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  1. We also have the revelation that 20 government worker???? Have been payed £100,000 golden goodbyes in the last five years. Life on MARS mutually agreed resignation scheme.
  2. The SAVE programme has not been a wholesale success! Brexit has grown the number of employees? Looks like Treasury are not cutting the mustard by failing to cut costs or increase revenue to cover government over spending.
  3. Is Beecroft going to be vindicated?
  4. Peter Karran’s favourite rant One Party State by Patronage.
  5. Whatnonsence


    A sad reflection of Care in the Community on our Island which was imported from the adjacent Island Neither the UK or ourselves have a good record of care for those less fortunate especially with mental health issues which are mopped up and cared for by the penal system. No lessons learnt but we will certainly move on.
  6. Is that a pay as you go with three or a contract?
  7. Absolutely. Walked around Scarlett this afternoon, the two storm beach inlets which harbour plastic and have done for years are completely clear, except for wood. Down to Bill Dale and his initiatives to recruit the public to take responsibility and clean up their environment. The Eco Warriors would be better served by doing a similar job in their own communities to clear the environment of pollution and litter.
  8. Thanks John for coming to my defence.
  9. There is a defence for workmen but out of work do not think so.
  10. Can any explain the descepency between the figures which are both allegedly released by the Dept Economic Affairs?
  11. My Manx Telecolm Bill has arrived and I am informed that the Fixed line rent and fixed call set up charge will increase by the IOM Economic Affairs 2018 Annual Average Retail Price Index rate of 5.4%. The Isle of Man Economic Affairs report of February 2019 report inflation at 2.6%. Can any one explain this? Is this than bare face profiteering?
  12. Synical reply. Absolutely correct. The political system is geared to ensure that future generations who enter politics guarantee that the gravy train keeps going.
  13. Our youth have an appalling knowledge of our political system it’s history and effectiveness. They need to smarten up quickly, the present and past administrations have squandered huge sums of our money on feathering their nest without giving any thought on a legacy for future generations. This will continue unless our kids start to get a grip of what is happening and stop the gravy train destroying their future. Sure as hell this present generation do not have your interests at heart, they have to much to lose.
  14. Cheers Woody, it’s only our money after all. Wonder what is happening with the Castle Mona? The Sefton group made money on that deal.
  15. Cheers Woody. I think the five years have passed, I wonder if our guardians of the public purse has ensured that this company has made the repayments?
  16. Anybody know if the Sefton have repaid their debts to the tax payer?
  17. It was not for the St Johns Ambulance car going like the bat out hell along Gansey well in access of the 30mph limit with all his blues going. Are these lads qualified to do blue light runs Derek?
  18. This is a far to sensible summary for our lot to begin to understand. Put 100 million pounds some where in your report and it’s home and dry!
  19. Will are erstwhile elected representatives have read the document? Having purchased a cornershop business with run down equipment and poorly maintained infrastructure for the price of a supermarket This administration has a very poor record on debate as have previous administrations, we can expect nothing more than nodding dogs and home for 4pm
  20. Lesson were learned by Government following the Mount Murray enquiry. Those lessons are to suppress all objections and any hope of accountability. I am sure the world will be beating a hurried march to our door step to learn how a Shop Window Democracy works. The Isle of Man where you can.
  21. Looks like us daftees will be paying for it. The Isle of Man where you can! Get screwed.
  22. Is that not the profit margin that Manx Gas negotiated!
  23. Not a problem, it is a piece of evidence, why then are we not inundated with this success story from government with actual examples of how trickle down has been working to offset the huge tax advantages given to the wealthies? Only saying.
  24. Given that this piece of Reagan Economics has been rejected by many economic experts. I would love to see the evidence that this has worked on the Isle of Man and who has benefited. Not holding my breath.
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