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  1. Manx Radio new funding agreement with the Government.
  2. It could be becasue the one they have placed in Onchan by the Isle of Man Bank is wrong handed. So if you standing waiting for a bus your miles from the curb and the Bus Driver might not think your waiting just stand looking into the window of the cafe. So you definitely need to wave at that stop.
  3. Has nobody been on a cruise ship where the bar and casino shut when in territorial waters like canada and hawaii. I have never been on a cruise to the caribbean, as I always said if I want to see poverty I just drive round Ramsey.
  4. Holte End


    No it's not serious. But people today moan about anything, so I thought I would give it a go.
  5. Holte End


    It is not just about the usage time. For climate change, fireworks release ozone a secondary pollutant and greenhouse gas that is formed from molecular oxygen in the presence of sunlight and nitrogen oxides carbon dioxide, particulates that cause respiratory issues, and heavy metals into the air. For envoiromentalists fireworks leave metal particles, dangerous toxins, harmful chemicals and smoke in the air for hours and days. Some of the toxins never fully decompose or disintegrate, but rather hang around in the environment, poisoning all they come into contact in a short amount of time. I also can't believe the burning of catholic effigyies in this day and age.
  6. Holte End


    So were any of our climate change brigade there with their banners out moaning about these fireworks pumping Co2 and N2o into the atomphere. No doubt they were just moaning about poor visibility due to the weather. Please climate change people have some consistency, don't stand there going woo at the fire works and then blame me for the weather because I drive a diesel car.
  7. If it is the operator of the above group, he must be a nasty piece of work. Must be Facebook mentality believing their own press. I wonder would he have done this to one of the male MHKs.
  8. There must be methodist in the madness for this. Could be they think with the road slightly higher than the pavement will form some sort of sea barrier. May be the same thinking as with Laxey, cut a hole in the wall, put a harris fence up and that will stop any flooding.
  9. Tim Craig was assistant clerk, then acting clerk one minute there next minute gone. Morrison's exit was well publicised where as mr Craig's wasn't and everyone on here likes a conspiracy theory.
  10. Well I think the ratepayers of Onchan deserve an explanation for Michael Morrison and Tim Craig, what and if it cost the Onchan ratepayers However it seems he doesnt like confrontration or transparency, well maybe being a politician is definitely not for him if his Health has been affected by this small Commissioners Boardroom What I would tell him is to man up, shame the devil and tell the Onchan ratepayer the truth.
  11. You missed out bar skittle and dominoe touraments which would be a hugh attraction for the over eighties.
  12. I have looked and can't find the a listing of who palyed and who, the scores and how the manx players did. Just thought it would be nice to see if there was anybody I knew and how they did. I don't mean Mr Callister np doubt it is on his blog how he did, I took his advice and don't read it.
  13. Does anyone know who were the 25 manx players Is there anywere to show who played who and how well the manx players are doing.
  14. I wanted to set up a Local Facebook Group. So had to answer a few question before Facebook would allow it. I don't suffer with Mental health problems, I don't have small man syndrome. I don't spend every minute on a computer moaning about my life being shit, I have a Job. I don't have three thousand friends on Facebook whom I never met. I don't think every manx politician except RC is a waste of space (completely the opposite to be honest). I wouldn't delete and block anybody who disagrees with my view point. Obviously I was declined.
  15. Holte End

    Royal Visit

    Beware of Greeks bearing Gifts.
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