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  1. The other problem being where to do a PCR tests when the Grandstand and the Airport cannot be used ! What on earth happened to over £300 hundred thousand of public money which was used to provide proper facilities has disappeared failicities to
  2. The EU are that far behind the curve they will have to look at radical policies.
  3. The Manx Political model in action Mr President.
  4. The IM9 cluster out numbers the combined cluster(s) around Douglas. Could King Bills also add to the figures?
  5. Infections rates in the South are out scoring else where why?
  6. The whole ethos today is community based treatment therefore those who aspire to manage that process need to live and understand the community they wish to treat. To do so they must live within that community in order to understand what is required.
  7. Alan Bell saying that the present Government has no corporate memory ! ! No wonder
  8. Good point I have now idea either way but this is a terrible waste of resources which a small island cannot afford. With such a large failure of attendance then you would expect serious questions to be asked of our public servants to why this is happening
  9. Looks like up to 200 hundred people didn’t turn up for the jab yesterday which is appalling given we must be near the top in the world for infections. or is this acceptable in a democracy?
  10. Drilling for gas would ruin the reputation of the Isle of Man in the eyes of the world. How would the world think of the Isle of Man if their people had no form of heating nothing to cook while lacking energy resources to rely on because that’s are future at present.
  11. Whatnonsence


    Wake and smell the coffee!!! Cop Out 26 is what it is. 26 years of trying to persuade the huge carbon users to cut back on their use ain’t happening. The Isle of Man carbon footprint is but a fart in the wind but hey why let that get in the way of a good march
  12. Well spotted Numbnuts I missed reading that. Great to see our local media are all over it like a rash gives you real confidence in our great democracy
  13. Anyone know the result of this case today?
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