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  1. Whatnonsence

    Onchan's finest

    Misleading people is not an uncommon trait for Mrs Edge. Did she not mislead the electorate of Onchan by standing for Liberal Vannin in order to secure the votes of many who support Peter Karran, only then to leave having secured those votes. Do not be surprised then that the element of honesty and integrity are not there.
  2. Whatnonsence

    Where did the voters go..?

    Noticible that Members of the Keys are silent on this issue, which you would presume they, as our democratic representatives in our Parliament would be shouting from the roof tops. There again they are all part of Govermnent now. Mr Jones as a retired Police Officer who also represented the Police Federation on the Isle of Man, you would presume would have his facts correct when challenging government. You would also presume in his Federation responsibility he would be aware of how our masters sweep embarrassment and scandal under the carpet. I am sure Mr Jones will undeterred by the behaviour of those in power to answer to the electorate.
  3. Whatnonsence

    Suicide Squad

    Gathering any evidence which involves Mental Health issues is notoriously difficult. It requires an Independent body hearing the evidence which should be protected with animinity No patient or person suffering from Mental Health problems or carer is going to give evidence without that protection. If Tynwald can guarantee witnesses are not named then they will make massive advances into securing a far better idea of what is going critically wrong in the treatment and protection of the most vulnerable in our society.
  4. Whatnonsence

    Who is he kidding

    Keeping it going fella. They always tried this on when Peter Karran took them to task. Tynwald is where schoolyard politics are played. If you ask questions you are are portrayed by our masters as someone from the dark side. Thats why in only two years the new girls and boys are keeping their heads down happy to comply. Bring on the Revolution Wolfe!
  5. Whatnonsence

    Suicide Squad

    The Mental Health service here and in the UK are not fit for purpose. I have experienced both services and there are identical in that they do manage their patients, they wait till a crisis appears and then they may act They take little notice of the careers until again a crisis happens. The police service is also overwhelmed by the mental health crisis. Mental Health suffers instead of going to hospital are held at police stations to await a bed/police officers are stuck in hospitals with patients also waiting for a bed or a facility to accommodate them.
  6. Whatnonsence

    Between £350,000 and £375,000...

    I think you are right. What angers me is that this was to be financed by the banks and Finacial institutions by a levy. That has obviously not happened and the tax payer is footing the bill.
  7. Whatnonsence

    More meddling with private enterprise

    Given the way the Cosy Nook proprietor was treated by the Commissioners is it any wonder private enterprise is steering clear?
  8. Whatnonsence

    Criminal Evidence Bill

    Thanks for the update Roger. I thought it was very strange for the Minister to be absent when the Chief Constable lays his report before Tynwald. Hope the Minster makes a full recovery.
  9. Whatnonsence

    Criminal Evidence Bill

    What has happened to the Home Affairs Minister?
  10. Whatnonsence

    Government Performance

    How typical that even Mr Thomas has bought into the debating style that our Council of Ministers adopt, that is to attack any opposition. So true of the Bell and Brown era. The bullying approach, belittling their opposition, is a reflection of a group that is unable to accept any feedback that does not suit there view of the world. Debate? Little change of any, given they all have all slotted into the gravy train that keeps them on side.
  11. Whatnonsence

    Summerland Sold

    Cannot believe that our ability as a nation to negotiate brilliant deals that our rulers have not been asked advice in Brexit negotiations.
  12. Whatnonsence

    Thompson Press goes into receivership?

    Whoops. Thanks for putting me Wright!
  13. Whatnonsence

    Thompson Press goes into receivership?

    Report in the Daily Mail that Thompson Press have announced they are going into receivership. Are IOM newspapers owned by this company?
  14. Whatnonsence

    Robertshaw [brilliantly] states glaring obvious on MTTV

    The Senior Civil service is in total command of the Island. The new administration has been in two years without any indication of change. Tynwald members have been equally lax in bringing about a policy to confront the huge fiscal problems, but they to have settled in to their government roles. The trough from which our masters consume from is far to more attractive than dealing with our countries welfare. Keep guzzling girls and boys.