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  1. The window tax was not when they "took away the rights" of any privately owned land, but it should help you to understand that the state owns everything that you falsely believe that you own. Your liberty, your property, your assets, everything that you think that is yours is owned by the state. Stop paying your "rental fee" on any of these items and you will quickly work out who really owns what you mistakenly believe to be your property. Tesco can implement whatever parking provisions and penalties that they choose to, so long as it is in accordance with what the state tells them that they a
  2. Tipping, in my opinion, should be a voluntary act. Tipping should never be compulsory. I am an occasional tipper but when I do tip I make it as large as is reasonably possible. As the poster above suggests "exemplary service" often is the best gauge for when to tip.
  3. Love your chives and they make me feel hungry when I look at then chopped up, but your stove-top needs a bit of a clean.
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