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  1. Our Political Establishment like the over paid footballers need address their cost to the Community and take a pay cut.
  2. Correct We have six isolation beds. Work it out yourself!
  3. Why not he has been media trained!
  4. This was a social services matter and should have been passed to them when he presented at the police station. A story which has been manipulated and blown out of proportion.
  5. Only two questions? The population to avoid collecting in groups apart from school children?
  6. Those aged 70 and over or pregnant or have underlying health conditions are strongly advised to take extra care to prevent the possibility of being infected. More guidance will be issued shortly. Web page has still not been updated on advice for these vulnerable people.
  7. Cheers John but what are the recommendations, they said this information would be forthcoming so where is it?
  8. Still no statement on those who are seventy and over who are classed as vulnerable. Given planning on pandemics should be in place why the delay?
  9. These are answers that I and others would like to hear from medically informed people who know the subject, we cannot expect that from Politicians who have no experience in managing a serious virus which will cost lives giving us answers on a subject they no little about.
  10. If our government want credibility then the medics have to be there to be questioned none of the panel can be expected to give quality information Good to see that our Chief Minister has given his briefings some credibility by introducing two doctors on his panel last night the 19 March 2020. I hope that continues but who is leading the medical response on the Island?
  11. For this news broadcast to have any credibility one would expect a representative of the medical profession who would be advising them? I would suspect the journalists present would have wished to question the medical thinking behind the decision making and process. i would also like to know the medical reasoning behind self isolation for travellers and the over 70 age group.
  12. Budget Day! Like to research the rest of the year I think you will find them in McDonalds by lunchtime.
  13. Easily. Tynwald do not like long sessions let alone debate.
  14. Only because Trevor is an enemy of the state and their fellow travellers .
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