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  1. I've noticed this is a recurring theme with some people - can't be bothered going through the proper channels to appeal convictions etc, so I'll contact my MHK instead and they'll hopefully get it overturned, saving me a small fortune. Perhaps this guy should also read some of the threads on here to gauge how generally competent our MHKs are for things they supposedly capable of achieving, never mind stuff they aren't responsible for. This guy even concedes a legitimate appeal may fail, but surely he could appeal the penalty only I presume. His perception of how marginally undersized his lobsters were seems to differ from that of his advocate, so in view of that, a trip to Specsavers might be beneficial. The article also doesn't specify whether the inspection was a spot check or based on information received. Either way, someone with this guy's expertise and experience should have known better.
  2. It seems Trevor did have something in common with Royalty. In his interview with Paul Moulton, his version of events regarding his criminal convictions appears to suggest he was somewhat an unfortunate victim of circumstances. When pressed by Moulton, Trevor didn't want to discuss it further. The jury obviously didn't agree with Trevor's perception. "Recollections may vary", as the late Queen once famously said.
  3. Paul Moulton/Isle of Man TV posted about TB's death on Twitter on 1st August 2022.
  4. I was in a queue yesterday at the Steam Packet's Sea Terminal office, and the three customers ahead of me wished to amend their bookings. It became apparent that each had originally booked a Special Offer fare including a vehicle. The Steam Packet staff were extremely helpful in searching their systems for alternative bookings, all of which were at Standard Fare prices. I don't know what each passenger paid initially, but none of them were prepared to pay the new fares. One was quoted in te region of £700, which was more than double their original fare. They remarked they just wanted to amend their original booking, not buy the Steam Packet.
  5. Mysteron

    Firm closing

    Besides their rising utilities bills, I wonder how many of the places currently struggling have also not been able to pay and/or renegotiate their rents, which were probably negotiated prior to Covid etc. Landlords with unrealistic expectations perhaps, who will now have properties sitting empty. From their perspective, they still own a property subject to market value fluctuations, so possibly don't care whether or not their properties are unoccupied or leased.
  6. Presumably in your position, you will know the identity of the individual/s who, despite seemingly overwhelming evidence to the contrary, decided they knew better than the professional experts. Are these people ever held accountable, and if so, how? By that I don't mean simply shuffled off elsewhere within Government, taking their 'expertise' with them. We are all capable of making mistakes which can prove costly, but to do so in the knowledge that even the big boys won't touch it with a bargepole beggars belief, and implies either inexplicable sheer arrogance or abject incompetence by Isle of Man Government, if not worse.
  7. It'll be interesting to see if it does become a criminal enquiry. In the event it does, I wonder how many who've already resigned/shuffled off in relation to this matter, think that by having done so, they've somehow magically dodged the bullet of being ultimately held accountable? Quite a few I'd wager. If arrestable offences are involved - which I believe have no statutory time limits - they will discover they were wrong to believe that by resigning, they acquired a teflon protection in return.
  8. Unless I'm mistaken, the vast majority of the public seem able to abide by any laws/policies introduced, so how is it that the police's/laws/policies fault? You only have to read the local rags/online to see that quite a few local people seemingly disregard the theft laws, for example. And the drugs laws. And the public order laws. And the licensing laws. Who's fault is that? How would you propose changing the laws/policies to remove any blame/culpability from the public being held responsible for their own actions?
  9. Different station, and a few years back now, but the guy who used to present Energy's (I think) Saturday afternoon football coverage, and who couldn't pronounce his r's - "It's Wamsey Fwee, Wushen Fwee"
  10. There's a young lad near me, who drives a small Ford which pops and bangs - not excessively, so could be factory fitted, but might be aftermarket, if all its other add-ons are any indication. When he spots an audience, he revs/ changes gear to produce the desired popping effects. I can only guess at how impressive he thinks he/this is. Driving down the road recently he spotted a potential victim - an elderly lady walking a small dog, in the same direction he was going. Cue the pops and bangs. The dog didn't seem bothered, but the lady animatedly nearly jumped out of her skin. I still feel guilt and shame at how much it amused me....
  11. Those supports look like very good Manx Lightning conductors....
  12. I agree, a lot of employers would have done, and for exactly the reasons you mention. I suppose it depends on one's morals. We all have a moral compass, but not necessarily all of which point in the same direction. I think his employers might have changed their stance had his conduct/conviction affected their bottom line. There again, I'm not convinced the finance sector unduly concerns itself with morals...
  13. If his conviction had been for a dishonesty offence - theft/fraud etc - then his employer's stance might have been different, irrespective of whether or not he was imprisoned.
  14. You might be right, but we're talking about Isle of Man Government here...new access roads into the airport would probably need to be built to accommodate any new airbridges. It's the way we do things. The Isle of Man....Where You Can
  15. Three airbridges for €1.8m as part of a €10m investment. Isle of Man Government would struggle putting up one airbridge for £10m, let alone 3.
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