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  1. Opening times are (times are GMT), add one hour for local time. MON-FRI - 0515-1945 SAT - 0515-1200 SUN - 0600-1945
  2. Currently getting a dire 1MB/sec download on our 4G broadband and unable to send emails due to them being rejected at mailplusout.manx.net due to our "IP address being ratelimited"
  3. Problems again for the last two evenings with 4G broadband delivering unstable download speeds so as to render TV streaming impossible. Anyone else having recent issues?
  4. Many light aircraft rallies in the 70s included “flour bombing” competitions where a bag of flour was dropped from the air in an attempt to get nearest to a ground target.
  5. Hillside

    Peel Marina

    Was that why the flapgates were wide open yesterday lunchtime with water gushing out into the bay?
  6. Yes I’ve had problems sending mail yesterday and today. If you wait an hour or so and try again its OK. The modern development of shopping here in the 70s, “no we don’t have what you want but we can get it for you in a week or so”.
  7. Just to confirm we have a TP-Link 4G wifi router that MT provide as we are too far from a fibre cabinet.
  8. We have been experiencing problems with our 4G mobile broadband service in the south of the island since Friday, on checking with MT they advise that lots of other customers have reported the same but they are not aware of any reasons that may be causing this. On their status page it says that from this morning until Friday 46 broadband subscribers in the Port Erin area may experience outages in service due to essential maintenance works. I think this may be a typo and should read ......4G broadband subscribers....? I can’t get through to them to confirm as they are “experiencing a high volume of calls at the moment”. Anyone else suffering the same way ?
  9. Gavin - in the mid 70s in a bungalow between Ballasalla and Silverdale?
  10. Probably the RAF doing training, survey or more likely logistics work?
  11. Does anyone know of a newsagent that delivers daily to the Colby area?
  12. I see that flights to/from Heathrow have been reinstated, how does this work with the closed border policy?
  13. It’s on the first floor of the golf club building. Follow the signs from Derbyhaven, there’s car parking outside, you enter through the golf club main door and take the stairs in front of you.
  14. What is the issue with LCY flights?
  15. I’d second that, its now The Bay Green Restaurant and is excellent. Freshly cooked food everyday with about 15 choices on the blackboard, idyllic surroundings and professional staff. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed!
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