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  1. In this thread a few days ago I made a drunken thoughtless throwaway comment as a bit a laugh, then was too inebriated to remove it. Most of you think I am an idiot anyway and to be honest I realise I have been, so whilst I doubt anyone took it seriously, I wish to sincerely apologise for that post which has subsequently been removed. I do have respect for the work the police do and know that whilst there will always be a few odd balls and bad apples in any profession, on the whole the police I have had few dealings with are good people that try to do a hard job well. From My understandi
  2. Safe here, free from Coronavirus, they did us all a favour.
  3. I will kick you arse at pool first if it helps.
  4. Truck drivers, taxi drivers, and paedos, always.
  5. Very honest of you to quote in millimetres
  6. Otherwise known as the British electorate.
  7. i think Bill posted pictures of the houses and it is obvious to anyone with eyes which one is nicer.
  8. The proposed house looks much nicer, and built from wood, totally eco and cool, I have a problem with idiots generally.
  9. Crumby old shit damp cottage that must cost a fortune in carbon to heat or nice energy efficient eco house? It appears Bill Dale is rather selective on what 'eco' means, when it comes down to a house he used to live in. No one, not even people in Dalby know what house he is on about, but he used to live there so it is the most noticeable and important landmark in Dalby...
  10. Weak old people dying might actually provide that extra 350 million a week to the NHS post brexit promise, hurrah!
  11. On the plus side that gives them enough time to get the Radio TT tender sorted out properly.
  12. I doubt that, didn't the government / MNH stall created for the very purpose of selling keyrings to cruise ships just close because it was losing money, as the cruise ship visitors don't even use the sea terminal.
  13. i blame the pathetic old grandads.
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