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  1. What did the article say?
  2. These have suddenly appeared on the forum pages taking up significant portions of the screen. Don’t think they were there a few days ago?
  3. Yes they still have internet, don’t know anything about auto provision though. Will resetting the phones by holding down the OK button retain the entries in their phone book?
  4. My friends have a problem with their VOIP phones connected to fibre broadband following the power outage caused by Wednesday’s thunderstorm. They are unable to make or receive calls since then. Anyone else had the same issue that can offer advice?
  5. Thanks got them from Halfords, apparently Thule have rebranded some of their kits to supply through their shops. Kit number is 322 if they need them, £36.00 with free delivery.
  6. Looking for the 1322 fixings for a 2006 Fiesta? They have been discontinued by Thule so cannot buy new. Alternatively would consider other options?
  7. Hopefully this is just a beta version, there are lots of elements that require fixing.
  8. How long are they here for and where can th be seen?
  9. Seem to remember that you had to see him even if you had already been checked by your own dentist?
  10. Can you suggest a better alternative? Also is it possible to cancel the router element of the contract once fibre has been installed?
  11. Apparently the issue may be if you have the Mailplus service. If so change your server settings from mailplusin.manx.net to mail.manx.net and do the same for mailplusout.manx.net.
  12. Do you know which LTE version the TP-Link MR6400 is? I cannot see reference to this in the manufacturers specifications?
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