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  1. It seems to be awfully complicated posting on here. What are the rules as i did a sweep yesterday and it would seem that everyone who posts anything that might look unfavorable against Rob Callister gets criticized and then often banned. Is he one of the mods on this Forum? I’d just like to know what the ground rules are as clearly I have inadvertently stumbled down some strange rabbit hole very early on with this thread. Am I supposed to apologise to Callister for the fact that he attacked me and then made a series of aggressive and unjustified posts in reponse to the links that I found in Turrican iI’s post? I have no idea who Turrican II is either just to be clear and they posted the original link not me. For reference Swordfish is a favorite film of mine. Can I ask is there also some sort of law about what name/avatar to use as well as rules here do seem to be awfully complex? My real name is clear to the Mods from my email address so can be verified. Thank you to John Wright for answering my post in the way I was asking for assistance. All I was looking for was some pointers before I burned even more of my cash on lawyers fees.
  2. I won’t be doing that for the reasons already set out below. I’d rather this thread just went away of be honest. I’ve had the advice I initially sought.
  3. I’m not asking him to. This is a silly storm in a teacup which I didn’t start and I’d rather it just went away.
  4. As you lost your case I doubt I will need your advice as I have already said that I intend to take John Wright’s advice and try to solve my problem amicably. Also please stop trying to establish who I am through the back door by asking me to email you. I will not be contacting you given your general aggressive behaviour and paranoia in this thread. Make of that what you will.
  5. Nah, doesn’t bother me. As you say maybe some more media training wouldn’t go amiss though.
  6. I wouldnt be rude enough to tell you to mind your own business. I am not a neighbour of Robs but I do live in Onchan so I thought it was interesting as he is my MHK. I have a totally unrelated and unconnected dispute with my neighbour which I wanted to ask for some informal advice on. The feedback above has personally been helpful to me. I have taken initial legal advice but I think John Wright’s comments are good advice and I’ll just try to talk to them again before I start shelling out more legal fees to go to court. I thought my opening post was clear to anyone who isn’t paranoid in that I dont think I’m getting legal advice that is that helpful to me so I asked other people for some pointers. I did not say that I am suing anybody, or that I have sued anyone at any time. It has not ended up in court yet and I will take Johns advice that probably that should be the last resort after all else fails.
  7. In which parallel universe did I say (or make up) anything of the sort? Turrican Ii posted a link in reply to my genuine opening post and your case was halfway down it and I made an observation on it as I thought it was interesting. That’s basically all. You sound completely paranoid.
  8. Is anyone who accidentally unearths factual information connected to you in the public domain a troll? It would be helpful to know what your issue is. I asked a question and followed some links provided by another poster trying to help and there it was. I think a Johns advice is by far the best though to talk to my neighbour so that I don’t risk making an expensive arse of myself in court. It’s handy having those sort of people to refer to on here.
  9. Actually that was more than helpful Turrican II i dont think I will be taking the matter to my own MHK who it seems has failed to annexe part of his next door neighbours garden. It’s amazing what you find on that website. Thanks again! One https://www.judgments.im/content/J1551.htm Two https://www.judgments.im/content/J1560.htm Three https://www.judgments.im/content/J1561.htm i think I’ll take JWs advice and try resolving it face to face without lawyers. That or a shotgun as proposed by Uhtred.
  10. And therein lies the problem when you hand the task of finding savings to ..... the pen pushers.
  11. You’re basically agreeing with me though. I’m saying why single out the DHSC first which is an important frontline service when the DOI pisses money away, the DfE pisses money away and so do most other departments. To me we are starting in the wrong place and we are constructing our budgets wrong as more important services should have a prior call on taxpayer cash. The budgets should be centrally held and Departments should be made to bid for that money with some services having priority over others. Asking for £10M of savings in one financial year was basically impossible and I dont see any other edicts issued to other departments to cut waste by vast amounts overnight. We still don’t even know if this was overspend or not or whether we just have to get used to the fact that the DHSC is this expensive to run.
  12. It’s nice when you can end it that way without being a bit of a bell end and it all ending up in court. I’m hoping a reasonable outcome can be obtained too. Thanks for your comments.
  13. Great that’s helpful. I’ll have a good dig around. Thanks.
  14. Hi all, I’m having a boundary dispute with a neighbour at the moment. Has anyone any tips or advice to offer on how to defend an action as my lawyer is a bit rubbish to be honest. The bloke next door is trying to steal part of my garden and I really want to put him back in his box but I’m not really getting the sort of advice that I’m happy with. All comments welcome.
  15. That would figure. I don’t think anyone really has an issue with this department “overspending” at all. So it’s hard to see why everyone wanted Beecrofts head on a spike. At least she did the honorable thing and tried to se it through when others apparently fled at the first sign of danger and are now happy to pin it all in her.
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