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  1. Hillside

    Strange circular structure

    Not sure but think this may have been used as a filming location for the BBC series “The Shadow Line”?
  2. Hillside

    Enterprise Development Scheme.

    BBC North West news also ran this, including the comment that the scheme had cost £3M and created 16 jobs.
  3. Hillside

    Smart meters

    I understand that they are not compulsory in the UK but the utility providers there will not allow you access to cheaper tariffs unless you agree to have a smart meter fitted. As there are no cheap tariffs here presumably you could just say no to MU?
  4. Hillside

    The Fishery

    Any idea when this is opening?
  5. Hillside

    Bands that have played in the Isle of Man

    Yep that’s right, they had a cottage in Queen Street, I remember being invited in one Christmas or New Year’s Eve after a few pints in the Glue Pot - great hosts. Gavin Sutherland also lived in a house between Ballasalla and Silverdale in the mid 70’s.
  6. Hillside


    Thanks Kevster!
  7. Hillside


    Are there any UK newspapers today?
  8. Hillside

    Peaky Blinders

    Have just finished watching series 1 on Netflix while staying with family abroad. Unfortunately our home broadband isn’t good enough for streaming. Does anyone have series 2 and 3 on DVD they have finished with? Nice bottle of wine or similar available in exchange.
  9. Hillside

    Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Maybe my memory is playing tricks but I seem to remember being served roast beef dinners in the dining salon with silver service quality in the late 60's/early 70's?
  10. Hillside

    Use manxnet mail abroad

    Tried that and also SMTP 587 ssl on - neither work? Outgoing mail sticks in outbox. Servers set as mailplusin/ mailplusout.
  11. Hillside

    Use manxnet mail abroad

    It is set up with IMAP to receive mail, but you still have to use SMTP to send?
  12. Hillside

    Use manxnet mail abroad

    Still no go with outgoing email, fortunately I have other accounts whose outgoing SMTP servers I can piggyback onto to send mail from my manxnet account. The issue seems to be with their mailplusout.manx.net SMTP server? MT seem unable to suggest any options other than to keep playing around with port and SSL settings in the hope that one of them may work - I have and none do.
  13. Hillside

    Use manxnet mail abroad

    Thanks for all the comments. I’ve spoken with MT, they say there were problems on Saturday with Apple devices following iOS update and the fix is to remove SSL from outgoing SMTP settings. I’ve done this on both IPad and MacBook with no improvement, to make things worse I now seem to have lost incoming mail as well!
  14. Hillside

    Use manxnet mail abroad

    Can anyone tell me what settings to modify in mail on my ipad so that i can send email whilst abroad? I seem to remember in the past that it involved changing outgoing port settings from the default 465? I use manxnet mailpus and can receive email OK but cannot send through the mail op. I’d prefer not to have to use webmail. Thanks
  15. Lots of naval vessels off the south west of the island at the moment, AIS showing them as from UK, USA, Canada, France and elsewhere.