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  1. Yes Rob, I think you have a point.
  2. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/watterson-investigation-into-conduct-claims-was-incredibly-isolating/?fbclid=IwAR15MPhKGwNzNCht4tItn8UkoWg_kApHpaV0Lt2up5GC8H0HlEP9nwnyWAM Rob was very emotional at the end of his apology, some might say even tearful.
  3. Depends on where you drink. Lager cut with floaters.Free meal with ever pint.
  4. So Rob Callister would carry on getting paid for doing nothing, so how would we be able to tell the difference.
  5. For the benefit of Mr.C There will be an a Apology On trampoline. Henderson with legco will all be there. Late of Skellys Fanque's Fair. What a scene! Over Women and horses, hoops and garters, Lastly through an apology of real fire! In this way Mr. C. Will challenge the world! The celebrated Mr. C. Performs his feat on Tuesday At Tynwaldgate. The Witches will dance and sing As Mr. C flies through the ring. Don't be late! Messrs. C. assure the public Their production will be second to none. And of course Haywood The Horse Dances the waltz! The fun begins at ten or six, When Mr. C. performs his tricks Without a sound. And Mr. C. will demonstrate Ten summersets he'll undertake On solid ground. Having been some days in preparation, A splendid time is guaranteed for all. And Tuesday night Mr. C Is topping the bill!
  6. In the building Industry it should keep a check on who is working and where they are working and who they are working for.
  7. Again, because the Government won't simplify the process. What could be more easy than to that have a online work permit system, fill out, pay, done.
  8. The real reason that work permits system adds another barrier is down to Government wanting rid. Nothing wrong with work permits, but they need to bring it into the digital age. In construction industry we need work permits not just for workers, but need companies to register for tax, as not to put local companies at a disadvantage. The CIS system needs to be enforced in domestic and public works, but while Government doesn't understand it own policies in this matter, the industry will ultimately fail with no work permits in place.
  9. Rob has a choice, will he allow the committee to brand him dishonest and a bully by apologising or will he keep his honour and refuse to apologise. Tynwald could vote not accept the report, which is not likely or Rob could apologise while still denying the allegations, it is then up to the President to accept his apology or not. I am not a Rob fan so will just scroll on.
  10. https://www.tynwald.org.im/spfile?file=/business/opqp/opqp/2023-PP-0043.pdf https://www.tynwald.org.im/spfile?file=/business/opqp/sittings/20212026/2023-PP-0032.pdf Having read the report, can somebody explain to me why Mrs Haywood doesn't have to apologise? Why should Rob apologise for something he says he hasn't done, but Mrs Haywood should only reflect on the appropriate use of language in formal settings, even thought the committee didn't find any breach.
  11. You are Kate Lord Brennan and I claim my five pounds.
  12. Was it the fifth member of ABBA, Stig Anderson (No relation of the Living Hope members).
  13. I think you need to ask Jason Moorehouse. Manx Radio must take a lot of the blame with their dreadful reporting, but Moorehouse with hearsay questioning allowed in Tynwald is beyond belief.
  14. The rumour I heard, is that the drag queen was a Manx radio presenter.
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