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  1. Does anyone know why the airport hub has not been used for the last 3 days or did I miss it?
  2. All over it but can't find any daily booking numbers beyond today. Thanks anyway.
  3. So why only two weeks when there are still 15k in stock? What did they do to increase capacity that can't be maintained for a few more weeks to crack this?
  4. That's even more worrying because it surely isn't deliberate.
  5. Does anyone know why the jab rate has dropped so much? It averaged well over 1000 a day for 2 weeks now with last Thursday and Friday close to 2000. Monday dropped to 610, the lowest since March 7th and today its just 163 so far. I can only think of 2 reasons. Massive no shows, which sounds unlikely or the appointments weren't made in which case why? Certainly isn't lack of stock with over 15k sat there.
  6. If all the necessary groups are vaccinated can you elaborate upon why the COVID problem isn't solved?
  7. Given the islands 7 day infections per 100k is now one of the highest in Europe I would like to imagine HQ, DA, et al burning the midnight oil in the island's equivalent of a Cobra meeting. Mobilising resources, actually directing senior CS, demanding accountability and ensuring next week the vaccination rate is at least 2k per day until all the over 50's and vulnerable have been jabbed. Unfortunately having seen them so far I can only imagine the Three Stooges with an Indian beer. When this is over lets hope they get what they deserve for this amateurish egotistical mess.
  8. The problem is we haven't, because last week was the the first time we even got close to 1k per day for a full 7 day week. So the UK is now jabbing the over 50s and we haven't even finished the over 70s yet. If we were just 5k jabs further on the 70s and 65s would now be complete. 5k more and we would be well into the vulnerable under 64s group and still sat on nearly 8k stock. The momentum now needs to be kept up. Stocks are not the problem and the Hubs showed last week what they can do. If the back office can keep it moving we can very quickly catch this up, get all the vulnerable out
  9. Apologies in advance for being the bearer of this and I genuinely hoped I had miscalculated it but have checked it several times now. Here are the current 7 day reported COVID cases per 100k population across Europe, and they are total, not daily averages as I was hoping: • Coronavirus case rates in the past 7 days in Europe, by country 2021 | Statista The worst is Estonia at 776. France is 230. The UK is one of the lowest now at 60.7 I decided to calculated ours and its 656. That puts us currently 3rd highest in Europe behind Estonia and Czechia. I must admit that shocked me an
  10. Absolutely, except the 111 collapse last weekend which interrupted things. But they have had a week to catch up and given the gravity surely that's been done.
  11. Hopefully. Assuming the booking process has kept up. We will soon see.
  12. Current jabs over last 7 days is 7297 which is excellent. Unfortunately scoreboard still saying only 3271 booked in for the next 7 days also echoed on Manx Radio.
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