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  1. Kitten Mittens

    It's Xmas already

    How the grinch stole halloween
  2. Kitten Mittens

    Coffee Republic Opened Quietly This Morning!

    Strand 58 is now called Topshop. I hear that the beer's shite in there... alright if you drink 'shorts' I suppose!
  3. Kitten Mittens

    Nine per cent of drug raids led to police charges

    I will apologise in advance as I am posting on this without knowing all the facts, just some food for thought. My understanding is that the statistic revealed is the number of convictions from drug related raids; however, we don't know the value of the drugs (or other criminal articles/evidence) recovered during those raids. Potentially, couldn't that 9% be made up from some very large findings? Recently the news contained a story on a highly substantial finding of Class B drugs and money (which is believed to have been derived from criminal acts). Even if the success rate appears low, removing high quantities of illegal substances from the streets that these criminals share with our loved ones is surely only a good thing for our society, generally?
  4. Kitten Mittens

    It's Xmas already

    It's not all gloomy - Co-op are selling mince pies!
  5. Kitten Mittens

    Trouble at Okells

    Whilst sneaking into my local for a quick one on Tuesday night, what you say appears to be correct and was confirmed to me by a barman as the reason for the price increase. I realise most of you probably won't believe me... a H&B barman actually taking the time to talk to the punters outside of serving drinks and nuts!