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  1. Kitten Mittens

    Has the Ben got new engines?

    If you're taking into account time difference, this afternoons arrival probably set sail from the UK in 1987
  2. Kitten Mittens

    Rob Callister

    I must applaud you for cleverly keeping to the theme of this 'Rob Callister' thread by expertly avoiding my question
  3. Kitten Mittens

    Rob Callister

    I don't want this next question to be mistaken for an argument, because my aim isn't to be argumentative. I ask with an element of genuine inquisitiveness, do you not feel that perhaps at times (somewhat regularly too) you instigate it? Remember I'm fairly new, so I absolutely can't pinpoint where historically down the line the 'feud' started or even how it started.
  4. Kitten Mittens

    Rob Callister

    And what about those who choose not to 'dish out', yet still have to witness your insufferable posts?
  5. Kitten Mittens

    Price Watch!!

    I've seen Shoprite advertise Tesco prices as higher than they are a few times, but only when Tesco have said items on an offer. I believe the small print on the Shoprite signs do say something in respect of comparing against Tesco's usual full price amount and not that of the offer. I suppose it's the small print that clear them of any wrong-doing. Moral of the story - Don't blindly trust adverts, they simply want your money!
  6. Well yes, because they'll be looking for cars with light defects whilst in the dark. It's not very hard to spot cars with broken lights in the dark...
  7. Kitten Mittens

    Rob Callister

    You post poor quality picture of a shite piece of furniture on fifteen different Buy & Sell sites at an obscenely high price. You then need to continue by commenting on each individual post the word "BUMP" on the hour, every hour. People love that.
  8. Kitten Mittens

    Rob Callister

    You've mistaken the purpose of Rob's response. He's not trying to defend his use of social media, he's just bragging about the length of time that he has been spamming you for!
  9. Kitten Mittens

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    In theory that's not a bad idea, but it would be difficult to police and the price of small engine cars would sky rocket. Also, I hear the next Fiesta ST is to have 1.3L engine (could be wrong). It's just going to have one of their 'Eco Boost' turbo's. So although a small engine size (I'm aware it falls just outside of your 1200cc - but not by much) it would still be a very fast car, potentially much more dangerous than say a family aimed 1.6L Ford C-Max. You'd have to limit it by BHP or torque too, which makes it even harder to police.
  10. Kitten Mittens

    Fight Club

    You're also not getting the point. I don't have a hidden agenda. Any issue I may or may not have isn't with regards to you using the forum, you should be free to use it. Its more so to do with the way you choose to use it. You appear to rush on with a sole intention of being rude and annoying. I can assure you that I am a genuine new member with this being my first account, but I get the feeling you're not going to believe that. I've noticed a trend of you labelling people as having multiple accounts when you're called out, thus showing that you struggle to deal with things when you don't get your own way. Again, hypocrisy by thy name. P.s. I must note that I'm not accusing you of having multiple accounts. I know you don't, as like I said earlier everyone else has been very pleasant.
  11. Kitten Mittens

    Fight Club

    Firstly, let me get this straight. I have no intention of getting anyone banned. If you want to spend your spare time hurling abuse at people you don't know and throwing around ridiculous accusations, that's your immature choice of hobby. I've found all the other forums members that I've conversed with very pleasant. I can't speak for anybody else, but for me, you're the anomaly. But as I said, I've only recently become a member and in that time everything I see you post is genuinely 'anonymous internet abuse'. I just had to laugh at your hypocrisy.
  12. Kitten Mittens

    Fight Club

    I know that I have only recently become a member, but every single post of yours that I have had the displeasure of seeing consists of anonymous internet abuse...
  13. Kitten Mittens

    Best Place For Sunday Lunch

    Very glad to hear that, last time I was there they seemed to survive H&B's 'Third Reich' and it was still very much enjoyable!
  14. Kitten Mittens

    Best Place For Sunday Lunch

    110% YES! And it's a shame really, when you consider how popular pub food is right across the UK. The H&B menu's and food has become so uniformed and dull; I know of a couple of the better Landlords hating it. It somewhat tarnishes their pubs reputation serving just about average/mediocre food and having zero powers to change it. Saying that, the Terminus seemed to remain alright, but I haven't been in a very long time.
  15. Kitten Mittens

    We are not alone.

    I'd be more likely to believe that the member's of Tynwald are a less advanced clone of the 'Reptilian Elite'.