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  1. Green Credentials A report at sometime in the future will be made to Tynwald about the green lanes, cycle paths, that have appeared on the Island.
  2. I remember asking my brother about his time as a student and demonstrating I asked him what was his motivation, plenty of good looking totty he replied.
  3. In a nutshell a one party state by patronage, the famous quote of Peter Karran.
  4. Unfortunately our system of government does not allow excitement or opportunity to get in the way of self advancement due to the wage structure and membership of the club.
  5. Quite right Andy it is time for the MHKs to put some work in now we are open for business.
  6. Packed Tynwald agenda which always happens in the last sitting of July. Always the awkward decisions which should have been dealt with in earlier debates. No surprise then that the gas agreement is in there. Another fudged agreement on the way.
  7. Mr Quayle will be leaving at the end of his premiership to a deserved gong of his choice from Her Majesty.
  8. I think we all have an axe to grind when people in public office are breaking the law. Those who supervise or in charge should be brought to account.
  9. Ultimately it is the head of the department who is responsible for the efficiency of the department and its processes. One would expect the CEO to be asked what is going on and why the department is defying the law.
  10. No need in a well regulated jurisdiction.
  11. Complaints against the Police was scrutinised by a Tynwald Committee in 2006 and found not fit for purpose a requirement for Independent oversight was recommended. It was a Police Inspector from Manchester that asked for the enquiry. The recommendations were never implemented. Obviously Home Affairs are not happy about scrutiny into complaints or in the running of the Constabulary.
  12. It is quite staggering that the professional body set up to oversee the quality of policing of the 43 forces in the United Kingdom has not been invited to the Isle of Man for twenty years! That is a huge amount of time given forces usually have five year development plans that no oversight or review has been undertaken. Given the force does the majority of its own training then not to have any external evaluation seems quite incredible.
  13. Unfortunately it was as complaints were made to the police hence the investigation.
  14. The investigation by Lancashire Police has been completed and they inform us that no offence has been committed.
  15. How is the statement controversial?
  16. The Department of Enterprise are well known for making boast of this nature but hard evidence of this boast is something the Minister of that Department rarely produces. Didn't we have great interest in a number of banks opening in our well regulated jurisdiction?
  17. Absolutely. Only one point of view. Theirs.
  18. The investigation of complaints against the police by the public were deemed not fit for purpose following a petition of grievance by an ex police inspector from Manchester. None of the recommendations were ever implemented. I suspected internal complaints are, as you have exampled, not fit for purpose.
  19. According to the newspaper report on this neither of your party colleagues said you had not been denied the ability to ask questions and on principle thought that you should have stood for re election.
  20. Like declaring your standing for a Political Party then once your in, you leave.
  21. What was Chris Thomas’s protesting about in objecting to the Emergency Regulations in respects of planning?
  22. Have we had any news on this aircraft being the one held at Ronaldsway?
  23. Maastricht it is Ladies and Gentleman. The Isle of Man is a well regulated jurisdiction in which an aircraft belonging to Flybe was allegedly impounded at Ronaldsway in lieu of a debt to the subjects of the Isle of Man for landing fees. Could this aircraft be the seized. aircraft Reg G-JECX which landed at Maastricht after leaving the Isle of. An at 1601? If it is has our debt been paid?
  24. Could have done. Flying over the English Channel toward Dunkirk! Are we evacuating again?
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