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  1. Wait for the bloody big gates to be erected near the car park (check the planning application...), and then there's the restricted access. Will be just like Buchenwald!
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    Why does it always have to be about politics, blame etc? The problem here is the wankers with their placards, no need to point fingers anywhere else. There are ways to set forth one's opinions, and ways not to. In this instance, the manner of the demonstrations prove little more than the protestors are low life scum with a bee in their bonnet. Funnily enough, I had always been anti abortion, until this lot came on the scene - I am now pro abortion... reckon this lot should have been aborted and removed from the human gene pool. Funny how their 'anti abortion' propaganda converted me from supporting their cause to being against it - can't wait for them to phone me...
  3. Yes, one and the same. Good luck with enjoying any freedom down there in future btw...
  4. Clearly. So, in this case, there is no financial assistance required for the landowner, no production from the landowner, and no benefit to the public who support the cost of this owners property upkeep, and all of this under the umbrella of the named 'Agricultural Development Scheme', or should that be the 'Millionaire Freeloader take the piss out of the taxpayers and IOM Government scheme' ...
  5. I find it distasteful when a 200 acre plot of land, owned by a multi millionaire is in receipt of CCS allowance when there is nothing produced onsite. Worse still, the land is completely private, sealed off from the public, much to the annoyance of those who wish to walk the Raad ny Foillan coastal path. All well and good having a countryside care scheme, but what's the point if the public can't enjoy the benefit of it?!
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