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  1. Ignorantioa juris non excusat Has it been changed in Manx Law. I believe that what HQ has just stated that to Alex Bell, But I could be wrong.
  2. To my shame, I once voted for Mr Boot ( I was told counseling wouldn't help, I just have to live with the shame). At the time it was anybody but Mr Anderson vote. I hope there is counseling for people who voted for Him, Harmer, Callister , Ashford, Quayle and Hooper last time. But I seriously doubt it. It not nice and time doesn't heal the shame and degradation one has to live with. So I would say think before you vote, because next time you too could suffer from this, if you vote for Corrie or Josem or any of the above.
  3. If it is Creegen reading them, we are all going to wait a very long time.
  4. The next Government need a complete review of services from the Department of Infrastructure, It is clear this department seems not to be able to cope, due to it's size. I think they should split up the Department. You should have a Roads and Highways or they could call it transport, DOT for short. Let the DHSC and Education set up maintenance departments and look after their own buildings. Then all the other buildings should probably be put under, lets say Department for local government and envoirnment,to maintain everything else. Surely this wou
  5. You must work for Government, as you are using the standard basic practice of theoretical Ideology from Government. You are guessing, it is a well educated guess so have a higher statistical probability of being right. But just incase your wrong it is something you can fall back on, instead of a sword.
  6. It strips the furring out of the kettle in seconds.
  7. I am sure there is a risk, but unsure of that risk, because the risk can't be measured scientifically, If it is not an exact science and can't be proven, until it is either it is proved or disproved So it could be a high risk or a low risk, so someone has to make a chose. Then that is a guess.
  8. No, people are catching it. I would only lose it, if I caught it going for a coffee, After being told it is low risk.
  9. Mr Ashford MBE Stated Low risk not an exact science. So does that mean it is a guess. If so are they basing the health of a Nation on guesses Nice one.
  10. Which one do you mean Chris Robershaw or Peter Karran.?
  11. Modified means," you wouldn't understand, so please don't ask" Meaning I don't understand myself. It is ike " To the best of my knowledge". Meaning I haven't really go a clue, but he goes. Hansard is full of them.
  12. When the data and evidence is floored provided to said Members, then Ministers and Comin, But they refuse to accept any other data or evidence, then pray tell what is one suppose to do. Blaming the Chief Secretary is the easy option out. So then going public in any format is better than sitting there doing nothing. So, yes you can blame the Howard Quayle and Comin.
  13. It seems to work for MHK's, so why shouldn't it work for private individuals. When the Government doesn't listen and won't believe what you tell them in private. Tell me fuckwit what are you suppose to do. We don't have the opportunity to go to Government briefing and let Chris Robertshaw pick up on our suggestions and take the mantle. Have you ever tried, I have.
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