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  1. Just seen the news about the third jab role out thanks Teapot in advance😊
  2. When did our government announce this was going to take place Teapot?
  3. UK to role out booster jabs for 50 and over Will our government follow suit?
  4. Mr Crowther has stated that Castle Rushen school has gone way above budget and is on hold. The swimming pool is also threatened.
  5. Boris has given the go ahead for booster jabs in the Uk for the vulnerable and elderly on the back of the spike in inflection experienced in Israeli who are also providing boosters. Will the Isle of Man now follow?
  6. Was that approval prior to COVID? in the end time will tell
  7. One major worry in the constituency is will Castle Rushen school be built or will it be a casualty of the COVID pandemic?
  8. Party politics gives the Brits and the rest of the so called democratic world the ability to make change that’s why are politicos are happy with what we have, independent candidates fighting to be on the gravy train.
  9. ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!! Every five years then back on the graveytrain
  10. I am sure every candidate will sign up to every pressure group whilst the election rages as they will not be held to account,our democracy does work that way.
  11. In Manx Politics to breach anything is a feather in the cap certainly no detriment to the career
  12. Ex Sergeant GED Power was extending his opinion on Manx Radio this morning that the Chief Constable Mr Roberts should be considering an apology to the gay community for the activities of the police against the gay community. Twelve months ago this same retired officer was presenting a petition at Tynwald for a committee to be formed to investigate the police complaints system on the Island. Axe to grind with the Constabulary?
  13. Certainly crying out for policy and a vision for the future. I would love to hear questions put on how much policy discussion is held between Independent members in the last five years,I would suggest nil.
  14. The doctor gave you the best advice and you as parents did the best you could for your child that is returning them to a University environment. Mental Health on the Island is crisis management ie it has to be a crisis before anything can be done.
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