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  1. Didn’t Rob Callister advertise giving a tin of Quality Street to the staff at Manx Radio last year? That was pretty awful too. But only to be expected from such a complete biff.
  2. Three strikes and you’re in the Alzheimer’s village.
  3. Neil should probably stick up for someone who is a bit of a spaz. There’s not many other people on his level.
  4. You cared enough to respond Big Norm.
  5. Thanks for the personal advice. But as this forum seems to be full of aged, foul mouthed, drunken, nutters who clog up threads incessantly arguing with anyone for no real reason i do wonder why my comments drew so much attention. Read WTFs post again. It is capable of being read both ways.
  6. I was looking at the WTF comment where reference to Hillbery was made. Was that someone trying to hint at that posters identity? Or does it just read badly?
  7. So it was you who cried to the mods like a big baby was it? Time you grew a pair yourself instead of being a moaning big girls blouse who bores this forum to death with your constant moaning and whinging.
  8. Whilst doing almost nothing to make that empty promise a reality.
  9. I’ll leave you to playing naked geriatric twister in the front room with Dilligaf and Uhtred.
  10. I can never remember the order in which he has cheese on toast / a poo. Wherever he is today I hope he’s having a nice relax with his feet up and not touching cloth after a big roast dinner! Added: Actually I see he’s Tweeted this morning to promise more of his wonderful blog next year as Santa has given him a new laptop.
  11. I can’t imagine a more grossly offensive image. I bet it was Dilligaf, Neil Down and Uhtred in some ghastly angry pensioner threesome which went horribly wrong. Who was doing all the pitching and who was doing all the hitting though? Makes you shudder. I bet Neil was at the bottom of the wrinkly sweaty heap loving it all and reaching for more Vaseline.
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