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  1. The really thing question is why fcuk with something that isn't broke. Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker says disruption for drivers is a necessary evil But is he.
  2. But will the consumer see the benefit.
  3. Except Manx Radio they get a fair value return from we all who pay tax.
  4. Yes but even the someone that can't be arsed to work, will be in the calculation of putting the £20 towards Manx Radio, What do they get in return ?
  5. After putting his full title on HM Sole the King of Moraceae, Ian-James Clanton there wouldn't be any room let for the signatures.
  6. He won't get the twenty signatures to stand.
  7. I still think Onchan residents should be asking their MHK's to look into this. Recent Schemes: ❖ Funding for schemes such as new builds and regeneration of existing estates should be met from capital costs by applying for loans through Central Government. ❖ External Refurbishment Scheme of 118 properties (School Road, Barrule Drive (Odds), and Nursery Avenue) ❖ Reroofing of 62 properties (Hackett Close, Meadow Close, Ballachrink Drive) ❖ Replacement Boiler Scheme (411 properties) ❖ Replacement Doors and Windows (Heywood Park) ❖ Replacement Windows (Springfield Court Phase II) ❖ Replacement External Doors (Hewyood Court) ❖ Conversion of the former Police Station to 5 social housing units ❖ New Build Scheme – 10 Units (Marion Road) Future Schemes:- ❖ External Refurbishment of First Avenue ❖ External Refurbishment for The Park Houses ❖ Kitchen Framework Agreement throughout the general housing stock ❖ Electric Mains Board Upgrades and Periodic Testing ❖ Springfield Court Refurbishment/Regeneration including lift installations If you take out the New build - 10 units, I think you will find the rest should come under maintenance of the properties. How they should have funded it, is one of the points somebody should be looking into. I am still wondering who you think I am conspiring against. If you think asking questions about a document published by Onchan Commissioners which shows a massive overspend of all reservers and putting the authority into debt is a documented fact.
  8. What conspiracy are you referring too.?
  9. Someone really does need to explain this. Should the rate payers of Onchan expect a substantial increase.
  10. But this is a year on year expense and not located in one particular parish. I would imagine this kind of damage is very rare and would already be budgeted for.
  11. It is the amount of spend in such a short period. If there are specific reasons behind the costs increasing at such a rate,then decreasing as rapidly. you would hope somebody would come out and say. But even last year commissioners from Onchan were saying they would like to see a zero increase in rents, knowing that they were overspent. Looking at other commissioners financial reports, they do not seem to have this massive spend, at the same period.
  12. Well I think he will have to, when he was standing on a transparency platform to be elected . No just Rob Callister, but Onchan Commissioners have year on year called for a zero increase into rents, while massively overspending.
  13. The real question Onchan residents should be asking their MHK's is this all about ? https://www.onchan.org.im/uploads/housing-review-report-december-2019-saved-051219.pdf It appears that from 2014 to 2017 the commissioners overspent on general housing maintenance, the biggest overspend was in 2016 to2017of nearly £600,000.00
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