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  1. David2716

    4G Broadband

    I did try putting the console temporarily into a DMZ with no joy. Could have done something wrong. Please let me know if you run into any similar issues caused by the CGNAT and can get around it.
  2. David2716

    4G Broadband

    @mannin I was offered 200GB or 1000GB. The difference between the two is only a few pounds per month, so I went for the latter which for most is pretty much like being on unlimited. Only problem I've encountered with it was double NAT which caused issues for some online games that used p2p. I got a fixed IP for an extra £10 a month to resolve this and altogether a very similar price to line & ADSL.
  3. David2716

    4G Broadband

    If out of range for VDSL, you can get a deal for a 4G SIM and 4G router with MT for ~£35/month. My ADSL line sync was 4-5Mb and wont get VDSL or fibre for the foreseeable future. I now never go below 10Mb/s and often reach 50-80Mb/s outside of peak hours on MT 4G.
  4. David2716

    VDSL plus 200Mb

    You need a router that supports annex q profile 35b (supervectoring).