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  1. Really you think it has achieved a lot. Lets summarise on whats really happened. A cutting have been taken, dropped into a another pot, which still feeds out the same water source. Then a new head has bloomed and nobody will be able to tell it from the old. They occasionally splice graft on to the stem, we can all see how well that went. Time to throw the whole plant away and start again, Just leave the soil and compost.
  2. Cutting off the head without pulling out the roots, will achieve nothing.
  3. Have you been watching Billy Liar and plagarizing the plot.
  4. I would love to see Mr Ashfords yearly performance review of his CEO, If he bothered.
  5. Simpson's paradox applies. The only trouble with Callisiter is it the Homer Simpson's Paradox.
  6. Unfortunately @Chris Thomas when you kick one Minister they all go "OW" ,just like Senior Civil Servants. Mr Cannan statement tomorrow, will it be a Sir Humphrey Appleby composition defending the indefensible.Reflecting on what difficult times we were in, how Minister can't micromanage CEO's every decision on staffing matters, making the problem, the Ministerial code of conduct that blocks their intervention on said staffing and what could have david have done to stop this without all the facts. In the end all Tynwald will feel like David was the victim of all this. or will he just sack him.
  7. So this one man was a Hermaphrodite. Knowing a few Quirks and Kennaughs it explains alot.
  8. For Dr Ranson no doubt, I would like to know from this illinformed MHK has he ever bothered to talk to someone who has been in this predicament, But you can tell by the way he has talked about it, he has very little empathy for Dr Ranson plight.
  9. He didn't think it was Sub Judice a few days ago.
  10. When an MHK's have irrational outburst, they call it being passionate about the subject. Ms Faragher will have to realise her chosen vocational pursuit comes with what she should find amusing comedic relief, Receiving emails from Irate people with no sense of irony, having psychotic disordered forms of thinking about mental heath issues.
  11. Tim Glover question in Tynwald for tuesday is 16. The Hon. Member for Arbory, Castletown and Malew (Mr Glover) to ask the Chairman of the Office of Fair Trading – How customers of builders can complain about poor standards of work and seek to recover costs. As a member of Infrastructure do you think he is asking for his Minister and Department ?
  12. I would like to know what Tim Glover was doing when the questions about the secondment of the health and Social care to the Minister were being asked in 2019. ( probably lint rolling Ashfords suit as he interviewd him). Question 1.12 https://www.tynwald.org.im/business/hansard/20002020/k191203.pdf This is classic David Ashford in his answers The Minister: Mr Speaker, I have got to say, to make a statement like that and say we are failing the people of the Island, to be quite frank, personally, I find quite outrageous. We are very lucky in the individual that we have been able to get. We had a lot of high-calibre applications and Kathryn Magson is an absolutely outstanding candidate. To be perfectly honest, Mr Speaker, if you need a chief executive who needs to micromanage so much that they have got to be sat in one physical office going out and about, then there is something very fundamentally wrong. I think we are very lucky to have the candidate we have, Mr Speaker, and the very fact that her current employer is willing to do it as a secondment, I think speaks volumes for the calibre of candidate that we have got in the fact that they want her back once this secondment is over.
  13. Where is this in the Government code.? https://hr.gov.im/media/1189/the-government-code-february-2017.pdf
  14. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/ashford-not-considering-position-following-ranson-decision/ It determined she was unfairly dismissed – an outcome Mr Ashford said was 'disappointing'. Un-bloody believable.
  15. Again this all boils down to why some MHK's where named in the FOI by Allison and DfE , why some were not. It looks like DfE members must have agreed a list of names and companies for political reason more than professional and contractual reasons. David Ashford was right and the correct Information was published for what the FOI asked, but this courtesy wasn't afford to all of the members named. Andrew Smith as a shareholder of the sefton is no different than David. With so few MHK's on the FOI, why was it so difficult for Allison and DfE members to get this right. The only answer can be Political shenanigans. https://iom.icasework.com/servlet/servlets.getImg?ref=1349321&bin=Y&auth=0&db=ZVD1ZPdIGvo%3D&access_token=PHPhyg8dxsTsPmQR3QhoiLnJZo-zJWju4VEnUQqLcp33nNI_hbSnyBTOCdztB554.yqjvxCKKVt3gUXOOkyrnzA%3D%3D
  16. I thought Lady gaga was in charge of the Cabinet Office.
  17. Yesterdays Keys just about summed up the way politics on the island has dumped down. Most of them in there may well have been on facebook or Twitter as they didn't contribute to any of the questions. Apart from Smashy and Nicey, Nicey didn't say a word just full of gas, But Smashy contribution was so memorable, I forgotten what is was already.
  18. I was thinking about putting in an FOI for all the emails received by DfE over the opt out.
  19. Could you explain what research can be achieved by an MHK posting on facebook, while they are suppose to be listening to Tynwald questions and god helps us even trying to contribute .
  20. Mr Peters, Mr Callister posted on here that he doesn't take his personal phone or Ipad into sitting only his work one, it has been known for Mr Callister to post on Facebook during a sitting.
  21. I think they would be sack, if they log on to the Internet while in an important meeting and posted on Facebook off the companies Ipad.
  22. Have you not posted on Facebook and Twitter while in a sitting, I am sure you have, What is the rules on using Government computers for personal use ?
  23. Could somebody explain why Mr Callister release of the MUA press statement of what Manx Gas owed the MUA on his own political site a good two hours before any of the islands wonderful press. Also why does the statement refer to the FOI 'Manx Gas' where no amounts of the monies is published of Manx Gas debts to the MUA.
  24. The Royal Society of Chemistry equation for the perfect bullshit marketing equation.
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