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  1. Linz

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    That’s exactly what I mean. This whole site seems to be full of paranoid people speculating about a whole pile of nonsense. It totally detracts from a lot of the debate and reads just like petty squabbling and / or bullying to me. Are people attemotimg to bully people off this forum like they do in the standard public sector managers text book when people say things they don’t like?
  2. Linz

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Why is there this strange obsession with previous posters on here? It’s not really relevant to anything current surely? It’s hard to keep up.
  3. Linz

    Rob Callister

    He looks like he’s definitely wrestling with an uncomfortable turtles head in that picture.
  4. Linz


    Would that be because they are clearly crazy?
  5. Linz

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    You’re just being very effectively bullied by very effective bullies. I’d say that most must have at least 25 years service in the public sector in senior management positions to be able to bully so effectively. These forums are really something.
  6. Linz

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    It is hard to see why people perservere here as the debate is hardly scintillating and it just seems to be full of angry people who don’t really have that much to do during the daytime being bitter and abusive with just about every poster going. I reckon it’s only about 10 people and they view it like their own private members club. The hostility towards anyone but the few core members who clearly all know each other is sad. When I worked for government the managers all worked the same way too - a boys bullying club ran by people who thought they were so important and didn’t want to listen to anything anyone else had to say and if you said anything they viewed as being out of turn they bullied you until you put in to go and work in another department because you couldn’t put up with horrible atmosphere. As such it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s mostly government managers on here filling in time at the taxpayers expense as the tactics deployed are exactly the same. They’ll eventually get posters they don’t like to leave as they’ll just pick on them constantly and at every opportunity until they give up. Most government departments work that way.
  7. Linz

    News content

    That would be you then as you seem to largely spend all day on here trying to rile and wind up people for no real reason.
  8. Linz

    More IOM Government Spin

    Either would be a competent CM.
  9. Linz

    News content

    She might get lucky and right at the last minute someone on the Bretney fancies a cup full of broken buttons, or one moldy 50 year old shoe in size 13 or a broken typewriter.
  10. Linz

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    That’s sort of what I said but really we could have saved £6,000 in this case by just paying him for valid expenses incurred supported by receipts and not just giving him £7,000. If we did that across all MHKs we’d save £144,000 assuming other MHks claimed expenses were just as spurious / made up and they just kept all the dosh instead. I dont see why a claim is valid for new suits when a bank worker doesn’t get paid for buying suits on expenses and if a claim was submitted it would be laughed at by their employer. If you have a professional job then you need to have a suit it’s not an expense your employer should be funding.
  11. Linz

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    I doubt many would be daft enough which makes his itemization of pretty much nothing even more bizarre. It reads like clutching at straws to come up with something. I suppose the others just pocket it for what it is - free money for nothing. So they’d be better doing away with it all together and making them submit proper expense claims because in the case of Callister it would seem the taxpayer could have got away with funding him by about £1,000 rather than the £7,000 he trousered for nothing and then belatedly made up items for.
  12. Linz

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    I had to go and look at this with people discussing it. So this is the list and I’d say that those marked ## really aren’t relevant to performing your job as an MHK at all. I have to pay for carparking and for my personal mobile phone. Does he have a special mobile phone just for MHK work or is it just paying for a mobile that everyone has anyway as family and friends need to contract them? A website? Why? Back dating it? Why? Suits? Why? Christmas cards? Why? I’d say if you were in business only around £1,000 of that expenditure would be signed off by your employer as being valid disbursements to do with your job. So really he’s proved that it is just free money given to people for nothing. £600.00 - Hire Charges, Onchan Community Centre (Monthly Political Surgeries) £238.02 – Stationery and Stamps £753.42 - Manx Telecom - Mobile Phone Contract ## £241.75 - Car Hire for the Association of Independent Museums Conference (Jun 18) £97.00 - Printing Costs ## £22.00 - Petrol Car Hire for the AIM Conference (Jun 18) £1,050.00 - New Website – www.robcallister.im ## £1,100.00 – Backdating, Maintenance and updating of Website ## £348.99 - Government Car Parking Charges ## £137.92 - Christmas Cards ## £560.00 – Clothing (2 New Suits & Shirts etc) ## £605.00 – Professional Fees & Membership ## £215.00 – Small Donations etc ##
  13. Linz

    News content

    Or now that Dealz exists people dont have any real requirement to buy completely broken crap with bits missing for £3 when they can buy new stuff that works for £1.20.
  14. Linz

    Onchan residents group

    I bet loads of people make their dogs shit outside of that Paul Johnson’s house. Looks like a great way of making a total nutter really angry very quickly and generating some great Facebook content.
  15. Linz

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    He probably had nothing better to do having asked no questions for answer today so maybe thought he would log in to Manx Forums to see if people are having a go at him for yet again asking no questions in keys. It does seem to be very strange indeed on here in one way or another.