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  1. He’s not called “Rob the Gob” for nothing. Totally incapable of engaging brain before opening his mouth 👄.
  2. The evidence outlined by the back benchers was of unspecified unacceptable behaviour by Callister in his position as Minister which they eventually had to report to the Chief Minister. In turn the Chief Minister sought further information before acting decisively by removing the Minister At least two back benchers and an MLC would appear to support Mr Cannan’s actions who in turn tried to persevere Callister’s dignity by requesting his resignation. Mr Cannan by calling a back bencher a whiner did him no credit other than that I believe the Chief Minister acted in good faith when dealing with such a complex character as Rob Callister
  3. At least in the New World of Manx Politics the Council of Ministers appear to have forsaken their previous stance of closing ranks and preserving the status quo by retaining Ministers who in all other walks of life would have been sacked. Just Saying!
  4. It would appear this advice is now being taken on by Mr Callister as he is now NOT coming on Manx Radio on Monday .
  5. There you go! Direct rule Oh hold on a minute!
  6. It is unfortunate we seem to have to give our senior MHKs a role as Minister without making reference to their skills and abilities only to their seniority. Mr Callister has no track record of achievements in his time in Tynwald he does look after his constituents which he does well given the high number of votes which returned him at the last election. I was always suspicious of his ability to work with others or take in views which contradicts his own opinions. His inability to succeed in completing the task of ensuring we have a scoreboard for the TT is anything to go by then no one should be surprised other than his support in the Onchan constituency .
  7. If that is what Rob is doing that is helping his constituents then he will certainly be returned at the next election. That is exactly how our system works our MHKs are not National Politicians but local ones who happen to sit in a national forum for five years
  8. All in the name of tradition the Speaker has a portrait made the fact of which is of very little or no interest to the ordinary man in the street. The presentation is also of little interest to those other than in the hallowed corridor’s of Tynwald. The attire the Speaker dresses in is now so very dated and quite ridiculous and of a completely different age. We need to move on from these archaic practices
  9. What about the huge sum of money splashed out for Covid vaccination hub at the airport total waste of tax payers money and no visible sign of it now.
  10. Additional Resilience!! No just resilience. if it had any at all we would not be in this mess. Chris Thomas nor the present manager are responsible for the present shambles but it will be also worth looking at the checks and balances that are in place at present which allowed such a shambles to emerge.
  11. Airport Air Traffic Control closed for the Easyjet flight form Liverpool departure 1630 will open again 1730! 21 Century Isle of Man 180 people compromised because airport authorities cannot manage a tiny airport
  12. Extremely sad moment in our history a woman of great quality who took on the responsibility as a young woman and spent her life in public service
  13. John I have had a course of three jabs the third was a booster so I take from that I am fully covered Many Thanks
  14. Has anyone been on the direct flight to Majorca can they tell me what Paperwork is required? I had my last Covid jab in October last year and fly out in September there is a 270 day limitation am I still covered?
  15. We no longer have weather forecasts but Terror forecasts! we are all going to die
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