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  1. Why relocate prison?, with Guy Martin binning off the TT, we need TV stars like Goldie to keep it going.
  2. TJ... only joking of course the strongest brand is TT with Living Hope a close second.
  3. Savings and Investment Bank The Loius Group Hexagon Contracts
  4. CharlieBrown

    End to End

    A man dies in the end 2 end, totally shocking and no doubt the organisers, a group of well meaning volunteers will be beating themselves up over it, quite likely they will have doubts about doing anything like it again and if they do safety improvements will be a paramount concern. Loads of people die in the TT, never shocking unless they get decapitated, or a youtube clip gets shared, the organisers who are civil servants, sweep up the corpse and carry on as if nothing much happened, make no real improvements in safety and revel in the deadliest road race brand. Spot the difference.
  5. 'Oh, God... I humbly entreat you for the soul of this, thy servant, [insert name] who will today depart from this world.'
  6. Yeah they are barking up the wrong tree with that one............. TT funerals however............ kerching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 'The Edinburgh Woollen Mill group says it has decades of of experience improving, managing and drawing tourists to detination and historic sites.' Bit cruel of of them but surely Douglas would be a more suitable detination site.
  8. CharlieBrown

    TT 2018

    He just had 'a way with the ladies', bit like you try to make out, but its all gone south now mr floppy.
  9. Apparently when work needed doing the RNLI in Poole did not have a budget for silly old shit so it naturally went to the DOI..
  10. Just down the road from the Grandstand isn't there a massive hospitality suite called 'the Villa', or something.
  11. He’s an enthusiastic pub-goer... Is that a legal term?
  12. seems some of them love eating shitty porridge, sans porridge.
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