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  1. Can someone from DOI decide what this monumental waste of money is. Today I noticed the bike has been paired in again after painting it out on double time one Sunday. If it is a cycle lane it is simply not wide enough and still has one curb to climb. Why is the grass still there? So many questions and too Pythonesque for me.
  2. The bike is back. It's like the Hokey Kokey down here. What the chuff is going on? Is it or isn't it a cycle lane? If it is, it's prettty daft. I don't think DOI can decide what they have done. 3 feet wide in places for pedestrians and bikes and curbs still in the way in places. I hope I'm not walking the doges when the peloton comes the other way at 30 mph. Come on DOI, it's way past April 1st.
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