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  1. overCome

    Manx Radio

    You’re right, it is. And the radio industry are aware of its flawed methodologies. But at least this flawed method is the same yardstick which measures every BBC and commercial station in the country, and has done for 30 odd years. In the absence of anything better, it’s accepted as the official measurement by stations, Ad agencies and large corporates as a guide as to where the audiences are and where to spend their advertising budgets. If a station is prepared to believe the audience figures when they’re good, they also have to take it on the chin when they’re not.
  2. overCome

    Manx Radio

    “Rantings of a bloke in the pub”, or Opinion of a stakeholder? Maybe one of the 5300 weekly listeners who have turned away from MR in the last year? Respectfully, Stu, as from your posts you come across as one of the good guys, you can’t escape the fact that if the current audience decline continues, in 3 years there will be nobody left! I’ll correct one statement from WKRP - rajar counts in chunks of 15 mins, not an hour.
  3. overCome

    Manx Radio

    Also, just looking at the audience our annual gift of 875,000 is buying. And it would appear it's costing us all 25% more per listening hour than last year. Year on year (Q1 2017 to Q1 2018), they've lost a quarter of their total listening hours. That's a HUGE drop. The annual report claims their audience has been "predominantly static". Sorry, I'm calling Bull. Q1 2017 posted total hours listened as 410,000. Q1 2018 - 302,000. 5300 fewer weekly listeners and market share falling through the floor. That, is not, 'predominantly static', it's bl**dy disastrous! As a comparison, the Rajar website shows 3fm's total hours for Q1 2018 as being 245,000 with weekly listeners of 27000 vs MR's 31,900. Might need to rewrite that Nation Station slogan soon
  4. overCome

    Manx Radio

    I think you're probably right. I don't know if the staff at MR enjoy benefits similar to the BBC's unpredictability allowance (UPA)? Their rates are 10 & 20% of salary. That's a chunk of extra cash on a 70-90k basic.
  5. overCome

    Manx Radio

    Do those earnings include allowances (car, healthcare, pension etc) or sales related bonuses? Not sure we have any way of knowing...
  6. overCome

    Manx Radio

    LOL! If you mean Mr Berry, I promise you it's not..
  7. overCome

    Manx Radio

    So they should. A hundred grand to run a radio station for three weeks where the transmission infrastructure is already in place? Whoever asked for, and had that figure agreed will be dancing gleefully all the way to the bank. Give it to someone who knows what they're doing (ie, NOT MR) and a profit could be made spending a fraction of that.
  8. overCome

    Manx Radio

    Yes, but you're forgetting that 'Commercial free' station would be MR!