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  1. Thank You for clarifying that this is not the person I was looking for and my condolences to the person and his family.
  2. Question Answered & Post Deleted. Thank You
  3. Does anyone know what happened to Pete, or even if anyone remembers his surname that would be of help. He came to the island in approx 2002 from Manchester and was staying and working in Ramsey for a while with plans to remain on island. Age approx 32 at the time (48 now) mancunian accent, tall, brown close cut/shaved hair, a couple of gold teeth. He wore a green khaki parka and drove a light blue lambretta type scooter. He said that he was separated from his partner in Manchester and that he had a daughter 8/9. He also mentioned that he was seeing a red haired girl in Ramsey. He was very good at art and design and he had some portfolios of his work with him. Thank You in advance.
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