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  1. So over 50s forecast made, hopefully over 65s soon?
  2. I’ve lost track, when may priority 5 residents in the first phase i.e. aged 65 and over expect to receive the vaccine?
  3. Current IOM Government website says: This will remain under constant review by the Council of Ministers, but subject to no further community cases, the Isle of Man Government will plan to lift all restrictions on or around 1 February 2020. Disregarding the time shifting requirement, this is a bit woolly. When will we know for sure that all restrictions have been lifted?
  4. What is the process used to trigger the invitation? My GP has my personal data e.g. date of birth, medical history etc. and contact details including mobile number, can 111 access that information?
  5. Can anyone confirm which router MT are supplying with current FTTH installations? Thanks
  6. I think this would require the pad(s) at the hospital to become licensed, this in itself may be costly and require additional legislation and facilities.
  7. Are they venturing out into the more rural areas?
  8. I think they were operating a very good IOM-GLA route prior to that?
  9. Does anyone have any unwanted Fujifilm X lenses in good condition that they may consider selling? I’m particularly interested in the 23mm 1.4R prime.
  10. Searching online seems to suggest that most companies only deal with UPVC? Can anyone recommend a good fitter who can deal with wooden windows.
  11. ebay gives you the option to buy and print out a prepaid postage label, if the item is under 1kg the cost is £2.60. IOM post packet rate for the same weight is £4.77. Are the prepaid ebay labels valid for use here?
  12. Opening times are (times are GMT), add one hour for local time. MON-FRI - 0515-1945 SAT - 0515-1200 SUN - 0600-1945
  13. Currently getting a dire 1MB/sec download on our 4G broadband and unable to send emails due to them being rejected at mailplusout.manx.net due to our "IP address being ratelimited"
  14. Problems again for the last two evenings with 4G broadband delivering unstable download speeds so as to render TV streaming impossible. Anyone else having recent issues?
  15. Many light aircraft rallies in the 70s included “flour bombing” competitions where a bag of flour was dropped from the air in an attempt to get nearest to a ground target.
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