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  1. FFS I have only just finished reading his first manifesto, must have cost him a fortune to print, a small novel. Mr Popular had 57 pledges on his manifesto and has actually acheived none, as far as I can see.
  2. Are you sure it not some kind of fiddle ?
  3. Is that what he was before you met him or how you left him. Being hit by a handbag can really do some damage.
  4. So how do you join the Daphne Caine fan club, Do you have to send a card to Daffers Caine care of Dudley Butt and freinds?
  5. Are they not just following the scope of Government report 2012. https://www.gov.im/media/626819/2012scopeofgovernmentreport.pdf
  6. Whats happened to the cut and paste policy ?
  7. Does Mr Callister have a history of fighting in phone boxes,as it is a strange thing to say. I prefer the saying "if it wasn't for schhizophreia, I wouldn't have any friends at all". I think he should take his own advice "if you don't like it, don't read it" and certainly don't respond to it.
  8. It must be shuffle time. Whom do you think will get social housing?, as I don't believe it will be you if you can't spell it correctly..
  9. So how much are the BBC putting towards these events if they are broadcasting/streaming them live?! BBC will shortly be charging the over seventies TV Licence while our Government sponsor events that they can boardcast for free. Nice One.
  10. FFs just how old do you think I am ? Two centuries. You must tell me how expensive it was in Greece was in the late 1800s.
  11. Because it is cheaper for one night to stay in a five star hotel in Greece, than a tent in the Isle of Man.
  12. Exactly the point you were in a european airport building with a roof over your head! the Sea Terminal was CLOSED!
  13. The Sea Terminal was closed and bikers were in sleeping bags outside on the pavements.
  14. Surely she answers to Tim Baker MHK responsible for Ports which is harbours and airports! Oh no he is too busy makig the bikers sleep on the streets at the Sea Terminal because the security staff are not there! Whats happened about their jobs all gone quiet?
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