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  1. A new pothole designed by DOI, the deep circular ones just won't look right on the prom.
  2. Both with Mr Qualye's always saying " To the best of my knowledge" and Mr Ashford's " I stand to be corrected" are really so that they can't be accused of misleading Tynwald, which in essences is what they are really doing.
  3. You are Dave Shredder Ashford and I claim my five pounds. I never trust someone who always says " I stand to be corrected`' in answering questions.
  4. I think your lucky, I think my two are illiterate. So it is pointless, I just shred the letter myself.
  5. Not up yet, from what I can see. Saw it on twitter, Listened on Listen again on Tynwald. And was shocked to hear 8 against, especially as nobody spoke against this motion. https://www.tynwald.org.im/business/listen/Pages/20-21.aspx
  6. 31.Declarations by persons of influenceThe Hon. Member for Onchan (MsEdge) to move –That Tynwald is of the opinion that the related party transactions disclosed in the Government’s audited accounts may underestimate the extent to which the Government’s ability to operate independently may be constrained; that further investigation should be undertaken to uncover transactions which should have been declared but have not been; and that a system should be put in place for similar declarations to be made where persons in positions of potential influence are in receipt of a Government salary rather
  7. Does this really apply to political people. I mean ffs look at the men in Tynwald. Most of them need someone to tie their own shoe laces. Too give an example Dr Allinson should have asked how many schools have victor halam buildings before engaging his mouth.
  8. Yes, dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention.
  9. Knowing how Government works. I'll do it £1,000,000.00.
  10. Obviously it is a three day course for operating a manual wheelbarrow under health and safety, where as you only need a provisional driving licence for a motorized wheelbarrow.
  11. I think it should be called 아직 준비되지 않은 주요 도로
  12. Yes DOI have done a structual report on the new flyover and here are the pictures to prove it.
  13. Out of 3760hrs in a year, about 40hrs is taken up by road closures for motor sports. So in the ultimate wisdom of the comin collective, a flyover. With the way DOI work, The work will shut the roads longer than a dozen TT and festivals of motorcycling.
  14. Holte End

    TT 2022 ??

    No the Curse Of Callister won't effect it then,
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