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  1. So Looney's are closing, well done Rob!
  2. Well under barely over 1KM
  3. Erm you mean a few hundred metres and yet you still took a bus?
  4. It's not his fault, anyone with a life forgets Grand Prix is on.
  5. So Craig is sorry for all he did wrong, except for anyone who deserved it like Heroin dealers and Paedo's, fair enough but then it seems anyone who disagrees with him is a paedo and heroin dealer.
  6. He did not take long to suss out Neil,
  7. Shame, it was better that than the TV series.
  8. I doubt that, the ones they go after are the low end, you don't hear them going for locum doctors or consultants who are the greediest money grabbers going. Spare a thought for the poor payroll companies who have to deal with them week in week out, these schemes literally prop up the NHS.
  9. The easiest way is ask the right people, @dilligaf which ones are top blokes?
  10. Ah bless, one day you might find a little old lady who will give it a go.
  11. We really should turn the island over to whats left of islamic state, they would sort them out, and Living Hope to boot. What's not to like.
  12. Do you get to wear an extra special pair of soft leather driving gloves?
  13. I assume it is about obesity, the weight height ratio, ie 16 stone and 5ft like Goldsmith = morbidly obese.
  14. Cool, are we going for stabbing kidnap murder whad ya reckon, all exciting now he is a TV star.
  15. Stu, you have been banging out the same old radio show for years now.....
  16. I thought you went hard on drugs?
  17. So the Caldwell found dead in remote field Feb 2018 in bizarre 'toothache cocaine overdose scenario', Varey stabs a fella repeatedly later that year and is now out completely reformed and happily married to the widow after spending not long inside, it really is the best little prison!
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