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  1. But did this young gentleman agree with the management strategy, voted with the other players to this said strategy, then decided and told everyone on facebook ,that in his five years at the club he always been against the management strategy, forgetting he had actually voted for said management strategy and that his vote had been made public. Making him look like an total and utter. He really should have been given DOI.
  2. You are Rob Callister and I claim my £5. You have more excuses than Deontay Wilder. The wig I wore getting into the ring was to heavy, will be next.
  3. Will you be transparent, open and honest on your facebook page, will you now post that you did vote for the Post Office Stategy. .
  4. Yet he voted for the stategy.
  5. What a crock of shite, If Quirk hadn't signed off the gas agreement, would we been in this mess. The next administration will have to deal with daft david's legacy.
  6. Did they get they get their money back, no guarantee as usual.
  7. You have a different understanding of the word fine and positively normal than me. Rumour says he spat the dummy out, when he realised he wasn't going to be elected. Him and Kemp should form,The Manx don't want us alliance party.
  8. I think Josem, Weatherall and Willers would make good MLC's.
  9. Yes Rob, I guess they were inspirational scoreboard designers, I didn't think Cartels were allowed on the island, so it must be Rolex.
  10. I don't think, I accused anyone of anything.
  11. Well that's ok then. https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/stories/sally-kosgei
  12. In search by country, type in an MHK name. All countries, scroll down to isle of man. Then when you see the list, right click the name you recogonise. Then right click the company name, to see all the links to that company.
  13. We already have one MHK in the ICIJ offshoreleaks. https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/
  14. This could be the reason why he would make a good DOI Minister. The new minister will need the public on their side, Teflon Rob seems to never get any bad publicity off manx radio or Isle of Man Newspapers, even when the laxey wheel stopped turning, the TT scoreboard taken down and not replaced, the incinerator stopped, the guernsey plane couldn't land and had to be diverted., part of Castletown Old police station to be knocked down. making an absolute faux pas of the competition bill in Tynwald. Nothing, but Rob says tourism needs borders open and that makes the news. Teflon Rob seemed to be the only person the papers and radio leave alone. So give him DOI, he seems to have the hierarchy of manx radio and isle of man newspapers behind him and he listens to public opinion.
  15. So is Mr Glover saying that Mr Creegen would have still been a MHK and the only reason he got in was because of a poor Government Communication stategy. Says so much.
  16. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/around-750000-to-restore-laxey-wheel/ So not £450,000.00, it is now £750,000.00. Not such a stupid question now.
  17. He can't do any worse than Harmer or Baker, He might even turn it around as he likes to conform to public opinion. So he might just be the right person who could bring about change. He needs to pick the right people around him , Peters and Haywood would be my guess as they are new.
  18. DOI or DFEA are the roles he would be most suited too. He has been a member of both, so would know what is expected of him. With the cessation of the blog, it time for him to prove himself and not just a writer of fiction.
  19. He will probably give them the late night shift..
  20. Doesn't the role of CM go to whoever is second in middle, so therefore the role should go to Mr Peters.
  21. What has Donald Trump ever done to you, to deserve this kind of an insult.
  22. If he does get in, He will have to go on DOI as they are into cyclepaths.
  23. Not just for the UK. https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/headlines/priorities/brexit/20210902STO11114/how-the-eu-will-help-mitigate-the-impact-of-brexit
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