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  1. Do not forget he will be hoping, like his predecessors in the office of Chief Minister a gong from the Queen. Like all his predecessors any confrontation with our rulers is met with a touch of the forelock.
  2. Unfortunate our politicians will not wish to destroy their change of getting a gong at the palace to pursue this worthy cause .
  3. I doubt anybody within the National Health Management have any track record of success. Two years to get an act together! Play the game then leave with 300grand in the back pocket after two years as our home team have no track record on overseeing projects or protecting public money from so called experts.
  4. Absolutely. Nothing more contrived than MHKS accepting UK awards.
  5. Not really. if we boast, and we do about our Independence , then we should devise are own systems of award to those on the Island that do public service.
  6. Why and Island that boasts its independence should involve themselves in an honour system from an adjoining country seems hypocritical especially when politicians receive a gong. Given that this is how it is then I heartily congratulate the recipients in the public service in the Isle of Man.
  7. The instances of drivers opening doors or standing in the road as you drive by are an every day danger. As for mothers taking their children out into the road from their cars is fraught with danger but they continue to do it. Not long before the fatal accident happens.
  8. Whatnonsence


    These were promised by media Mick Culverhouse years ago to fulfil the promise of being the leading police force in the world. Totally necessary in my view, in the modern world of policing, albeit the Constabulary do not have to concern themselves with complaints ,the system was condemned in Culverhouses time by Tynwald but still carries on in the same form.
  9. We also have the revelation that 20 government worker???? Have been payed £100,000 golden goodbyes in the last five years. Life on MARS mutually agreed resignation scheme.
  10. The SAVE programme has not been a wholesale success! Brexit has grown the number of employees? Looks like Treasury are not cutting the mustard by failing to cut costs or increase revenue to cover government over spending.
  11. Is Beecroft going to be vindicated?
  12. Peter Karran’s favourite rant One Party State by Patronage.
  13. Whatnonsence


    A sad reflection of Care in the Community on our Island which was imported from the adjacent Island Neither the UK or ourselves have a good record of care for those less fortunate especially with mental health issues which are mopped up and cared for by the penal system. No lessons learnt but we will certainly move on.
  14. Is that a pay as you go with three or a contract?
  15. Absolutely. Walked around Scarlett this afternoon, the two storm beach inlets which harbour plastic and have done for years are completely clear, except for wood. Down to Bill Dale and his initiatives to recruit the public to take responsibility and clean up their environment. The Eco Warriors would be better served by doing a similar job in their own communities to clear the environment of pollution and litter.
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