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  1. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    What did Manx Radio director Charles Guard have to say about Mr Peters show/performance in that MTV interview last year ? It clearly was not nice and has never addressed that criticism!
  2. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    Maybe Mr Brindley is not the person to keep the position of programme controller! Although Mr Guard (god father) would say different . Mr Peters makes it clear he knows how to fix the problems, more money etc., but dont expect him to say so here as he is the unofficial mouthpiece of the station for online media.at Manx Forums. Anyway don’t station presenter have a thing in their contacts say they must not engage in online stuff like this site?
  3. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    There will always be a place for a community station which will need funding
  4. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    When 3FM had a dip they had a revamp and it seemed to work with listener numbers. Surely it’s time Manx looked at their line up of programmes and did a refresh. Don’t think anything major has been altered for 10 years, expect for the woman only show
  5. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    Juan Turner posted... Worst ever audience figures for Manx Radio. It really is time this station was given to the BBC to run and fund on behalf of the IOM. How our MHK’s can justify cutting services and increasing charges to taxpayers while funding this place is beyond me. They just have no backbone.
  6. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    Two stories running this weekend which really are not news stories. Beach buddies weekly clean up and the power station turning a certain colour for a charity. Anymore to add to this?
  7. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    So a Facebook group today saying Manx Radio might have lost the TT contract as they have changed the name on their website away from TT to motorsports At this late stage I can’t see anyone else getting it. This should have been sorted months ago!
  8. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    I'm surprised there has been nothing on the radio news about the big vote on the future of Manx Radio, which is happening on Tuesday I think. In a couple of month that is so lacking in big news stories why have they not bothered to try and give their cause a bit of a push? Baker, who seems to have the amendment that most of Tynwald will go for, was on the radio this morning, but on another subject.
  9. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    Might be worth checking/asking BBC if the local democracy reporters are allowed, under their contract, to work for other broadcasters. If the answer is yes, that’s fine if not, then Manx Radio will have to use John Moss more!
  10. WKRP

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    Just remind us who is William Kings dad and what job does he do? And is there not a MLC who has a daughter working at the nation station? Think they should both declare an interest in any political reporting on programmes.
  11. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    Yes tuned in but what a disappointment as it was just mostly repeats including sport from Boxing Day! Hope they are back to speed tomorrow, although I can do without the Chief Minister yet again!
  12. WKRP

    Blacklisted by the Dutch!

    Surprised we have not heard from the Chief Minister on this yet as he’s been on about everything else!
  13. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    Manx Radio must dump loads of commercials overnight, I think 3FM stop at 9pm. All those MR advertisers get told how many commercials they will get for their money probably don’t realise that many are going out at 4AM in a repeat of loose woman! PS.. Is mandate back yet? Can’t be bothered to turn the radio back to Manx until it does.
  14. Know one of the Barrowman sons. A nicer guy you could not meet. Great to see that money doesn’t mean you are a dick when daddy has mega money
  15. WKRP

    Manx Radio

    Being a regular Mandate listener in the morning I’m just staggered by the amount of commercials the music service has had this week with the programme off air until next year. Seems it’s one record then one very long commercial break. Is this because they are having to play both AM and FM ads?