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  1. Lol, it's pretty handy, loads of believable excuses to had with a Manx.net address. 'Sorry didn't pay your invoice mate, manx.net must have lost it,' 'Some one must have hacked my manx.net account and downloaded a tonne of kiddie porn' etc etc.
  2. I know, would be real art not just a shite statue. I assume the idea is to encourage 'selfies' to be shared on social media, but photos don't get the reach of video, add a dance floor and music and every one would upload a video, in DFE economics the return on investment for this change would easily be an extra 5 million of visitor spend.
  3. But deliberately raising a cow to murder it is not? and you calling me silly?
  4. So if I drive at speed sufficient to not be able to avoid hitting rabbits, am I committing an offense?
  5. Actually the treatment of cattle is obscene, this little needle in a pigeon is not that bad, what's next make running a rabbit over an offense?
  6. Don't forget the fella that got escorted from the building, and Paul Moulton, only ever 4 people have ever criticised the station and they all used to work there.. Always just sour grapes.
  7. As if they know what they are talking about. Why would shooting a pigeon with a blow dart be a crime worth investigating when the regular genocide of cattle is not?
  8. He would have been appointed well before then, and well before the post was advertised.
  9. This would be a tragedy if they did not add a underlit dance floor light installation and play staying alive on a loop, every time someone walks past.
  10. Probably both, they live in each others pockets.
  11. If you check out the official tourist site https://www.visitisleofman.com/things-to-do/douglas-bay-horse-tramway-p1292461 'Douglas Bay Horse Tramway is being operated by Isle of Man Railways throughout 2016 using 12 original tramcars including a double decker tram' Prices from 2016 and timetable from 2017, don't think anyone could have booked a holiday for 2019 thinking they were running.
  12. Pretty much how Del's Supertour turned out.
  13. Sounds like you got some skin in the game Shelly?
  14. 1.different Church Road 2. his name is Haydyn 3. Don't bother, as if you can count.
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