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  1. Did you know One in Two Statisticians suffer from dyscalculia and the other is full of shite. My data comes from the university of fuckallelsetodo.
  2. The learning curve equation is an exponential equation Y=aXb , where: Y is the cumulative average intelligence of the Minister a is the time or cost to produce understanding X is the cumulative units of understanding b is the learning curve coefficient (slope of the graph) b = log2(LR)=log(LR)log2 (LR is the learning rate or learning curve percentage.) The problem in this case is zero is a constant.
  3. I hate people who say 'learning curve'. One of my old bosses use to say it, when he had fuck up or when he didn't have a clue what he was doing. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/there-are-polarised-views-of-dhsc-says-callister/
  4. Your quite right, I apologize to Mr Callister. The MUA were so shite at it, in October 2020 Tynwald approved the Transfer of Flood Risk Management and Related Functions from Manx Utilities to the Department of Infrastructure (DOI).
  5. I thought Rob Callister had spent all the MUA money.
  6. We in Peel stand head and shoulders above you all, never in the electoral history has there ever been two useless politico light wieghts.
  7. I think you need to keep up because that make it so clear. Layman's terms wouldn't go a miss. What details? What changes would they like to see Why can't they put recommdations around how teachers wellbeing can be improved
  8. Again could you tell me exactly what they are asking for ffs. Get round a negotiating table for what, If they don't put forward a counter proposal and explain to the public exactly what they want, I mean is it top secret, I seen what fearandloathing2021 has put,but that is just his opinion. It can't be that difficult or is it the public will go against them, beecause they are asking for something outrageous.
  9. Does this mean there could be more court cases against people who worked for the Louis Group or is that now a done deal?
  10. So you don't know, I could never support anybody unless I knew what they wanted. There are enough teachers on here, but they too have gone mute. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m001ckmm/north-west-tonight-evening-news-24092022 Here the Union lady clearing up what they want, no she wants the Government to make them an offer and there's me thinking they already had. What kind of a union doesn't have a counter offer in negotiations ?
  11. Parts of the Louis Group are still in liquidation ten years on.
  12. Who doesn't, So I gather you don't know or are reluctant to say.
  13. I don't think they could make this issue anymore complicated, Surely it is not difficult just to put in layman's terms exactly what they are asking for.
  14. Thank you, but it doesn't make it any clearer, what is the percentage for this multi-year pay offer they want. Surely not 30%. increases.
  15. Can you show me what this unions demands are or where to find them ?
  16. But I haven't seen what their demands are. So far it just been generalizations nothing concrete on what they want.
  17. It must have been the same way they counted cruise ship passenagers. The building can hold five hundred people in a day, so ergo one thousand people attended the two day conference.
  18. I lost here, I know what the government people have offered and it seems given. But what are the unions asking for which, I haven't seen their demands. Could somebody enlighten us please?
  19. When he has to cut down medical procedures due to cuts he will have to make, is it called?
  20. Did the Board and the Chair Mr Callister have Tynwald approval for Manx Utilities Authority to absorb the cost of price increases.?
  21. I feels sorry for Mr Callister, as the next member in DFE for tourism and Mr Hooper probably won't be so eager to sponsor WPA, for Isle of Man Pool Competitions. You may think it was all pluses for Mr Callister to become a Minister, but there are draw backs as well.
  22. 2.26 seconds in will explain.
  23. I don't think he will see it as this, It is really a demotion. After losing the high court case, he was lucky only to be demoted. It appears he can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk.
  24. Please don't tell him that, you may hurt his ego. When he was told, he couldn't get invovled in day to day operations of the hospital, he had allegdly already brought a scalpel set and surgeon gowns,
  25. He has still not stated the reason himself, he later states he disagreed with prescription charges, even though he voted for them, could this be why he resigned, speculation from the media even if right, isn't straight from the horses mouth, I prefer to hear it from the horses month. I believe it is called transpanency.
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