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  1. Mistery solved - night time milk delivery form Manx Creamery. Case closed. Archived to X file database
  2. At last you car you saw was police one and was passing though. That what i saw was unmarked van where somone jump out and scan area with torches
  3. Hi All Last night i noticed that unmarked white van was wondering around Farmhill Meadows area. White van (no any labels on it) stopped in my neigbourhood around 2 am, two men in security like outfit went out and scan area with torches. They walked around and did some kind of check of random doors, then jumped in and drove away. Usually i would mark it as informational event, but this was second time that i noticed them. Maybe im a bit paranoid, but it is a bit strange for me. Does anyone some 'light' on it or have some rational explenation? As i would say that only po
  4. Thanks guys for replies. much appricated, so it seems that it is sheep shelter. Looks like mistery is solved, thanks:)
  5. Hi All Does anyone know what was/is the purpose of circular strucutre (in attachement). It is on left hand side on A14 road when driving from bungalow towards Sulby res. It seems looks like just some kind of fundaments or wall, but shape of this strcure is also intresting. Structure is not present on any map from middle of 18th and middle of 19th centuries. Is also not present on current ordinance map. thanks. Marw
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