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  1. That's true, though the story was published the day the official figures 'should' have been released. So intentionally misleading, you don't just knock up a video with claims like that in 20 minutes, it was planned. It's only the saddo Rajar geeks like me who would know there currently isn't any official figures.
  2. Ohhh, this Fake News makes me cross. MR claiming record audience figures. The truth is RAJAR have suspended all reporting due to the Corona crisis, so no station, not MR, Energy or 3fm have had any updated audience figures since May 14th.
  3. RAJAR stands for Radio Joint Audience Research and is the official body in charge of measuring radio audiences in the UK. It is jointly owned by the BBC and the Radiocentre on behalf of the commercial sector. Or, It's the accepted method of radio audience measurement by the industry and its advertisers.
  4. All true Stu, congratulations on the additional 1000 listeners and 11000 hours this quarter. Don't wish to rain etc... but it's still interesting to look year on year. Despite this quarter's gains, MR are still down 1000 listeners on Sept 2018, and 4000 on Sept 2017. Even more interestingly, over the same period 3fm are up 1000 on Sept 2018, and up 4000 on Sept 2017! But I'm sure your sales department won't be telling the advertisers that, eh!
  5. Wall to wall Sex Pistols I'd bet
  6. The fact is you CAN measure radio consumption. Rajar have done it since 1992, when they took over from JICRAR. The accuracy of their methodology however... And it's not so different to how they used to measure TV (maybe still do?). Each household being surveyed had a box installed on the main set which had a kind of remote control with each button assigned to a member of the household. You had to hit the button that corresponded to you whenever you settled down to watch something, pressing again whenever you left the room. I was asked to have one, once. Seem to remember they were offering £40 in M&S vouchers. Would have been sometime in the late 90's.
  7. It would appear someone beat you to it www.cockfmradio.com
  8. Correct, it's not. But it is at least, the same methodology that, in the absence of anything more accurate, is the accepted measurement of radio audiences by the BBC, Commercial Radio and advertising agencies selling airtime on the basis of their audience numbers. I agree, the yardstick is crap. But at least everyone is measured by the same one.
  9. National brands use ad agencies to buy airtime across stations the width and breadth of the country. They buy on a 'cost per thousand' (CPT) basis - ie, they pay a certain amount per 1000 listeners delivered. You don't hear many national brands here, in the Channel Islands, or on small independent stations as they simply don't generate enough listeners, and therefore, revenue for the station, whom can sell the same airtime to a local advertiser for significantly more. You'll only hear national brands on air on these small stations if the airtime has been bought locally using National ad copy, or if the station's ad inventory is empty - where they consider that some revenue is preferable to none.
  10. You're not alone, audience figures out yesterday show MR have lost another 50,000 listening hours this quarter. The quarter ending June 2019, they posted 255,000 total listening hours from 30,000 listeners. Last quarter was 300,000 listening hours from 30,000 listeners. Energy aren't in Rajar so no idea, but in the same period, 3fm had 254,000 hours from 27,000 listeners. If I could be arsed, I'd work out how much the annual subvention is per head just to get the additional 3000 listeners...
  11. I didn't say the comprod department necessarily knew that's what we called them...
  12. This talk of radio ads reminds me of what certain types were known as in stations I worked in years ago. Below is what we would refer to as a '2CK'. I'll put money on you having heard one. You know the type... "Hi Sue. Wow, I love your new Carpet" Hi Jane, Yes! Thanks. I got it from XYZ Carpets, they've a fabulous range at really low prices" "Wow, sounds like i need to get down there" "You surely should, you could call them on 01624 12345 or visit their website for more information at letslaythis.com.." etc 2CK? = Two C**** in a kitchen. Think of this next time you hear one. You won't have to wait long.
  13. Yup. But in the absence of a more accurate methodology, it's the accepted measurement across all commercial and BBC stations by both broadcasters and advertising agencies alike.. If you're happy to take them when they're good, you've got to take them when they're bad...
  14. My gut says negligible for a couple of reasons. Those TT/FOM weeks would have to coincide with the weeks the listening diaries are being filled in to see maximum effect - the diaries are only our for about a fortnight at a time.. But, perhaps more importantly, stations the size of MR and 3fm have their figures averaged. So, each quarters published figure (the ones you and I see) are an average of the actual numbers from each of the four previous quarters. It means any big peaks or troughs are smoothed out a bit. The stations can see their actual numbers from the quarter (the discreet figures) but are not allowed to publish them. It does give them an indicator or which way their figures are trending.
  15. To be fair he's right regarding MR's audience figures. Year on year they've lost 5000 listeners, a loss of 73000 listening hours. That's one in seven. Or 15%. Gone. Meaning our effective annual contribution to Manx Radio keeps getting more expensive.. In the same period, 3fm stayed pretty flat at 25000 listeners, showing those who like it are loyal and listening for longer. The've actually increased their total listening hours by 30000. Right now there are only 7000 more hours of listening to Manx Radio than there are to 3fm. And just to twist the knife a little more - MR have LOST ten times that in the last year. Any commercially focused radio station across would have made some big changes by now. Whatever your feelings toward Mr Turner, he's right. The failure of those in charge at MR to arrest the decline in audience is abysmal.
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