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  1. How long before you respond to the subject of this thread and not random biographical details that don't have anything to do with me.
  2. So we could just end up with lots of people who already live here moving to other houses here, leaving massive ghost town areas.
  3. I hope so. We need to discuss how they're going to be turning the entire middle east of the Isle of Man (including the countryside) into one giant big town. It's a frightening thought.
  4. Both things could be easily researched within half an hour by someone with the sound acumen and appropriate skills.
  5. A woman can't give consent if she's drunk.
  6. He's not an astronomer.
  7. I miss Carl Sagan. I'm currently re-watching the original Cosmos series.
  8. So Sarah will get about £0.53. Well done, Sarah.
  9. Snorri

    TT 2018

    That is sickening. I hope the bikers involved are identified and the appropriate authorities take action.
  10. At what point do I stop being "new" in this weirdo island? I've been here a few months now. Get off my back.
  11. What if government steps in as buyer, or massively subsidises? It wouldn't all be built in one go so it would be bit by bit. I can see it being subsidised at a minimum. Personally, I think the houses would be filled. I just don't think it would in any way help the island's economy. It would just increase the scale of everything: more people, more costs, meaning no real advantage has been gained. The only way to gain an advantage would be to encourage people who pay more tax. I don't know where those people would come from, but short-sighted government won't think that far ahead. They will see thousands more people and think it will magically bring in money to the Treasury. And it will, but it'll also mean more money going out of Treasury.
  12. No, thankfully he's not my elected member.
  13. We have a Government which blindly believes in Keynesian economics. Quite dangerous, really, if you consider what this has led to in places like Detroit. They've already replicated that same thing in parts of Douglas town centre. They may very well build the estates first, then (or while) seeking residents, on the premise that it will spur economic activity and therefore make the island a more desirable place to move to.
  14. Just wondering if anyone has taken the time to have a look at these maps and if anybody else has some serious concerns about where this is going?
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