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  1. Is she currently moored just south of us?
  2. Legislation differs significantly between here and UK. In UK you can have fireworks any night as long as its not after 11pm, whereas here you need permission from IOM government unless its around Nov 5th, Christmas/NYE or you are a local authority.
  3. Is the interview online?
  4. A few weeks ago I visited Kelso in the Scottish Borders, lovely market town with lots of good independent shops surrounding a huge market square with free parking there and on the surrounding streets.
  5. Ok this is off topic but does anyone remember the “electronics” shop that was situated in a shop on Athol Street at basement level? I used to go there in the1960s to buy valves and resistors/capacitors and the like.
  6. Looks like its down again, webmail also not available?
  7. Recently stayed in an apartment contained within the stonewalls of a 1200 year old roman palace in Split, Croatia. Broadband download speed within the apartment was 60+ Mbps. Where there’s a will...........
  8. You could read the article to mean that Flybe will continue to use its own Q400s, they just won’t be based here?
  9. Maybe to coincide with the end of the Heathrow flights on the 12th October?
  10. When The Cave first opened there used to be a live band who played an excellent version of Day in The Life by the Beatles. Saw them a few times but cannot remember their name.
  11. ......so what is the best email provider?
  12. Is the outside lane going to allow through traffic for access to the staff/reserved space car park, those visiting the valet parking business and others wishing to exit the airport via the southern roundabout?
  13. It’s an A319 and also all business class configuration. Can you see the IOM providing 50 premium passengers every day Mon-Fri?
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