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  1. It’s about the ability to get things done with a majority and the joint accountability to the mandate it came from. Including holding senior civil servants to account. Without this the Independents just don’t have the confidence or motivation to get to grips with the issues. Self preservation is paramount so they just join the status quo and perpetuate the problem until it’s the next one’s turn. These issues have been there for years. The Prom is just the worst and most visible example of it.
  2. It’s easy to shrug and say that’s the island, what can you do and that’s why it never changes and it never will until we address the root cause of what is epitomised on the Prom. The guys on the job are unsupervised and don't care. BECAUSE their supervisors and managers stopped caring years ago for an easy life. BECAUSE their self-serving Directors Robinson and Black are not up to the job so opt for softer and softer budgets and time scales. Trouble with that culture is no matter how low they set the bar they still limbo under it resulting in the horror show on we see now on
  3. Black and his colleagues have been running rings around politicians for a long time at the expense of everyone and it appears the current crop are no different. Unless we just give up with a shrug the only recourse is to do what politicians fear most and vote to change them until we get what’s needed. Anyone with the stated conviction to sort that lot out, at least as part of their pitch, would definitely get my vote and I suspect a lot of others.
  4. I’m talking about a group of people with conviction politics who can agree to stand on a common platform to sort this shit out, elect a CM and actually make the biggest difference politicians can probably make to this island which is to efficiently sort out it’s expenditure. The money that would save, even just from the DOI, would make everything else look like dancing around the edges.
  5. Black and his team's incompetent leadership has survived for years despite screw ups like the airport shutting because it ran out of de-icer or forgetting to open.. really ! Or all the buses stopped and the schools and office closed because they didn't bother to get out of bed to grit the roads! Or every Highways worksite looking like a holiday camp! What we see on the Prom is just the culmination of all those years of management abdication in the name of an easy life crystallised into one huge horror show that is too big to finally turn a blind eye to. The real issue is that a work
  6. How long will it take the politicians to realise voters deserve better than this? Will it need a new party to sweep clean ?
  7. Any project planning obviously went out of the window on Day 2 and then it’s ad hoc decisions made on the fly to try and look as if something is being done. Now on 90% of the Prom actually nothing is being done, plant hire is a burning tax payers money and everyone has to put up with the chaos. Don’t know who’s worse Black and Robinson for their incompetence or the politicians for letting them get away with it for so long.
  8. The only thing about Black and Robinson that is !
  9. So much chaos with apparently so little DOI effort. Quite impressive.
  10. MHKs suddenly find themselves as Ministers for departments like the DOI and are usually just not prepared for it. They can't or won't challenge management and so quickly ally themselves with characters like Black who run rings around them. They quickly go native and finish up defending the problem they are unable to resolve. The only thing they must do is accept that change is needed and find professionals to do the job they are just not equipped to do. Consultants are often used for advise but without the will to implement they are a waste of time and money. A small, competent implementation
  11. You're right. Simply switching Black for a slightly "greyer" version would achieve nothing unless Govt. commit to recruiting more professional Heads of Departments and more importantly an ongoing and rigorous system for their accountability. When Ministers are appointed they must see their primary responsibility is to make improvements for the electorate and not defending the indefensible in the name of "their" team. If Govt., and in particular the CM, is brave enough to grasp that I can't see a more deserving place to start than the DOI and its contempt for residents epitomised by the
  12. The last few entries about the lack of motivation and activity on the Prom will not be a surprise to anyone who has ever passed a Highways “work site”. The culture of indifference, inefficiency and incompetence is so deeply ingrained in the DOI, and most visibly the Highways Dept., that any professional responsibility for supervision, management and direction has long gone. The workforce consequently don’t give a damn and who can blame them. The Prom is now such a huge and appalling example of this that voter’s patience is finally wearing thin and even Govt. can’t, and more importantly shouldn
  13. No, absolutely no compensation. If this event did not merit the resources to prevent its failure the IoMG certainly should not now be using resources to compensate for it. That just suggests the consequences weren't thought through and someone is now panicking. They should stand by their decision. Regarding the Poker Stars Rally, surely just the name tells you. They are of such importance to the island even the leadership of the DoI will make sure they get what they need to succeed. And actually I have no problem with that, they should be falling over themselves. But 80 plus entries with
  14. No not a Rally fan actually. Never seen it and don't intend to. But I am an IoM fan and if its is our third biggest event as Robertshaw claimed (or fourth or fifth) I wouldn't care if it was darts, basket weaving or anything else. It benefits the island and as such, even if the unpaid amateur organisers were more disorganised than normal, it should have been worth a little extra time and effort from our professional civil service managers to make it happen (which is not by "holding a meeting"). But once again the highly paid, small minded leadership of the DoI chose not to bother.
  15. One disgruntled Marshall does not justify the intransigence of three Government Departments contributing to the failure of the islands third biggest tourist event. Come on ! Is that the best excuse they can find .
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