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    Fancy a pint?

    Government will probably return the old sunday opening hours.
  2. I didn't see the break down you stated " 300 of the 400 people were shipping and air operators". Could you show a link this information please.
  3. Could you put a link where you have got this information from please.
  4. Didn't he say in his blog that he had walked to Tynwald, also going out exercise walking twice a day, breaking the lockdown guidance at the time.
  5. Lets hope Law and Order goes the same way as tourism. We will not have any crime at all.
  6. In the Construction Industry, stop zero VAT on new builds and set it at 20%. Keep building work on existing dwellings at 5%.
  7. Doesn't one point towards Middle.
  8. No he lives in St Johns. So he lives in the constituency.
  9. When Mr Boot first stood, I did the anybody's better than Anderson vote. Like when Anderson stood, I did the anybody's better than Gilbey vote. I don't know why people didn't vote for Leslie. But to be honest I didn't vote, I couldn't be bothered, so I got what I deserved.
  10. Lawrie Hooper makes Margaret Thatcher look Liberal. Can you show us were Lawrie has been a bit too Liberal. I didn't know Harmer and Boot were born and bred in Peel, I think you mean reside. Also Glenfaba our votes don't count.
  11. I hate the way he talks, condesending before he even has made a point. I have never heard him start a speech or a interview without using the word "I".
  12. You will have to tell us which Intellectual giants were been voted in that live outside the constituency they represent ?
  13. I think when they back date ITIP and NI to all these people just taking a dividend, the island will be flush with cash again.
  14. So you and your co-host David Quirk have never tried the pre-recorded shows.
  15. But you can bet it will be costing £16K to implement.
  16. Are they allowed to do TT this year, as I didn't hear they had won the contract for boardcasting TT. Also will they have to pay for using the TT brand to attract Listeners. £75 a pop is it not.
  17. Unfortunately people who in the building trade have work like this for years. It has become common pratice, for the Government to renege on a common policy which they have encouraged is disgraceful. Common Practice is a word Government use a lot when they fuck up. If they want self employed in the building trade to make NI payments, they should stop at source. But I believe the 20% already covers this. Just again, Government not understanding the nature of the the Industry, well done DfE.
  18. Of Rob Callister the member in charge, nothing either.
  19. I always absolutely hated " we are on a learning curve". It means they have fucked up, but you are going to take the blame. "lessons will be learned" is the same.
  20. Change, Everybody wants to rule the world. Its a very, very Mad World.
  21. Hoopers taken the Quayle Shilling. He holds himself in the highest of esteem so should fit in the CO, really well. I listened to Tynwald on tuesday and for some reason which i couldn't put my finger on, he seemed to be a changed wesseling little sycophant. Now the penny has dropped, He won't go native, he already has.
  22. Skelly will try to charge for a virtual holiday in the Isle of Man. See the beautiful isle of Man without leaving your armchair. See our Fairy houses, Drive round the TT course, Stay at one of our wonderful hotels while sitting in your armchair All this for under a £1,000.00 a week.
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