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  1. only sometimes now can I get to use the office workstation rather than the reception one used for check-ins and others use each as well so its difficult to get time on - we just have to be careful who is about.
  2. Boredom - leads to un-fathomed conspiracy theory and confusion over this person now present and others also present from elsewhere. But who am I to upset someone being happy in your own realm.
  3. It's been too depressing with all this rain so decided last week its about time to get some guaranteed sun and warmth so be warned am going to Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife for 10 days on Monday - will you be there too? if not where is your holiday destination for this 'summer'?
  4. 'ere, hang about, what happened to the plunder? Couldn't there be an IOM to Calf and back extreme sports / endurance swimming / triathlon style event - starting in say Port Erin with running to the Sound - swim to Calf there and back then cycle back to Port Erin?
  5. surely it was a success merely because he was there.
  6. If all goes to plan F1 Championship leader Lewis Hamilton could be the surprise charity guest at an event planned by someone from a local financial services business if he can fit in a flying visit between races on a week-end off. Black tie event with dinner and tickets at £85 each.
  7. I've been told the cost of the specialist music programes on local radio is too expensive at the rate of £25per for a 1 hour show that the presenter gets. Talk is of buying in feed from other commercial radio stations. Is that a good idea? Why isn't there a world music hour - if Andy Kershaw isn't under exclusive contract to the BBC it would be great to hear him on Energy say.
  8. One day on Manxforums there was a Troll, who thought he would insert into a chicken and mushroom pie, his penis several times before meals. This was because he had been previously told it was much safer than wanking. The end to this perversion came very quickly when he met keyboarder and came close to putting his injured toe, previously hidden, up keyboarder's sweaty hoop which has piles of eggs shoved up it together with 132 varieties of sausages which appear to have been accomodated very comfortably ... which surprised The Troll who had thought he was full of shit. "He Decided" shouted the f
  9. if politician X has a property given to or bought for their use or something else bought for them and its not been declared and then they have to admit it then surely there must be questions regarding integrity.
  10. well we all know about one who admits to having been convicted of a criminal offence but the point is should they be honest enough to put their hand up to something that is wrong even if they didn't get caught at the time and to do it before they get asked and offer 'no comment' or evasive replies
  11. Apparently a farmer up there in Bride has made history by growin a field of dildos! Unfortunately he's had a sudden influx of squatters.
  12. copycat

    Bar Talk

    I've never been in a gay bar but have been told if I ever do not to say:- 1) Bugger me its hot in here 2) Fuck me this beers cheap 3) Excuse me mate do you mind if I push your stool in a bit
  13. How come it takes weeks to paint the Mountain Road and even months to paint the white line back onto the coast road on the way out of Ramsey just below the climb to the Rest&Be Thankful - if there is an accident there because there is no white line will the DOT be liable?
  14. Who ever inspects the register of members interests and asks questions about how certain politicians have come by what new investments they have declared, and who'll be caught out by not keeping the register up-to-date (I'm told there should be a new entry any time soon not to mention some embarrassment and an "oops I didn't realise I had to do that") This thread is now open as to your ideas as to which elected politician will step forward and also what it will be they have to declare before the news gets published. Suggestions please.
  15. just thinking about how radio station's are always giving away what seem like recently released CD's as prizes - do they rip them first to digital storage 'cos they seem to have the tracks after they've given the CD away?
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