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  1. It is quite obvious from Mr Callister’s comments on Manx Radio this morning is that to all intents and purposes the event programme is all ready been decided for next year’s TT The request for feedback is the usual tick in the box window dressing exercise of public consultation that we expect from the Manx Government. According to Callister the Steam Packet and hotels on the Island 🏝 🏨 are already taking bookings with the new format in mind.
  2. Rob danced across the floor when Tynwald elected Mr Quayle as Chief Minister he first backed Mr Cannan then once he saw the way the wind was blowing he shifted his allegiance. somethings may not be forgotten!
  3. What about those inside the airport where were they evacuated too given the huge exclusion area around the airport?
  4. We have a huge public sector employment on the Isle of Man who depend on a government pay slip as do their nearest and dearest. Any of those in that employment chain do feel threatened if they fall fowl of their government bosses. Given what we have found out we can be assured this problem has not gone away
  5. Totally undignified letter of resignation failing to recognise any fault nor prover any apology for the hurt and pain of a bullying culture carried on under his watch.
  6. There is an appalling culture of bullying lying covering up and huge sums of money being paid out by the executive to hide what’s going on from the public. if it were just a couple of bad apples then fine but this is a disgusting culture we have representing us.
  7. There more than happy with the situation they find themselves in as an MHK once inside the club and as long as they don’t rock the boat everything is at their disposal. When has an MHK brought about a private members bill for example ? The only time they get busy is at election time and then they only try and keep their electorate happy 😃
  8. Even more worrying is that the executive believed they were acting correctly as did the Attorney Generals Office in fighting this case. We the public are left yet again paying huge sums of money to pay for the incompetent bullying management of our Health Service All must be brought to task about their public duty and responsibilities in representing the public and how they deal with the public purse 👛.
  9. Found three hundred thousand pound to build a room to carry out Covid jabs at the airport!!!
  10. Parking is a huge problem both in housing estates and shopping areas which have not been properly policed for years or even decades. The police need to start enforcing traffic law before the roads are impassable.
  11. Yet they could afford to spend three hundred thousand pounds on converting some office space into a Covid vaccination hub! Couldn't make it up
  12. The other problem being where to do a PCR tests when the Grandstand and the Airport cannot be used ! What on earth happened to over £300 hundred thousand of public money which was used to provide proper facilities has disappeared failicities to
  13. The EU are that far behind the curve they will have to look at radical policies.
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