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  1. It would be the first perpetual spinning motion device for pointing out ever made.
  2. The Glenn Hoddle commentary made me miss Kevin Keegan. I was waiting for him to say sins of a former life is why the team played badly.
  3. You are Alf Cannan and I claim my £5.00.
  4. What the commissioners £200,000.00 to repair the structure.
  5. Turned them into middle management I am guessing to look after contractors doing the jobs they use too, with two or three overall new C.S managers too look after them all . Which should in their logic bring costs down.
  6. Yes but a local MHK and the commissioners stated it would cost a lot more to fix the Water wheel and building and they have an expert at looking at wheels.
  7. I liked the lad who as the tynpot members walked by said in a loud voice to mimic a command to the Royal Marines " By the right , take aim ,fire, worth a try he said as he walked away"
  8. The Black Fairy is at her best she says, "Without this turning into anything sexist but logical so this is absolutely nothing to do with Mr Baker. I am sure he is a nice guy. However, statistically most children suffer abuse from a Male. Where there is a single parent family often there is no Male role model. Most domestic abuse is perpetrated by a MALE. Having worked with kids who have suffered due to a Male or because of no male roll model it is hard for such children to open up or trust men. So i would ask Howard Quayle why in the World would he appoint A MAN in the role.of children's champion. I could look at it as giving children a male role model, absolutely. But to be honest I personally believe it should have been a female. I am not being sexist, honestly. I do feel this is a mistake." No she right there no anti hate male sentiment there at all from what I can see, I don't remember Dudley Butt getting this kind of stick.
  9. I think when you elect commissioners who did not grow up in the area this is what you get. If you from the area you have knowledge of the local area and its heritage ,if you not from the area you would tend to miss little cultural buildings and other aspects of local life you may not realize is important to the community.
  10. I thought they had also stated a rise in national insurance would bring in a £17million increase too. But that could have been Manx Radio.
  11. Do they realize how much extra the Government will have to pay in Employers NI contributions as the largest employer. I would like to know if they added in their calculations.
  12. I suffer a combination of Agoraphobia & Pistanthrophobia and Ecclesiophobia, which they diagnosed in the end as Dumasphobia.
  13. Dick Van Dyke sure your not quoting something from their sermons
  14. If they had God on the If they had God on their side he would not of let them invest in the Louis Group.
  15. I have heard the herring has already started into this.
  16. How do the Government define people who are homeless on the island. It use to be if you're sleeping rough, living on the streets or Squatting. Is it still the same.
  17. What did they do with the bendy buses ?
  18. Holte End

    TT 2018

    Bikers numbers down nearly 1000 less bikers over TT. But they are spending more according to some.?
  19. Holte End

    TT 2018

    Initial evidence suggests fans have been spending more money this TT. They have been listening to people whinging about the beer prices at the Hooded Ram and Bushys.
  20. The same reason Bushys was refused planning permission for a tent in Peel a few years ago.
  21. This is more to do with the closure of Public Houses around the island.
  22. Sorry, this content isn't available at the moment?
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