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  1. Looks like the system is live for bookings made from 1st August onwards
  2. Battery life doesn't seem to be an issue as she has a nighttime (and only time) charging regime which seems to work extremely well
  3. 'IF' they do price match the stuff, which I doubt is a regular and full time process, it can only be as good as it was on the day they did the comparison. In my mind it's another thing that people don't (can't) check and most customers get blind to - or is there a subliminal message...
  4. Wife has AW3 and daughter has FitBit (can't remember which one) but they compare notes regularly. In our house it seems that the AW3 is the preferred option by a considerable margin.
  5. I went to see it whilst in Xi'an during a tour of China about 12 years ago. It was breathtaking, so I can only presume that the travelling exhibition will be well worth seeing.
  6. Popped in with my daughter last weekend I have to say it isn't a good report. The guy who appeared to be "in charge" looked like he had just got out of bed and needed a shower and some clean clothes. The Texas skins were not skins but halved jacket potatoes with a sprinkle of cheese and a few bacon bits. They wouldn't sell well in Texas... The burgers were well overdone and poor quality. The dirty fries were excellent. We had one shake which was very good and a Fentimans ginger beer which was unexpected. Overall we were split in our opinion - my daughter liked it and I won't be back.
  7. They have a similar abomination on the approach to Ambleside in Cumbria. Stupid isn't the word...
  8. To answer a couple of questions. I am not engaged with the online gaming industry - I am here to retire from a life of selling widgets to the Automotive supply line. I am a newly registered contributor to MXF although I have been a lurker for a little while as myself and Mrs. G prepared to move over. Who the hell is TJ..?
  9. My brother once had reason to communicate with the company "Standard Fireworks" and received a written response from the Sales Manager Mr. Graham Rocket
  10. Greetings All and thanks to Admin for the add. Just a quickie to introduce myself - I'm new here, just arrived from an adjacent isle and settling into part time island life and preparing for full retirement next year. I've had a bit of a mooch around and this looks to be an interesting place ... so hopefully I can make some sort of contribution. Take Care The Git
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