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  1. Bet they can say who are the top ten earners. But can't say the how many are poorest pensioners, living in proverty. Well done Chris you must be so proud of your department numbers Document.
  2. Yes The Chief Minister has just stated that they don't know how many pensioners have to live solely off the state pension. What is the point of all these statisticians if they can even find this out.
  3. Have you ever seen Tynwald questions, as I have never seen a question from any of these Ladies about the health service. Where as plenty from HOK members male and female ask questions.
  4. I wonder if Mr Callister will use the same words on David Ashford overspend, somebody needs too. Obviously in Politics you can't hold grudges, so looking forward to his participation in the health overspend debate. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/callister-questions-health-ministers-ability/
  5. I don't know what you and Uhtread were up to. But please the rest of us don't need to know.
  6. What about charging yourself interest on a loan you owe yourself on money you borrowed off yourself. Then wipe off that debt you owed youself, congratulating yourself on the fact you paid off a debt you owed yourself. So that you will not have to keep charging yourself interest on a loan you owed yourself.
  7. With respect, I don't think you understand peoples personal experiences is what really counts,.not governments made up statistics. i.e. Mr Thomas would this survey include all people whom receive benefits including pensioners from government, all governement workers including MHKs. If so statistically this survey might not include any workers from the private sector statistically. about a 1in 4 chance depending on which American reality show this survey was based on. Keeping Up with the Kardashians my guess.
  8. Mr Thomas did you get this from your statisticians. As your statisticians are using the wrong formular for wage rises in the private sector. They need to ask people from that sector and stop guessing. Most private sector have not have inflationary rises.
  9. Mr Thomas is it true your statistics are based on american reality shows. Counting Cars - All cars are tourists and hold five people in each car, when coming off the boat. TT week six in each. Storage wars - DFE Economic evaluation of assets before awarding financial assistance or grants. Porn Stars - How Government reserves are raised into cash.
  10. If they do I personally will miss Rob Callister funniest blog, that of his expenses. It was a true reflection of what someone from a financial sector background thinks you can claim for.
  11. Did he ever stop. Probably he should get a petiton of about 3,000 people, then demand they should be listened too.
  12. Experience in giving away millions, Yes Experience in statistical spin. Again I believe so yes. 3,200 petitioners totally ignored but changed wanted by people, Numbers at TT down but somehow up, Sparks money well spent on 11jobs, to mention a few. How would they get away with this otherwise.
  13. I do not disagree with you, I don't. But the real truth will be in the listening figures for the show. Unless DFE statisticians are allowed to calibrate them, then there will be a million reasons to put a good spin on it,
  14. I believe Peter will be using this song when he stands again.
  15. FFS what a load of bollocks, I thought for a few weeks Dolin Mercer worked for DFE or was there promotion manager.
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