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  1. Tynwald sitting to today, manx radio have stated they are going to pull the Emergency Powers Amendment Bill. Wonder what has made them do this ?
  2. sorry if it has already been posted.
  3. You would think anything on social media from Government officially or unofficially would have to be vetted, to make sure correct information is being provided. So you would think Mr Callister would be told to just post a link to the official site or news feed. Just in case he makes a mistake, which is not unknown. The answer to your question is "No",
  4. What happens to people on work permits will they be able to receive benefits ? I just haven't heard anything about this. Skelly and Callister relaxed work permits in hospitality to attracted workers mainly low paid jobs, have they left these people high and dry.?
  5. Anybody would think I could see into the future.
  6. I hate it when I am right. It won't be long for his next faux pas.
  7. Is it true that Dr Aillson is going to make the schools shut early in a few weeks time for the six weeks holiday,. Then will keep the school open in July and August for students to catch up with their studies. So teachers will have an early six weeks hoilday. Heard it down the Pub.
  8. The real issue is people on these sites actual give him credence. Why has David Ashford not told MHKs not to publicly broadcast on the subject and leave it to the professionals. If he, like he does make a faux pas, like the Bill Shimmins one. It could prove a major issue for the Government.
  9. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/anyone-caught-breaking-self-isolation-rules-will-be-prosecuted/ I fear the situation is now in panic mode. What I haven't heard, is how many over seventy years olds living on there own with no family are going to be looked after and how. There appears to be too many rules on what you can't do, instead of what the Government should be doing. Why did they shut down meals on wheels, wasn't it for a poxy hundred thousand pounds of funding. Well done whoever that was.
  10. The TT can go ahead, Just nobody can come and watch it. Could still be televised, the problem with DfE is they are useless tossers and can't think outside the box.
  11. There should be a rule of thirty years of residency before you can stand. Then there should be a residency test.
  12. Only Harriet Harmer and Tim Baker would break Governments agreement that any increases would not exceed CPI Inflation .
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