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  1. The government have stumped up for the wallabies, they are 'corporate' sponsors of at least 2 probably more, how much did that cost compared to the fairy houses?
  2. I don't know why the drunk people did not think that one through.
  3. So why allow alcohol to be consumed whilst sat on a hedge? Last year a couple of visitors were necking cider at the bottom of bray hill, they had a large collection of empties at their feet, just before the first bike came through one of the empties got kicked over and rolled out onto the course. A marshal spotted went out and grabbed it and shouted 'be more fucking careful' but did nothing about the rest of the empties at the feet of this party of drunk bike fans, love TT!
  4. Lol, no chance while getting leathered is an integral part of watching TT.
  5. A new TT revenue stream, well done Rob!
  6. I really don't get the fuss over the cost of the fairy houses, it was a good idea, I bet they spunk even more money on stuff that never gets anywhere near as much exposure, and it did not even require the shutting of the Mountain Road for a change. The main issue is the general public don't understand this was always just a publicity stunt and so the houses were never built to last, and was not part of some bigger plan other than fitting in with the fairy tale story theme they are using in adverts.
  7. Has anyone got a copy of the sex offenders register, I just need to check a name.
  8. Probably a permanent sign on a temporary post.
  9. Great idea, I am sick and tired of watching well edited highlights from multiple locations with a commentary, at a time that suits on ITV4 or ITV Player. I would much rather sit round waiting for days on end for the live stream to begin subject to fog on the mountain and internet connectivity, surprised the Yanks have not jumped all over this already, fantastic opportunity.
  10. So did they get planning for all the chalets? They don't come across well on social media.
  11. Every Gary I know lives in Onchan.
  12. Now that Garff includes Onchan it should be renamed Gareth.
  13. Where did Guy Martin come?
  14. obviously 'ran out of talent'
  15. No matter how nice a weekend it is, there will always be bus wankers on manx forums moaning about timetables and apps. Got to love this place.
  16. What is worse surely is he is capturing personal data with no encryption in place, given GDPR applies here now, I would have thought this was in breach. Also the privacy policy was last updated in 2012, so hardly keeping up with changes in legislation, he also stipulates a chargeable fee for access to data, which does not comply with GDPR, oh dear.
  17. In fairness that goes for the police also.
  18. He is ultimately responsible for the shit TT we just had, which was only saved by the incredible strength of the Bushy's TT brand.
  19. Rob Callister should probably resign.
  20. Ace idea, perhaps lifesize models made of recticel.
  21. Personally I always carry a pair of slippers and put them on.
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