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  1. ......so what is the best email provider?
  2. Is the outside lane going to allow through traffic for access to the staff/reserved space car park, those visiting the valet parking business and others wishing to exit the airport via the southern roundabout?
  3. It’s an A319 and also all business class configuration. Can you see the IOM providing 50 premium passengers every day Mon-Fri?
  4. .........or perhaps just the return of the fruit and flower shop?
  5. PASWT makes a good point about having the permit to hand over to the authorities in the event of an accident/incident. However over the last few years I've driven in many other countries (including Australia) without the need to have an IDP. In any event the Isle of Man is not in the EU so it shouldn't make any difference if the UK leaves? I guess its a case of the old "insurance adage". I'm sure that IOMG would welcome the revenue, if Brexit goes ahead what are the chances of the current rates going up!
  6. The original post reminds me of the light bulb joke! The latest tweet on the airport’s Twitter page hasn’t moved on since 14th February either.
  7. Buy a landline phone that has the BT Call Guardian feature. Your trusted numbers are stored in a phonebook and get connected instantly. Anyone else is screened and they have to say their identity before the system rings your line and tells you who is trying to get through. You can then add blocked numbers to a database and they’ll never get through again! Works 100 % with cold calls and scams, we used to get several per day, have not had any for over two years now.
  8. Not sure but think this may have been used as a filming location for the BBC series “The Shadow Line”?
  9. BBC North West news also ran this, including the comment that the scheme had cost £3M and created 16 jobs.
  10. I understand that they are not compulsory in the UK but the utility providers there will not allow you access to cheaper tariffs unless you agree to have a smart meter fitted. As there are no cheap tariffs here presumably you could just say no to MU?
  11. Any idea when this is opening?
  12. Yep that’s right, they had a cottage in Queen Street, I remember being invited in one Christmas or New Year’s Eve after a few pints in the Glue Pot - great hosts. Gavin Sutherland also lived in a house between Ballasalla and Silverdale in the mid 70’s.
  13. Hillside


    Are there any UK newspapers today?
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