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  1. Gavin - in the mid 70s in a bungalow between Ballasalla and Silverdale?
  2. Probably the RAF doing training, survey or more likely logistics work?
  3. Does anyone know of a newsagent that delivers daily to the Colby area?
  4. I see that flights to/from Heathrow have been reinstated, how does this work with the closed border policy?
  5. It’s on the first floor of the golf club building. Follow the signs from Derbyhaven, there’s car parking outside, you enter through the golf club main door and take the stairs in front of you.
  6. What is the issue with LCY flights?
  7. I’d second that, its now The Bay Green Restaurant and is excellent. Freshly cooked food everyday with about 15 choices on the blackboard, idyllic surroundings and professional staff. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed!
  8. Is she currently moored just south of us?
  9. Legislation differs significantly between here and UK. In UK you can have fireworks any night as long as its not after 11pm, whereas here you need permission from IOM government unless its around Nov 5th, Christmas/NYE or you are a local authority.
  10. Is the interview online?
  11. A few weeks ago I visited Kelso in the Scottish Borders, lovely market town with lots of good independent shops surrounding a huge market square with free parking there and on the surrounding streets.
  12. Ok this is off topic but does anyone remember the “electronics” shop that was situated in a shop on Athol Street at basement level? I used to go there in the1960s to buy valves and resistors/capacitors and the like.
  13. Looks like its down again, webmail also not available?
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