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  1. You could call it a learning curve , but this is more of a learning wave. The taxpayers wave goodbye to our hard earned taxes.
  2. @Stu Petersdidn't you read out a txt on the mannin line that Dizzy, Dr Death , Pooper , give me more Perkins, all met Terry Pullinger the Deputy General Secretary of the CWU at his hotel, while the postal strike was on. The meeting was set up by sacked Health Minister, shelf stacker Rob the knob, the only meeting he has chaired were he nearly understood what was going on. So I guess members don't have to be impartial where government related pay is involved.
  3. You can clearly count that there is only 252 people there. 14 rows, 18 people to a row..
  4. What do they need the extra money for, weight watchers.
  5. You should know what it is like over the bridge, anyone who got the modicum of intelligence is to be feared and loathed.
  6. It reminds him too much of Rob C x manx care.
  7. I was proud of all the Aston Villa players who refused to play for England in Qatar.
  8. I just can't see it or Rob Callister would have stated all of this in Tynwald, instead of having a hissy fit.
  9. I don't think Mrs Callister works in the Hansard office anymore. You don't see Mr Callister "Hear Hear" anymore.
  10. Didn't Mr Cannan say there would have to be an enquiry into Mr Callister allegations ?
  11. Shouldn't have to be a former CM ,any MHK should do like Anderson's.
  12. She shouldn't worry, Rob voted for a recommendation against his own motion.
  13. I believe the department members simply didn’t understand or appreciate the complexity of a department that had no Chief Executive in post when I took up the position, a department that was clearly understaffed, under-resourced and under extreme pressure for long periods of time. So why are they still there and he is not. Rob Truss, more excuses that don't make sense.
  14. Gimme gimme gimme, health. Bottom ( Alf plays Eddie Hitler and Rob as Richard "Richie" Richard) Girls on top,
  15. If they can sack a minister for incompetence, will they be able to do the same to civil servants. Only joking I know they can't.
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