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  1. Fuck me - sorry mum. Didn't know that my internet usage was being monitored!
  2. Because I made the ad in May 2019, when I visited the forum more regularly - also why I used the word 'anymore' in my above response.
  3. Hi Steve, I'm very sorry, I rarely view the forums anymore! I did sort out my historic reptile needs, but it's never a bad idea to consider having more! I would guess that I'm probably too late though so make use of your kind offer? Thank you all the same and apologies for not responding sooner! Best wishes
  4. It's the history of the Croatian Zinfandel that makes me intrigued to try it, apparently it's worth a try!
  5. I've heard somebody mention that www.arragonpropertiesiom.com use to allow pets. Might be worth a try.
  6. I was wondering if anybody might know where one can source a bottle of Crljenak Kaštelanski, without the requirement to pay more in shipping than the wine costs? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Often, what are referred to as 'widows' pensions are actually 'survivors' pensions and it is the norm, not just for government pensions, for this to include child dependants.
  8. Cheers dilli! I'm just hoping they're happy dealing with such a small request!
  9. Hi Does anybody know where one could purchase, for fairly low cost, atleast one pane of glass? A second hand piece would be welcome. Not hugely precious on having an exact size, just needs to be big enough to build a good sized vivarium and I can cut the wood to fit (maybe approx. 80-120CM in length and maybe 50-60CM tall?).. Any ideas or help would be hugely appreciated. Cheers
  10. The link that was shared was relevant to the Micheal's report. Not so sure that the accompanying comment was though...
  11. If it helps... AccuWeather seems quite OK for me!
  12. I heard an interview that the Minister of Health had with MTV where he confirmed that all progress on implementing this would have to be reported to both CoMin and Tynwald on a 6 monthly basis. This also makes progress publicly visable!
  13. CoMin haven't decided to adopt all 26 recommendations; they've decided to support it when it goes to Tynwald. Thus hopefully meaning the other Tynwald Members also support it when it hits Tynwald, and collectively they can together decide on implementing it.
  14. What's the point in removing the cones for the speed limit to remain the same. Who's completing a 30mph overtake?
  15. Ive only looked for one in there as it took me a lot longer than planned. I think it must be the one you're describing!!
  16. I'll have to try up there! I'm loving the multicaches at the moment!
  17. Haven't done any of the above, thanks for the heads up!!
  18. I do have the app and can see where they all are, I was wondering more so if anybody has any trails that they particularly enjoyed, with good hides along the way! Some of the hides are very "same old, same old" whilst many are quite clever!
  19. Does anybody on here ever go geocaching, and if so, any good trails or walks that you would recommend? Many thanks
  20. Are City nice to watch, or do they just make good highlights? They remind me a little bit of the Spanish national team* between 2008-2010 when they dominated international football. They played some great football, scored some fantastic goals, but to watch a whole 90 minutes of trying to maintain 80% possession was just hard work! *but not yet quite as bad as Spain; at least City actually use a striker which Spain often didn't!
  21. Are you not concerned that by believing media reports it just makes you passive and easily manipulated by the media?* As there is so much money for the media to make from terrorism, I personally believe that it's healthy to apply own logic towards more grounded views. *Genuine question, promise i'm not trying to be catty!
  22. The charities are funding this to create a "state-of-the-art facility which would rival anything available at a UK hospital". You can't honestly think that the tax and NI of 83,500 people (of which approximately only half or less pay into the NI ring fenced health fund) could ever provide state of the art health and social care for everyone? We must accept that a part and parcel of living in a small healthcare economy is not having everything that they have in the UK. I'm not dismissing everything you say, there do appear to be problems with the management structure. But before they
  23. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-47801768 It mentions it here
  24. I can't advise you of a specific property, but it might be worth sending Arragon Properties a message as I know they always used to accept pets! Failing that, I believe there is a Facebook Page where Landlords who accept pets advertise their properties. I can't for the life of me remember what it might be called though. Failing that again... try put a message on the Facebook Page 'Pets Unleashed', which is the most popular IOM pet page on Facebook. People often enquire on there about pet friendly properties. Best of luck!
  25. I've read a couple of stories in the past week about police officers being assaulted from who I assume (as it doesn't state otherwise) are Manx people. Is that managed crime; and if so, what makes this unmanaged? His nationality? We live in a time where it's easy to up sticks and move to wherever you might want. Cultural diversity can be an amazing thing! I stand by my last comment. This crime is horrible because of the crime itself, not because a European committed it.
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