  3. What I don't understand is Kate and Chris was part of the last administration that had their heads in the sand. There was more European and UK communications going on about the island then which no one seem to have bothered about. whats changed now ?.
  4. So who did Kate Beecroft think had all the power, made all the decisions and runs the island. Is she new to this,
  5. Holte End

    TT Grandstand

    It appears to me more like if you drop a pound note or a pound coin in zero gravity which one goes faster to the Government, The answer is neither they both float off into the dark reaches of space. I just think we live in a zero gravity economy.
  6. Holte End

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    I thought that the were going to extract the C21H30O2
  7. Holte End

    World's Biggest Wind Farm...

    Until the moon breaks orbit and floats off into space. This shows how far our Government plans into future events.
  8. Holte End


    I think Lassie dispels the myth that dogs can't read, they just choose not too.
  9. Holte End

    Post Office

    Not going by what Mr Skelly said in April Tynwald last year. But who give a flying as long as you get the parcel.
  10. Holte End

    Slopey Shouldered MHK Cregeen

    They should take Mr Cregeens mobile and Ipad off him during Tynwald and Keys, Lets see if he likes it come question time.
  11. Holte End

    Motorcyclists Banned From Mountain Road For FOM

    Road Tax or Vehicle duty is a none starter, But I do believe that to ride on the highways people should have taken their cycling proficiency training and received a certificate, which if asked for should be produced as any old idiot can just get on a bike and ride on the roads. The same goes for horse riding their should be some form of training before attempting to ride on the highway if there isn't already.
  12. Holte End

    Motorcyclists Banned From Mountain Road For FOM

    I think with tax it is best to start people off as young as possible so a bike tax would show the younger generation that there are three certainties in life after you are born. You pay taxes, You try to find ways to avoid paying taxes, You died.
  13. Holte End

    Motorcyclists Banned From Mountain Road For FOM

    No. But I think it does give the more commonly known road tax credence. So yes there could be a vehicle excise duty on push bikes implemented or more commonly known as road tax.
  14. Holte End

    Motorcyclists Banned From Mountain Road For FOM

    Does this mean that a public consultation on the future of road tax done by the Isle of Man Government earlier this year, will have to be done again and changed to a public consultation on the future of vehicle excise duty. Those civil servants do know how to keep themselves in a job.
  15. Holte End

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    So does anybody else think that Lib Van FB site should merge with Corrins FB site to become "Isle of Man News and Lib Van Politics".