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  1. Hopefully you're right Gladys. The knife needs to be wielded, and it needs to cut deep.
  2. https://www.emcrc.co.uk/post/infamous-bitcoin-scam-returns-with-police-officer-replacing-celebrities-as-bait
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61505857 The above quote from the BBC article refers to the UK's Cabinet Office, but what boosts (besides the almost inevitable 'boost' in Douglas rates) can Douglas ratepayers now expect? The Isle of Man already touts itself as an international place to do business, so it's unlikely our new city status will improve or enhance things on that front. Perhaps Amadeus or other Douglas councillors will be good enough to provide us with an idea of what boosts long suffering Douglas ratepayers can now look forward to?
  4. Douglas Borough - sorry, City Council - has missed a trick here, most probably because it would have cost next to nothing to implement. The innovative Braddan Commissioners addressed this problem by erecting small 'Bee Conservation Area' placards on such areas of neglected parcels of land around the parish. Never mind the fact there's no flowers there for bees to pollinate - they can't read the signs, and it's not for their benefit anyway. So as not to endanger these roadside verge protected bee habitats, the signage lets people know in a roundabout (roundel?) way why these parcels of land are no longer being maintained. It's a win win.
  5. What, and possibly be questioned or held accountable for some of her decisions etc? Perish the thought. If local politics in the last week or so has taught us anything (it hasn't, most of us already knew), it's that responsibility and accountability is taboo.
  6. The below definition indicates that now Douglas has achieved 'city' status, reference to or use of the word 'borough' will become obsolete, so a huge and costly rebranding exercise will undoubtedly be an immediate and overriding priority. Standby for the imminent release of details of the most grandiose plans and schemes to achieve this objective. Sensible money will be on the relocation of the Borough cemetery...for starters.
  7. That's not how you spell 'shitty'.
  8. I think Julie Corkill, wife of former Chief Minister Richard, would beg to differ...
  9. Mysteron

    TT 2022 ??

    From a Health & Safety perspective, it always struck me as a bit counterintuitive allowing young Scouts etc to be in such close proximity to the course during racing, on one of its fastest sections. Does this happen at motor racing events elsewhere? In the event of an accident, involving personnel manning the Grandstand scoreboards, I can just imagine the incredulity expressed by the world's media at the race organisers permitting this state of affairs.
  10. Clare Conie (then Porter) was HR for the police some years ago, according to a friend who worked there at the same time as her. Seemingly her memory lapses have not improved over the intervening years. Nor her capabilities.
  11. Mysteron

    TT 2022 ??

    The only 'facts' I know of the above incident are what I've read on various forums, so I have no idea if the above statement is true. However, if it is true, then it is in accordance with long held and established Isle of Man authority management mantras - that responsibility never travels upwards.
  12. That might not be such a bad thing. As it's proposed they now fully fund regulation, the private sector might actually start demanding value for money, instead of having to tolerate/endure the current levels of 'service'. Could get interesting.
  13. And it would appear spelling is not among his strengths either, unless it's a Freudian slip spelling Phoenix as Phoniex. Maybe it's phoniex projects he's working on nowadays...
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