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  1. It would be the DHA dereliction of duty that similarly refused to implement the findings of a Government enquiry into police complaints and their demand for Independent oversight.
  2. The Constabulary has not been independently reviewed or inspected since Mr Robert’s took command?
  3. The failure to treat and deal with sewerage in Peel has lasted decades so how on earth do they allow the town, over that period to massively increase their population?
  4. If you are the Head of the organisation then you, yes you are responsible for that organisation. Now buck up.
  5. I am of an age that I haven’t got time to mess around. I have been through all the big vaccine programmes and am here to report the fact as many of my age group, we survived.
  6. A good source would be down at the bicycle shed I hope the media are on to it
  7. According to the state of the nation speech reported today on Manx Radio delivered by the Chief Minister both the police and fire service will be exposed to an independent inspection by their UK inspectorate.
  8. An inspection is necessary and well over due. If the Chief Constable is truly independent of the executive then he would and should be demanding an inspection by the inspectorate to ensure the efficiency of the force. The silence is deafening.
  9. There is no regular maintenance arrangements in the public sector they wait till the particular structure is falling apart before they move. Apart from the TT which is inspected by an outside party and if it is not too standard the event will be cancelled.
  10. Yet a Tynwald Committee investigated the system of investigation and oversight into police complaints and found that it was not fit for purpose back in 2006. Tynwald recommendations were never implemented especially oversight by a TRULY independent body.
  11. What a cracking defence to an alleged theft. I wonder if the same happened with the disappearance of speed measuring equipment at St Marks.
  12. Ludicrous situation with a bank carrying the name of the Isle of Man yet is managed from Jersey. There is absolutely no local reason for any sporting or charitable event to be cancelled. The bank is an embarrassment.
  13. Loads more management from the failed NHS management club. Mates rates and conditions. The grave train is out of station and on the move again
  14. Absolutely nothing wrong with painting the big picture is there?
  15. Absolutely, as we had to do in our youth having to move jurisdictions, however back in the day our forefathers did not spend our inheritance because there wasn’t any.
  16. They should be far more concerned about the increase in people employed by government, the waste of tax payers money on capital projects, the increasing cost of government pensions, these young people will pay the ultimate cost for the present and previous governments follies.
  17. Breweries putting in Managers and getting rid of Land Lords was a death knell along with getting rid of the ability of Managers to earn from good food or restaurant in the pub. No doubt this was a model styled by accountants, this profession is guilty of ruining most leisure outlets with their need to gain money from any service.
  18. You would think they would get together to discuss and formulate a plan to protect the interests of their constituents! just saying
  19. Donald Gelling previous Chief Minister has been on Manx Radio about the Bank closure and the lack of political representation in the South in respect of the closures. Here Here
  20. What an awful blow for the credibility of our Island if Mr Watterson was placed in this superficial position but yet again it would fit his credentials pretty well
  21. The present group of MHKs work in and for government, why ask questions when your aboard the gravy train?
  22. Green Credentials A report at sometime in the future will be made to Tynwald about the green lanes, cycle paths, that have appeared on the Island.
  23. I remember asking my brother about his time as a student and demonstrating I asked him what was his motivation, plenty of good looking totty he replied.
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