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  1. Well I know of her through family and have met her, so can understand why she is vulnerable and why you should not be such a twat, so yeah I have humanity if you want to call that 'skin in the game' , I think my previous comments related to your persecution of another individual with mental health issues so it seems to fit a pattern of behaviour on your part.
  2. It's the failed media studio got to have some production credits for 2020 nowt else doing there other than god botherers.
  3. In a thread about a suicide you thought it acceptable to try and involve a young vulnerable person, and here you are doing the same again, what is with you? I can't abide snarky little dicks, who think they have some moral high ground that's all.
  4. I don't know to be honest, but I guess this relies on basic functioning to begin with, really if you don't know the full facts is it not best to shut up?
  5. Really, so you know the girl and her full history and why she will always have issues? Please give me the response that this deserves by shutting the fuck up.
  6. What a twat sheldon, one guy tops himself and you go hounding a 19 year old who has a shit load of problems that were not of her making. Do yourself a favour and shut up you stupid prick.
  7. and seeing as you seem to have a bit of spare time.....
  8. Can I just say congrats on getting married, and hope you are over the ill health and all that, also my washer is on the blink.
  9. Got the little fucker back under lock and key. Best check his arse he could have smuggled an iphone 8 up there.
  10. The Indoor Zombie Apocalypse experience, that will get the cruise ships lining up.
  11. Don't ever let that stop you creating a moaning thread...
  12. They should never have allowed that madrassa on the calf.
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