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  1. Wasn't all this set out in the 2012 scope of government. How do you reduce and contract out, without letting people go ? https://www.gov.im/media/628403/cominscoperesponse.pdf 4.6.43 Conclusion: We can but reiterate the recommendation which we made in 2006 that the Department consider extending the Operations Division’s contracting-out arrangements. The Department’s defence of the current position may have some substance but given the Division’s expenditure and establishment a further critical look at the arrangements is required.
  2. I hear next year the award will go to Dr Haywood, as the Speaker has changed his chauffeur into work.
  3. The worst MHK is the one having coughing fits during questions, I first thought it was @Stu Peters due to his vaping, but it doesn't sound like the death stick cough. I thought the days of coughing because the old boys club didn't like the being questioned, were over.
  4. Rob Callister could make a great speech against suspending Work permits then vote for suspending work permits, he has voted for a recommendation against a motion he was moving, so in affect voted against his own motion. so anything is possible from Mr Callister.
  5. Shame he didn't talk about the cost. How long will he last, longer than Minister for Health or will he break another record.
  6. They just needed to throw a bar of soap into the street and I think half of the JSO would have legged it.
  7. Suella Braverman is telling the truth, I was in London last week and the "Just Stop Oil" march end with them all being arrested, Hippies to pensioners, all arrested, half way down Parliament Street, they didn't get to Westminster. Couple of the police were well out of order to the elderly, ruff with them, very poor really in my book. One officer was bellowing in the face of one of the old guys, it was totally disgusting. Suella Braveman wants to ask the police for the body cams and video they were doing.
  8. I don't think Crookall got the memo of who is a senior Minister in Comin. After listening to Keys yesterday, I get the feeling Tim is getting a bit above himself. If he actually thinks he is on the same Ministerial level as Hooper, Lord-Brennan and Allison. Then, I think Cannan seriously needs a word with the chap.
  9. That's the committee, are you sure it is not the list for the clinical trails of the human test subjects in a Tynwald medical experimental research programme, to make sure it's works.
  10. So basically Juan Watterson is the opposition party to Cannan's Comin, So how many of his written questions have then been followed up in the House of keys by other members, This while he presides over The procedure in the House of Keys which is controlled by the Speaker in accordance with Standing Orders, of which his or her interpretation is authoritative. Seem a fair system if your Mr Watterson.
  11. Northern Soul died years ago. The new theory is that the Universe was around before the Big Bang and is spherical. So it is like trying to get an answer from Dr Allison, you just go round and round in circles.
  12. Really then you thought wrong, but not for the first time. She must resign from health, she can't accuse people in palliative care of killing patients. I think you should listen again to what she said. Why bother with assisted dying, if they are already medicating to quicken death claim , which was implied.
  13. Well I didn't expect Dr Haywood to accuse people in palliative care of killing their patients.
  14. There seems to be a non understand of what the Government are trying to do here, If this was a policy for people moving to the island for long term , then the government wouldn't be looking for permission to temporarily switch-off the work permit system for two years. It seems to be for a short term, so lets hope an MHK with a backbone, will point out DfE funding and whom it is giving it to in the short term.
  15. So when you vote for work permit to be temporarily switch-off , Never to be switched back. How many people do you think you will be putting out of work. If you listen to accents of the people telling you businesses who want this and the person laying this before Tynwald, it might give you a clue.
  16. I think there is more to this suspension of work permits, I feel they are doing it for certain building projects coming up, so they really haven't learnt anything from the Liverpool Landing Stage, has there ever been a more costly over budget project?
  17. Peter Karran was Peter Willers campaign manager, Mr Willers another Lib Van candidate in the last election who wanted the dismantle of work permits. So therefore Peter Karran must agree with Lawier Hoopers views. I think it must be a Lib Van policy change which they have never told the public before the last election.
  18. Doubt it, even this pillock knows, they have seen that, spent that little piddling amount.
  19. Where is all this money coming from ?
  20. What did he say about his relaxation of work permits, when he was in DfE. He was the member in charged when the DfE made the changes in hospitality and pushed to relax work permits in construction. That was the catalyst that started the full scrapping of work permits, Did Mr Callister say anything about his time in DfE and his part in the relaxation of work permits.
  21. Holte End

    TT 2023

    The next homeless report from DfE and the Cabinet office will state, 9,013 people on island are sofa surfing, 127 people had stayed in hostels in 2023.
  22. Has a Civil servant on the island ever been sack for being incompetent, let alone a CEO. So pointing a finger of blame at people is a waste of time. I can't believe nobody has requested an FOI from the then Chief Ministers records.
  23. Yes, on one hand Mr Allison says service might need to be scaled down, which means they will be, then Rob wants to open a new Department, which would need to be staffed. He wants to try to come up with ideas that would save Government costs instead of thinking how to increase them, or is he like Mr Hooper, who wants to increase taxes on the Manx people.
  24. I didn't think they got as far as Ramsey.
  25. To bring down Alf Cannan's Government single handed, it the Lib Vans Black Adder tactics, destroy from within.
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