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  1. He is also a retired Member of the Legislative Council
  2. Isle of Man Bank is no longer the jewel in the crown of the Isle of Man now run by a management team in Jersey. Obviously the business plan is now to sell off assets and force online banking on the customer.
  3. I am sure the general public with be full of confidence now that the Chief Minister has asked the Chief Secretary to investigate the Steampacket fiasco. Requires an Independent investigation now Mr Quayle to recover any public confidence.
  4. Agreed Roxanne. if it was an individual then the Chief Minister would be breathing fire as would the Magistrate not with a corporate in the dock, misunderstanding move on ladies and gents nothing to see here.
  5. It is certainly worthy of an explanation not dismissed with a pathetic excuse of “ Misunderstanding” where moving on
  6. No action or explanation about the Steam Packet not following protocols brought into protect our borders other than a misunderstanding! Would an ordinary punter be treated in a similar way?
  7. Manx Radio this morning commented that the Ben did not sail last night anybody know why?
  8. I am sure tendering procedure were properly followed with a decision on the best tender then work proceeded. Why can this figure not be quoted by the Minister because they always seem to exceed the quoted figure
  9. It would be the DHA dereliction of duty that similarly refused to implement the findings of a Government enquiry into police complaints and their demand for Independent oversight.
  10. The Constabulary has not been independently reviewed or inspected since Mr Robert’s took command?
  11. The failure to treat and deal with sewerage in Peel has lasted decades so how on earth do they allow the town, over that period to massively increase their population?
  12. If you are the Head of the organisation then you, yes you are responsible for that organisation. Now buck up.
  13. I am of an age that I haven’t got time to mess around. I have been through all the big vaccine programmes and am here to report the fact as many of my age group, we survived.
  14. A good source would be down at the bicycle shed I hope the media are on to it
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