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  1. Yes they still have internet, don’t know anything about auto provision though. Will resetting the phones by holding down the OK button retain the entries in their phone book?
  2. My friends have a problem with their VOIP phones connected to fibre broadband following the power outage caused by Wednesday’s thunderstorm. They are unable to make or receive calls since then. Anyone else had the same issue that can offer advice?
  3. Thanks got them from Halfords, apparently Thule have rebranded some of their kits to supply through their shops. Kit number is 322 if they need them, £36.00 with free delivery.
  4. Looking for the 1322 fixings for a 2006 Fiesta? They have been discontinued by Thule so cannot buy new. Alternatively would consider other options?
  5. Hopefully this is just a beta version, there are lots of elements that require fixing.
  6. How long are they here for and where can th be seen?
  7. Seem to remember that you had to see him even if you had already been checked by your own dentist?
  8. Can you suggest a better alternative? Also is it possible to cancel the router element of the contract once fibre has been installed?
  9. Apparently the issue may be if you have the Mailplus service. If so change your server settings from mailplusin.manx.net to mail.manx.net and do the same for mailplusout.manx.net.
  10. Do you know which LTE version the TP-Link MR6400 is? I cannot see reference to this in the manufacturers specifications?
  11. The MT status page shows issues with problems and/or maintenance on all platforms except voicemail. I noticed early today that some expected emails had not arrived, and the MT site confirms that MT's email service provider is carrying out maintenance until 2nd June to improve reliability. In the meantime I can log on to email via webmail and see messages in my inbox, however these messages do not show in the inbox on either my Mac OS or iOS apps? I guess that MT telephone support is now closed until Tuesday, does anyone have any idea how I can get the emails on their IMAP server to be synced to my devices as normal?
  12. Hillside


    Does anyone have a recommendation for a tiler to tile two small “porch” areas behind both front and rear entrance doors. Probably only about 3 square metres total. In south of the island.
  13. We have a TP-Link MR6400 4G router to supply our broadband, ADSL was not effective to our property. In recent weeks the average download speed has dropped significantly and the signal strength indication of the incoming 4G has dropped from between 75% and 100% to 50%. We live in clear line of sight of Port Erin and Port St Mary. MT say that the issue is caused by contention. Between 4pm and midnight it has now become the norm for our download speed to fall below 1 Mbps. Is anyone else having the same issue? We are waiting for a fibre installation to be completed but in the meantime would appreciate any advice on how to improve our reception.
  14. I’d pay that, can you post a link?
  15. I know the clickity click sound you mention, its not that, its a synthesised “bell” sound.
  16. The sounds are definitely coming from the speakers, so with ICE off nothing heard. The ringing is not regular but is heard for anything between 1-4 rings and and spaced at intervals of between 20-40 seconds.
  17. Could this be a factor here?
  18. When I drive on the road between St Marks and Ballasalla my car radio system picks up a 1980s style telephone ringing sound, a “trilling” type. At first I thought it maybe coming through the BBC Radio 2 FM signal but it also happens when listening to a CD so it's more likely to be the audio system. Anyone else heard this or any idea why it happens?
  19. Trying to configure without internet connection but unable to do so. The app keeps asking me to connect the disc to the modem with ethernet.
  20. Thanks, the Sky mini box is in the bedroom that is at the opposite end and a floor above the location where the fibre modem will be so I anticipate having to have a BT disc near it. Will I still need to maintain the existing Sky mesh to connect the Sky 5 Ghz mesh between main and mini boxes or can that be handled by the BT discs as well?
  21. Thanks again we currently use two SkyQ boosters to enable the main box downstairs to connect to the mini box upstairs. Trying to find out if we still need these once we have FTTH and the Whole Home discs up and running. Loads of references in online forums but easy to get swamped with multiple suggestions. Can't test anything until the installation of FTTH is completed though!
  22. Thanks Howard, that sounds reassuring. Do you by any chance have a SkyQ system as well using its own Sky boosters to connect to a minibox?
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