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  1. CharlieBrown

    isle of man to Fort Augustus?

    Bet you gave George's walls a battering, you English can't help yourselves when you see men in skirts.
  2. CharlieBrown

    "The best a man can be..."

    You looking for a new pool partner?
  3. CharlieBrown

    Manx Radio

    Not fussy are you?
  4. CharlieBrown

    "The best a man can be..."

    Why would falling over one help in identifying, little bit rapey, I can usually spot them by their adoring looks.
  5. CharlieBrown

    "The best a man can be..."

    Your sort of woman!
  6. CharlieBrown

    Third Worlds Safest City

    It's a thread about douglas.
  7. CharlieBrown

    Third Worlds Safest City

    Douglas is not a city.
  8. CharlieBrown

    Duplicate Topic

    Stupid internet...
  9. CharlieBrown

    Third Worlds Safest City

    Cue government media frenzy... http://globalresidenceindex.com/hnwi-index/safety-index/
  10. CharlieBrown

    Manx Radio

    But it is not a business, they are a government department that slightly defrays costs by selling advertising.
  11. CharlieBrown

    Paramount City up for sale

    Neil Down, I bet he did.
  12. CharlieBrown

    Nobles hospital

    Careful, Neil might get jealous if you go for 'Phil McCracken' this time.
  13. CharlieBrown

    Government Whistleblowing - You are in safe hands...

    Don't be silly, his wife is the breadwinner / clever one, she works at the hospital, he drives taxis with his bestie Martin.
  14. CharlieBrown

    Richmond hill

    Just give up on that road south, its not like the airport is all that, nothing in Castlteown, religious nut jobs and fatties in PSM and PE, Mount Murray is something we all should forget and nobody should ever have to visit Ballasalla again.